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The Lovers tarot card
1. If the dreamer is getting married, and is happy about it, either a wedding or another type of much-desired contract or agreement is indicated.
2. If the dreamer is marrying someone whom she does NOT want to marry, then she may be headed for a task that she'd rather not perform.
3. If the dreamer is a guest at someone else's wedding, the success of a long-term goal may depend on others.

Astrological parallels: Libra, Sagittarius.
Corresponding Dream Tarot Card: The Lovers
1. If you are wearing the mask, this is a warning not to reveal too much of yourself in a specific situation. Look to other symbols in the dream to discern what sort of situation this is.
2. If someone you know is wearing the mask, that person is keeping something from you. If the wearer of the mask is a stranger, and male, then there is intellectual knowledge out there that you don't have but should be aware of. If the stranger is female, you're not in touch with your emotions and should be.
A portent of uncertain times ahead, when you literally won't know if you're coming or going. If the dreamer found his or her way out and wasn't particularly concerned about it, then whatever problems you face will be set right and you can get on with your life. But if the dreamer was frightened, panicked, and kept running into dead ends, then the dream is telling him or her that it's vital to calm down, try to relax, and face whatever appears to be stopping him from doing what he wants. A change of direction is likely to be necessary.
The Moon tarot card
An astrological symbol relating to the emotions. If the Moon is full and bright, much happiness and success lie ahead. If the Moon is new or in the crescent phase, you may not be aware of your own feelings with regard to specific circumstances. A Moon partly or fully obscured by clouds hints at outside matters affecting feelings that you're currently unaware of, yet still need to deal with.

Corresponding Dream Tarot Card: The Moon
The Empress tarot card
Again, this is a symbol that is highly personalized, and needs to be considered in light of the dynamics of your relationship with your mother. If your relationship with your mother is or was good, you can expect happy times ahead. But if it was strained, someone may try to coerce you into doing something by pointing out things that he or she has done for you.

Astrological parallels: The Moon.
Corresponding Dream Tarot Card: The Empress
1. In British mythology, the mouse is usually portrayed as weak and timid, but blessed with compensatory traits of intelligence, compassion, and resourcefulness. Dreaming of a mouse, therefore, portends a situation in which the dreamer will be able to turn a weakness into a strength, a disadvantage into an advantage - and thus escape any negative consequences.
2. Being frightened by a mouse signifies social embarrassment coming up, and if the dreamer wants to avoid it, he or she can look to other symbols in the dream.
3. Mice scurrying around freely, wreaking havoc in their surroundings, indicate family squabbles ahead.
4. Seeing a mouse being chased by a cat is a warning not to let others interfere in your affairs.

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