What are the Astrological Houses?

The houses in the horoscope wheel are like slices of a pie. There are 12 houses/slices in all and each one represents an arena of experience. The planets in houses tell you the energy that is to be expressed in that department of life.

The houses themselves are set up by the exact time of birth, with the 'front door' to the chart being the Ascendant which is the cusp of the first house. The houses are numbered from one to twelve. The First House begins at the Ascendant on the Eastern horizon. The houses are numbered in a counterclockwise movement.

  • The First House of the horoscope represents you, your identity, your essence and your physical body.
  • The Second House of the horoscope describes the values that you hold, including your personal sense of self worth, self esteem, talents, and ability to survive.
  • The Third House represents your mind; it's the natural house of Gemini so it relates to your ideas, thinking, and communications.
  • The Fourth House is representative of your emotional needs. It refers to the past, childhood patterns, family, and physical home.
  • The Fifth House is the house of creativity, love, and children. It shows how you express yourself.
  • The Sixth House shows responsibilities and commitments that you will make. It also rules health issues.
  • The Seventh House is all about significant relationships and marriage.
  • The Eighth House is about intimacy, bonding, trust, and attitudes toward sex and taboos.
  • The Ninth House represents your faith and beliefs on a more philosophical level. It also pertains to higher education, legal, and religious systems.
  • The Tenth House is all about what you want to attain in this life - we often simply call it the career.
  • The Eleventh House is about your goals. It is where you can find more impersonal friends and contacts.
  • The Twelfth House is about your internal link with the cosmic lies within you. It is the house of dreams. It also represents prisons, cloistered places, and hospitals.