“D” Celebrity Zodiac Signs

 Here’s your guide to all celebrity zodiac signs! You may know your favorite celebrity birthday, but do you know their zodiac sign? Learn more about various celebrities’ zodiac signs!

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October 24 | scorpio
Intense, moody, way too socially aware, and creative—there’s no doubt that rapper Drake is a Scorpio. Photo: The Come Up Show

Drew Barrymore

February 22 | pisces
A little-known fact about Pisces is their flair for young rebellion… Drew Barrymore is an actress on the list who has dealt with those issues in the past! Now, she’s known for her easy-going personality and general spirituality. Photo: David Shankbone via Wikimedia Commons 

Dwayne Johnson

May 26 | taurus
Another visibly obvious Taurus, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is known for his honesty with the people and his life and the media. A dependable guy, this Taurus dedicates himself to everything he does, whether it’s his acting, wrestling career, or private family life. Photo: Eva Rinaldi