Scorpio is a notoriously seductive and mysterious sign, and that definitely extends to romance.

Sultry Scorpio cares about deep connections above all else but still knows how to play things close to the vest. This dynamic can create some tension, and it might take a while to find your footing. If you want intimacy that runs true and deep, this placement is ideal (if however, your goal is something more fleeting, Venus in Scorpio can be a problem). Things can get intense fast, so pay attention to your intuition here. It's the best tool when swimming in Scorpio waters.

Venus in Scorpio: Significance & Meaning

Element And Modality: Water & Fixed

Positive keywords for Venus in Scorpio:

  • Loyal
  • Magnetic
  • Provocative
  • Psychological
  • Vigilant

Negative keywords for Venus in Scorpio:

  • Guarded
  • Intense
  • Jealous
  • Possessive
  • Suspicious

Venus in Scorpio Personality

No Venus placement takes "til death do we part" more seriously than Venus in Scorpio. Love is no trifle for those with this placement which is why they often avoid it. Once fallen—which is no easy task for Scorpio Venus—they tend to stay in love for better or worse.

Positive Traits

These natives use their Scorpionic detective skills to dive deeply into their loved ones' souls. They find it hard to love what and who they don't know intimately. However, they reward intimacy with their unwavering attention and commitment. A Venus in Scorpio will always make the object of the affections feel seen.

Negative Traits

Those with their Venus in Scorpio want soul bonds but struggle to give others even a glimpse into theirs. This glimpse may only come after a series of tests. A profound fear of hurt and betrayal can make Scorpio Venus' paranoid partners within and before a relationship.

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