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The Tower tarot card
1. If the dreamer is witnessing the landslide as it happens, then sudden and unexpected events, which he really should be prepared for, will take him totally by surprise. The dream is warning him to be prepared. Other symbols in the dream may reveal exactly what the events will entail, and what he should do about it.
2. If the landslide has already taken place and the rocks are lying in the middle of the road, then the dreamer faces obstacles ahead that will need to be removed before he or she can move on and accomplish whatever it is that needs to be done.

Corresponding Dream Tarot Card: The Tower
1. If you are hanging a load of laundry out to dry, then something you prefer to keep hidden will soon become public knowledge - as in the metaphor, "airing your dirty laundry." But if you're taking your laundry down, folding it, and/or putting it away, don't worry - your secrets are safe.
2. Dreaming of actually doing your own laundry is a sign that you have made a major good impression on a friend or acquaintance, and as a result, opportunities - either business or social - will come your way.
3. Being in a laundry or dry cleaner's shop is an omen of an increased social life.
Sin City. 1. If you dream of being in a casino surrounded by gambling tables and slot machines, then you are depending too much on chance and not enough on your own efforts to steer your life in the right way. Dreaming of winning, however, is a sign that luck will play a major role in the success of a project or enterprise.
2. If you are watching a Las Vegas stage show, then something important in your life has less reality than glitz and glitter.
3. Driving on the Las Vegas strip indicates that you are approaching a time of your life when you will be concentrating more on having fun than on serious endeavors. Whether this is appropriate or not depends on other symbols in the dream.
An ancient symbol for knowledge. Almost always a positive omen, particularly for those involved in scholarly, creative, or artistic pursuits. Astrological parallels: Gemini, Sagittarius.
A very positive omen implying a major stroke of good luck coming your way in the near future. Even if the lightning was accompanied by rain and thunder, it is still a positive omen, but positive events will be preceded by a period of anxiety.
1. If you see a lizard among a group of people, then there is a false friend nearby who would betray you in a moment if it suited his or her ends.
2. In Native American mythology, the lizard is the dreamer. Dreaming of a lizard, therefore, is a sign that this dream is important and reveals a lot about where you're coming from, where you're going, and how best to get there. In order to get this information, look to the other symbols in the dream.
The Hermit tarot card
1. If the dreamer is lost, there is a department in his life in which he has "lost his way." Look to other symbols in the dream to judge which department this is. If in the dream he finds his way, all should be well. But if he awakens before he finds himself, he should probably seek outside help with regard to the matter in question.
2. If an object is lost, or a beloved friend or pet, the dreamer needs to assess what that object or being, and the loss thereof, means to him. For example: A dream of losing one's wallet could mean fear of financial loss. Look to other symbols in the dream to find ways to avoid what one fears.

Astrological parallels: Pisces.
Corresponding Dream Tarot Card: The Hermit
The Lovers tarot card
1. If the dream involves happiness in love, then happiness and contentment lie ahead.
2. If the dream involves an illicit or forbidden love, the dreamer is hiding things - perhaps even from herself.
3. If the dream is of observing the love between two other people, this portends the consummation of some of the dreamer's own hopes and wishes.
4. If the dream involves choosing between two rival lovers, the dreamer faces a difficult choice.

Astrological parallels: Venus.
Corresponding Dream Tarot Card: The Lovers
1. If the dreamer is the one telling the lie, then he or she needs to beware of setbacks generated by his or her own foolish actions. Caution in all departments of life is definitely called for.
2. If someone else told the lie, however, it is a dream of contrary: success and good fortune lie ahead.
3. Dreaming of lying to authority figures, or in court, indicates that honesty is definitely going to be the best policy for some time: Do NOT lie to anyone!
4. If someone else lies to authority figures, however, it is a sign that you will benefit from someone else's mistakes - and soon.

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