How do I find out more on Astrology?

Years ago, if you were drawn to astrology, there was just one book on the shelf in the library. Today there is an overload of information through the innovation of the Internet. It can be overwhelming as well as difficult to wade through all the information to find the right fit for you.

So where should you go to find out more? Start as if you were seeking a physician to help you. First ask your friends for referrals, search the Yellow Pages, go to a local metaphysical bookstore, or even a health food store. You want a good, skilled, reputable astrologer. Check to see if your town or area has a local astrological chapter or group. Astrology groups offer lectures, workshops and conferences. Find national and international astrology organizations on the web and you'll see their list of members who are certified by their testing standards. You want the best for yourself!

Then the first order of business is to have a professional astrologer unfold your chart. Be sure that the person you do work with is full-time in the field and ask them how long they've been making a full time living doing chart counseling. Also ask them to tell you their areas of expertise, what a session will give you, how long it is, and their fees.

Another suggestion is to read as much as you can and take it all with a grain of salt. Not all writers are experts! Also check online to take classes with professionals at an online school. There are many now that offer classes for students at all levels with full-time professional astrologers who both teach and offer counseling sessions.