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The Moon tarot card
1. If the dreamer is drinking water, this is a symbol for enjoying life. If the dreamer is at presently in bad circumstances, dreaming of drinking water implies that good times are ahead.
2. Clear, calm water portends happiness, while river rapids or crashing surf implies rough times on the horizon.
3. A waterfall, particularly if there is also a rainbow in the dream, indicates success, happiness, and wealth coming into the dreamer's life.

Astrological parallels: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces.
Corresponding Dream Tarot Card: The Moon.
Justice tarot card
1. Using a weapon of any kind in a competent and confident manner implies aggressiveness in pursuing one's goals. Using a weapon clumsily is a sign that the dreamer doubts his ability to attain his goals.
2. Being threatened by a weapon hints that the dreamer feels that everyone is against him. Whether or not that is true, and if true, what the solution is, can be deduced from other symbols in the dream. See: Gun, Knife.

Astrological parallels: Mars.
Corresponding Dream Tarot Card: Justice.
Purity. Success well earned.

A sign that the Universe is trying to convey important information to the dreamer, but that the dreamer is either too afraid or too distracted to hear it. The content of the message can be deduced from other symbols in the dream, or from various signs and portents in the dreamer's waking life.

The Chariot tarot card
The wind represents movement, and the type of movement involved is dictated by the circumstances.
1. Dreaming of being out in a cold, blustery wind implies having to take action under adverse circumstances.
2. Dreaming of a calm, gentle wind that caresses your face is reassurance that you are surrounded by people who deeply love and care for you. A brisk, steady breeze portends success in business enterprises.
3. Being caught up in an extreme form of wind such as a cyclone or tornado is a warning to get your affairs in order now if you don't want to have a lot of trouble later.

Corresponding Dream Tarot Card: The Chariot.
1. A general symbol for the need to see through something that is clouding the dreamer's life.
2. A broken window hints at a change in the dreamer's living circumstances.
3. The state or type of the window is an important clue. Open windows are a sign of welcome; closed windows a sign of cut-off communications. Bay windows are a sign of success and good fortune, while storm windows indicate trouble ahead.

Astrological parallels: Pisces, Neptune.
The Devil tarot card
1. If the dreamer is a woman, dreaming of a witch could represent her own senex, or that part of her psyche that is older and wiser. Thus any message that she receives from the witch is important, and should be written down immediately upon awakening.
2. If the dreamer is a man, he needs to take a good, long, honest look at his attitude toward women. He may be caught up in the notion that all women are out to get him.
3. If the witch is friendly in the dream, whether the dreamer is a man or a woman, it augurs an increased social life.
4. If the witch is the ominous Halloween figure, rough times in romance lie ahead.

Corresponding Dream Tarot Card: The Devil.
1. Dreams of writing letters can mean the need to get in touch with people whom you haven't spoken with in awhile.
2. Dreams of writing novels, plays or stories indicate that there is a creative streak in you that needs an outlet. Many great authors have received inspiration from their dreams.
3. To dream of writing and not knowing what you're writing is a warning that you may be inadvertently communicating messages to others that they are misinterpreting in an insulting way.

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