Pluto is right at home in spooky Scorpio!

When Pluto is in its natural placement, you'll feel a deep affinity for all things dark, weird, and mysterious. Because of this attention to darkness, you might also be attracted to the 'darker side of yourself—having a tendency to favor a constant sense of renewal or self-analysis at this time. Be careful of your spending here, as these two can create difficulty in balancing financial matters. Relationships during this period may deepen, but they can also be chaotic, so use that inner strength to get real about your needs and desires.

Pluto in Scorpio: Significance & Meaning

Element And Modality: Water & Fixed

Positive keywords for Pluto in Scorpio:

  • Incisive
  • Potent
  • Psychic
  • Tireless
  • Transformational

Negative keywords for Pluto in Scorpio:

  • Envious
  • Raging
  • Self Destructive
  • Taboo
  • Volcanic

Pluto in Scorpio Personality

Pluto in Scorpio ignites hell's fires in its natives. Few are more willing—no, consumed with—to get to the bottom of things, regardless of how rough the way down is. So, God help you if you wrong someone with their Pluto in Scorpio. Their devious minds are ripe for seeking revenge.

Positive Traits

Pluto in Scorpio incarnates the doomsday prepper, ready for the end of the world. Their nature is such that they often expect and prepare for the worst-case scenario. In the realm of emotions, Scorpio Pluto feels on a spiritual level, but don't take them for pacifists! They have more bite than a little bit.

Negative Traits

Since the well of their emotions is effectively bottomless, Pluto in Scorpio tends to shy away from them. Like a hurricane, the storm brewing in their psyches cannot be contained, and trying only assures destruction. In their emotions and interpersonal dealings, those with a strong Pluto in Scorpio influence should aspire to openness.

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