Capricorn Celebrities

What does a Capricorn celebrity have in common with their peers? Calculated, goal-oriented, and responsible, Capricorn celebrities know how to prepare. Learn more about your favorite Capricorn birthdays.

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Kate Moss

January 16 | capricorn
This wild child is only ever serious when it comes to her modeling career, and always has that Capricorn dry sense of humor. Photo: Renan Katayama via Wikimedia Commons

LeBron James

December 30 | capricorn
There’s a reason many athletes are Taurus and Capricorns. As your typical Capricorn, LeBron is cold and concentrated in the workplace (a.k.a. on the court), but family-focused and a friendly face when the pressure isn’t on. Photo: All-Pro Reels via Wikimedia Commons

Michelle Obama

January 17 | capricorn
To be a First Lady, one must have excellent communication skills. Thankfully, Capricorns are no stranger to this skillset. Passionate and determined, Michelle Obama remains one of the most popular First Ladies ever due to her popularity with diplomats and the legislative successes of her “Let’s Move!” campaign in America. Photo: Tim Pierce via Wikimedia Commons

Nicolas Cage

January 07 | capricorn
Very typical of a Capricorn, Nicolas Cage wanted to make it in Hollywood on his own terms, so he changed his name. He didn’t want the legendary Coppola name to give him a free ride in the industry. Photo: Nicolas Genin via Wikimedia Commons  

Orlando Bloom

January 13 | capricorn
With his easy-going personality in public, it’s hard to imagine this Capricorn actor being a responsible perfectionist. But that’s what he is! This Capricorn actor spends time carefully picking roles and taking his job very seriously, but still can easily transition from drama to comedy with ease. Photo: Walterlan Papetti via Wikimedia Commons


January 15 | capricorn
Capricorns will always pull themselves up by the bootstraps to become the successful professional the stars destined them to be. Popular Cuban-American rapper Pitbull is no different—his career started out selling his own CDs as a teenager on the streets of Miami! Photo: Eva Rinaldi via Flickr

Ryan Seacrest

December 24 | capricorn
Known as the hardest working man in Hollywood, this Capricorn wears many hats: radio host, television host, showrunner, executive producer, and philanthropist. Photo: Jmk7 via Wikimedia Commons

Tiger Woods

December 30 | capricorn
This goal-driven athlete embraces the Capricorn work ethic. Woods returned to the green after a few years of familial issues and drug abuse with a new outlook on his career. Photo: Tim Hipps via Wikimedia Commons

Zayn Malik

January 12 | capricorn
This singer was known as the rebel in boyband One Direction, but underneath, a sensitive soul who values his privacy and individuality. This may have been why he was the first to stray away from the band. It was time for this Capricorn to focus on his own personal endeavors. Photo: First Access Entertainment via Wikimedia Commons