What are the different kinds of Astrology?

At last count there were over 80 branches of astrology in usage! That's really so amazing considering the minimal uses at its inception.

Most practicing astrologers today use astrology for self awareness, family, and clients. This self-contained system is probably the most complete system. It is interwoven with so many other paths of wisdom as well. Quaballa is rooted in astrology as are Numerology, Tarot, and Feng Shui.

Today we can work with Western astrology, Vedic, Hellenistic, Classical, Traditional, Mayan, Aztec, Chinese, Korean astrology, and more. But let's go through all the branches of application.

Humanistic astrology is what we now primarily practice in the West. Some refer to this as astrological 'readings' to assist people who want personal awareness, knowledge of their patterns, karmic issues, strengths, weaknesses, and predictions for their future.

Karmic/esoteric astrology focuses on the more spiritual side of interpretation and insights.

Relationship astrology of course deals with the energy between two people in relationship, which can be lovers, or child/parent, boss and employee, family patterns, etc.

Vocational astrology focuses on assisting the client to understand where his greatest career potentials lie.

Specialty branches are Horary astrology is the branch of answering specific questions and finding lost items. Electional astrology is that of searching the sky for the most propitious time to begin an event, such as opening a business or buying a car or getting married. Rectification is the branch to rectify a birth chart for a person who does not know the time they were born.

Mundane astrology is a branch that covers political events, wars, countries and global changes.

Astro meteorology is the study of and prediction weather and geological patterns.

Financial Astrology or astro economics is a very recognized branch today used by many stock brokers on Wall Street. Astro Financial software is now available to astrologers to trade the markets.

Gambling and Sports astrology is a common branch and astro software is available for this as well.

Astro mapping utilizes astro-mapping techniques to alert us to where in the world the headlines will emerge. It is also applied to individuals to know where in the world one should move in order to use his positive energies for more success in life.

Medical astrology has grown to greater popularity at this time for both people and pets. Diet, herbs, and remedies also fall under this heading.

Planting by astrology has been around for centuries and still thrives. (Just look at how long the Farmer's Almanac has been around!)

Mythical astrology is the branch that applies the worldwide myths to explain the archetypes in the chart.

Psychological Astrology is just what it says - it focuses on the psychological aspects of character in the horoscope.

Astro Drama therapy offers a chance to 'act out' issues that show up in the chart and life.

Magical Talisman astrology is used for ritual magic and to create talismans.

The list really continues as astrology lends itself to every single arena of life itself!