Mars is the ruler of Aries, so it's right at home in this fire sign.

As the first sign in the zodiac, Aries is full of energy, charging ahead to seek and explore. It can also be impulsive, so expect things to move fast when Mars enters Aries. This is a time for quick, decisive action. When Mars is in Aries, it's a great time to start projects, assert your independence, or be spontaneous. Be mindful of listening to others, however. It's easy to feel irritated or impatient, but a balancing influence can help save you from diving in too deep before you've considered all the consequences. This is a time to speak your mind and not beat around the bush.

Mars in Aries: Significance & Meaning

Element And Modality: Fire & Cardinal

Positive keywords for Mars in Aries:

  • Abrupt
  • Assertive
  • Competitive
  • Powerful
  • Spontaneous

Negative keywords for Mars in Aries:

  • Bad-tempered
  • Brash
  • Reckless
  • Unmanageable
  • Unrefined

Mars in Aries Personality

The Roman gladiator and the brave knight on horseback—Mars in Aries has a drive that is the stuff of legends. They approach obstacles with the confidence that they'll bulldoze over them. Often, they do just that—unless, of course, the task requires prolonged efforts.

Positive Traits

Aries Mars are pioneers wherever they step. They lack the fear and trepidation that most have with roadblocks and unbroken ground. In fact, they take "can't" and "shouldn't" personally and do what they must to remove the negation. "Impossible" simply isn't in their vocabulary.

Negative Traits

Patience and follow-through aren't strengths of this placement. Though Aries Mars' can tackle any project, they may not take it down. Additionally, Mars in Aries isn't the type to read instructions or even take them. Therefore, they can come across as brash and disrespectful to authority figures.

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