Taurus is all about living the good life, surrounded by sensual pleasures.

In fact, most of this sign's energy and worldview are directed at creating (and being able to afford) the good life. So with Jupiter in this savvy earth sign, money truly matters. Luckily, this placement has an eye for finance and also enjoys giving back. In practical Taurus, Jupiter revels in long-term plans and a strong focus. No wishy-washy intentions here! You need a strong foundation and a safe space to feel comfortable.

Jupiter in Taurus: Significance & Meaning

Element And Modality: Earth & Taurus

Positive keywords for Jupiter in Taurus:

  • Abundant
  • Comfortable
  • Luxurious
  • Resourceful
  • Secure

Negative keywords for Jupiter in Taurus:

  • Gluttonous
  • Hedonistic
  • Spendthrift
  • Materialistic
  • Miserly

Jupiter in Taurus Personality

"Cash Rules Everything Around Me." (Financial) security motivates folks with their Jupiter in Taurus. They're always seeking new ways to pad their bank accounts (and often find them!) This isn't by pure chance either. Jupiter has blessed them with business smarts and an eye for opportunity.

Positive Traits

Jupiter in Taurus gives its natives a taste for the finer things in life. As a result, they are particularly fortunate in the realm of banking and investments. Money is a language in which they're fluent. Their cosmic blessing is that they shall rarely know actual scarcity.

Negative Traits

Jupiter in Taurus should take care not to focus all their attention on money-making. Spending and enjoying the spoils of their hard work is just as important as earning them! These natives might find that their fortunes change when they veer in the direction of greed and overindulgence.

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