Serious, diligent Capricorn mashing up with aggressive Mars will manifest in one major place: the office.

Capricorn time brings out the worker bee in all of us, and that's magnified by this planet's intense drive. Like Taurus, Capricorn takes a "slow and steady wins the race" approach to the game, asking questions about long-term stability and setting lofty but realistic goals. It's a time to cultivate responsibility and focus. Mars in Capricorn brings out a sense of self-discipline and high standards. It's a slow burn, but it can absolutely light a fire under you.

Mars in Capricorn: Significance & Meaning

Element And Modality: Earth & Cardinal

Positive keywords for Mars in Capricorn:

  • Dutiful
  • Hardworking
  • Persistent
  • Realistic
  • Sober

Negative keywords for Mars in Capricorn:

  • Overly Cautious
  • Self Restrictive
  • Ruthless
  • Standoffish
  • Tense

Mars in Capricorn Personality

Mars in Capricorn makes a real (wo)man of steel. Pile their desks high with files to finish, and they will not crack under the strain. In their unhurried way, they'll unceremoniously open the top one and emerge from their fugue state of focus a few hours later, ready to tackle the next task.

Positive Traits

Mars in Capricorn grants its natives the capability and perseverance to climb from paper-pusher to CEO. Once they've set their sights on a mountain, no force on earth can prevent them from topping it. Contrary to popular belief, the unstoppable force of the zodiac isn't Mars in Aries but Mars in Capricorn.

Negative Traits

The first workaholic was undoubtedly a Mars in Capricorn. These folks will starve themselves of all pleasures (and needs) until the job is done. Capricorn Mars embodies the idea of "working oneself to death." It's possible to take life too seriously, and those with their Mars in Capricorn often do.

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