Venus in Cancer is the ultimate 'Netflix and chill' placement.

Cancer is most concerned with safety and security—and shows love through nurturing and homey comforts like baked goods or crafts. That's not to say that Venus in Cancer doesn't have a sexy side—they know how to turn on the charm too! With its trademark outer shell, the sign of the Crab can be reluctant to let people in, but once a sense of trust is established, they'll shower you with affection. In that vein, this is placement known for sentimentality and nostalgia, so save those movie stubs and first date mementos.

Venus in Cancer: Significance & Meaning

Element And Modality: Water & Cardinal

Positive keywords for Venus in Cancer:

  • Affectionate
  • Kind
  • Patient
  • Protective
  • Warm

Negative keywords for Venus in Cancer:

  • Crabby
  • Delicate
  • Restrictive
  • Smothering
  • Sulky

Venus in Cancer Personality

How deep is your love? Like their watery brethren, Venus in Cancer natives are not satisfied with shallow affections. Unlike Scorpio Venus', they don't quite want their beloved's soul, but instead their complete intimacy and security. However, the road to a Cancer Venus' heart is by no means an easy ride. Due to their innate sensitivity, those with this placement are cautious in love. Like the Crab that symbolizes Cancer's sign, they roam the world with a protective shell, withdrawing (and on occasion, lashing out) at the sight of danger.

These folks aspire to make their lovers their home. They can hardly live somewhere where they feel unsafe. But once comfortable, Venus in Cancer is one of the more caring Venus placements, willing to do nearly anything for the object of their affection.

Positive Traits

The planet of love meets the moon, Cancer's ruling planet, to form soft and sentimental Venus in Cancer. Their inherent emotionality primes them for any and all forms of artistic expression. They set out to make people feel things although they themselves can come off as withdrawn. Regardless of their emotional shells, they excel at sussing out others'.

Despite their nurturing inclinations, those with their Venus in Cancer don't jump into relationships. As traditionalists, love is no trifle for them, and their memories are long. So, they try hard to avoid pain—especially heartbreak—at all costs.

Negative Traits

Due to a tendency towards nostalgia, Venus in Cancer sometimes suffers from the sense that nothing compares to a past moment or love. These are the folks for whom exes are out of sight but rarely out of mind. If these natives feel the scales of devotion are uneven—which isn't uncommon with their clingy tendencies—they become silently resentful and overtly moody. Being ruled by the moon, Cancer placements can stir up quite an emotional tidalwave when contraried.

While they expect security from their relationships, Cancer Venus can be insecure in love, which is often expressed as dependency.


Love from Venus in Cancer is pure emotional nourishment. Because their energy is inherently domestic, their hearts can feel like homes for those that they love. Those with their Venus in Cancer are a sentimental bunch, treasuring each and every gift bestowed upon them. However, this sentimentality sometimes expresses itself as a fixation on the past. Their minds are naturally ruminating, so it isn't uncommon for them to end up a little stagnant.

Beyond their romantic exploits, Cancer Venus' radiate a sense of stability. They simply wish to feel at home wherever they are and rarely fail to build.

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