Keep your passport handy when Venus is in Sagittarius—this placement is all about whirlwind romances and sexy adventures!

Whimsical Venus in Sagittarius considers love with an open heart and an open mind and needs a deep philosophical connection to feel attraction. Unfortunately, Sagittarius is a free-spirited traveler and can be hard to pin down. Monogamy isn't traditionally valued in this position. Without a strong sense of self and sense of adventure, this placement can seem frustrating or downright bewildering. Learning and seeing the world together is the most important tool for romantic growth when Venus is in this sign.

Venus in Sagittarius: Significance & Meaning

Element And Modality: Fire & Mutable

Positive keywords for Venus in Sagittarius:

  • Big Hearted
  • Casual
  • Easy-going
  • Expansive
  • Spontaneous

Negative keywords for Venus in Sagittarius:

  • Gullible
  • Frivolous
  • Irresponsable
  • Undependable
  • Unsettled

Venus in Sagittarius Personality

Easy come, and easy go, Venus' in Sagittarius view love as an adventure. Like all Sagittarius placements, they're attracted to new experiences. Those with their Venus in Sagittarius do not dream of the white picket fence and two-point-five children. They want the world and all its glittering happenings. This isn't to say that these folks will never commit or marry; they're simply opposed to the idea of "settling down." After all, Sagittarius is symbolized by the Centaur, and they require a relationship that has movement, development, and most of all, fun.

Brief foreign love affairs aren't uncommon for these natives. Barring other influences in the chart, Sagittarius is the Venus placement least likely to have a specific "type." They are fairly open minded, so the pages of their dating history book likely feature a diversity of faces and backgrounds.

Positive Traits

Baecations—both near and distant—are a favorite activity of those with their Venus in Sagittarius. Candlelit dinners in the dining room do not interest these folks. Their fiery and excitable natures require amusement and fuel for their unquenchable thirst for knowledge. They crave novelty, so each date will likely differ from the previous. Where the relationship itself is concerned, Sagittarius Venus' must feel that it serves some higher purpose. If they don't feel that they and their partner are growing or learning from each other, they will scratch their intellectual and philosophical itches elsewhere.

Negative Traits

Venus' in Sagittarius tend to leap from one adventure to the next and treat their lovers similarly. Their dalliances burn brightly for a few weeks then may fizzle out once Venus in Sagittarius begins to feel trapped or tied down. When the going gets tough, Venus in Sagittarius may get going elsewhere. For the less developed, messy matters like complex emotions and commitment may not appeal to their eternal bachelor(ette) lifestyles.

Furthermore, this volatile bunch may lack the sensitivity required for romance. Sagittarius energy is inherently blunt, so they tend to hurt feelings and break hearts unintentionally.


Venus and Jupiter, Sagittarius' ruling planet, meet to form adventurous and bombastic Sagittarius Venus. Being a fiery Venus, they prefer an exciting romantic experience—one where each day is different from the last. Sagittarius specifically wants their relationships to be educational experiences on some level. In the event that their romances are ill-fated, they don't let it get them down. Each relationship makes for an excellent story to tell, and storytelling is a pastime at which they excel.

However, while in the thick of these romantic encounters, some Sagittarius Venus' may suffer from romantic FOMO.

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