Your Weekend Love Horoscope for November 24 to November 26: Attitude Of Gratitude. Learn It, Live It, Love It.

By Virginia Mason

On November 24, 2017

In Aspect, Relationship, Sex

Your Weekend Love Horoscope for November 24 to November 26: Attitude Of Gratitude. Learn It, Live It, Love It.

Now’s the time to embrace your adventurous spirit and express yourself! The sun’s officially in Sagittarius, but don’t be surprised if you’re struggling to find your voice. Mercury conjuncts Saturn and the moon challenges your ego and your love life. Fear dominates, and people become paranoid. Our minds are cluttered, and we think we need a whole lot more than we have. Nothing feels good enough. Love feels particularly frustrating on Saturday, but you’re better off working your frustrations out physically. Get to the gym or get in bed, and don’t fall prey to your lowest thoughts. Remember all of the things that are working in your life and everything you have to be grateful for. Write them down every day this weekend to tune into all of the good around you and keep the gratitude flowing all the time.

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Aries Weekend Love Horoscope
Lighting strikes on Saturday! You’ve been torn between partnership and independence, and your perspective is transforming. The Aquarius moon trines Mars to help you find a new approach to things. Now is a time to find balance, and any romantic strife you experience is showing you where you aren’t in balance. Take note. What changes can you make to get yourself where you want to be? You have the power to make it happen, and Saturday is an ideal time to work your magic. Ask the world to show you the changes you need to make, but avoid making hasty decisions. The movement you need right now is in your mind—in the world of ideas. When an epiphany comes, your impulse is to act, but try to stay still with your thoughts for a while. The insight you receive this weekend will become even clearer in the weeks to come.
Love Lesson: You have the power to create the balance you desire.

Passion Prediction:                   
Taurus Weekend Love Horoscope
You typically feel very grounded and sure what you want in love, but this weekend, you feel uprooted. The moon squares Venus, and the Sagittarius sun wants you to explore and try new things. The push to explore may make you want to hide in the woods and shut out the world, but if you challenge yourself to embrace this bizarre feeling, you will discover more about yourself and about any lover. You are being shown whole new ways to love. You can love through your mind, your thoughts, and adventure. Love doesn’t always feel like a safe, comfortable space. The conversations you’ll have this weekend are helping you embrace the unknown and experience love in places where you didn’t know it existed.

Love Lesson:  Your ideal lover loves you just as you are while also challenging you to become even better. 

Passion Prediction:                

Gemini Weekend Love Horoscope
Mercury conjuncts Saturn! You may find yourself focusing on all the pain you’ve experienced. You may get wrapped up in feeling like you’re not good enough. You may hit a low where you think there are a bazillion different things working against you and keeping you from getting what you want. But you just have to move through this. And there’s good news! You feel comfortable in your independence, and the weekend’s energy supports great sex. But be careful here. If you have sex, make sure it’s in a context that you are 100% comfortable with! If you’re not, then there’s no reason to engage. You deserve to be completely comfortable. Take care of yourself and don’t let your inner demons win. You’re stronger than they are.

Love Lesson: Don’t let life’s lows convince you that there’s nothing wonderful waiting for you on the other side—because there is.

Passion Prediction:                  
Cancer Weekend Love Horoscope
The Aquarius moon detaches you from your sensitive nature. This disrupts your love life and the goodness you typically attract. But this quieting of your emotions can actually serve you well. Sometimes it’s good to take a step back and look at things more objectively. Just be careful about what you say during this time. You’re likely to act out of character and say something hurtful to someone you love. If you do, don’t be surprised if you wake up on Sunday – when the moon enters Pisces—and wonder what the heck happened. Your behavior will leave you questioning who you are, and the Saturn and Mercury conjunction makes this an even riskier time for expression. I always want you to voice your truth, but this weekend, maybe just follow the advice from the baby rabbit in Disney’s Bambi.

Love Lesson: If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

Passion Prediction:    
Leo Weekend Love Horoscope
The Sagittarius sun wakes you up and has you feeling more alive than you’ve felt in months. Winter makes most people want to hibernate, but you want to get things moving. If you recently went through a breakup, you’re feeling ready to get out there and start dating. But the moon squares the sun, and you’re questioning your readiness. You find yourself wavering on what you really want, but that’s okay! This is the time for exploration. You can learn what you want over time and through exploring. Don’t kick yourself for not being completely sure about things right now. But do be careful and take the time to make sure you are making choices that make sense for you. Given Neptune’s placement, you risk some self-delusion.

Love Lesson: Being single is sometimes is a necessary part of finding the person of your dreams.

Passion Prediction:         
Virgo Weekend Love Horoscope
As you bite your tongue, thoughts swirl in your mind. The mental chatter may feel all consuming, but if you take a few deep breaths, you can keep yourself from falling down the rabbit hole. Then, you’ll find that you’re in a position to thoroughly think through things. Your intellectualism and analytical skills are heightened, and you see life more clearly. The moon and Mars are both aligned to help you if you let them. This means that you can experience a tremendous amount of emotional fulfillment and sexual excitement this weekend, but again, you have to do some work to get here. You have to keep the neuroses from being all consuming. And you may prefer to simply hunker down, give thanks for all of those who are around you, and worry about love next week.

Love Lesson: There’s a fine line between over-thinking and thoughtfulness.

Passion Prediction:        
Libra Weekend Love Horoscope
The moon is flaring up all sorts of issues. It makes people insecure and greedy, and it makes them pick fights. But for you, dear Libra, it’s sending loving vibes. The moon trines Mars in your sign. The way you do things is aligned with the weekend’s overarching emotional rhythm. This bodes very well for trusting yourself, having fulfilling sex, and making things happen. But beware. It’s your detached, intellectual manner that’s triggering a lot of issues for other people. People want to feel. People want to do things and feel fully alive. The weight of thought is a burden, and being around you can bring out people’s paranoia. So be gentle with your analysis. Embrace your sensitivity and desire for harmony, and all will go well.

Love Lesson: Sometimes being fully yourself rubs people the wrong way. That’s okay! They’re not your people. Be you.

Passion Prediction:                
Scorpio Weekend Love Horoscope
Healing energy continues to move through Venus in Scorpio. Venus trines Chiron and sextiles Pluto. You are being asked to face the deepest truths about how affection is given and received in your life. To take any pain from your past and transform it into power. How does your past affect your current circumstances? How do you act from fear and anger versus strength and love? How can you honor your fears and your anger while still opening yourself to the deep, unconditional love that you deserve? You are learning all of this now. You are feeling incredibly empowered, but the process is a cycle. On Saturday, the hurt takes over, but remember, there is strength in vulnerability. There is strength in feeling your pain. You know this, and any lover worthy of you will know this too.

Love Lesson: True love heals all wounds. 

Passion Prediction:           
Sagittarius Weekend Love Horoscope
It’s complicated. Saturn conjuncts Mercury, making you second-guess everything. But it also sextiles the moon and Mars and trines Uranus. This means that you have the power to gain incredible clarity right now and to feel strong and independent. But you have to work for this more than usual. If you sit back and do nothing about the thoughts and feelings running through you, then your weekend is likely to be fairly unpleasant, especially since the moon squares the Sagittarius sun. But if y0u work to connect with your feelings and to honor them with every choice you make, then this weekend has the potential to be highly satisfying. Slow down. Meditate. Do what you need to do to make sure that you are acting from your truth and no one else’s. Then you can expect to enjoy some fun and excitement, especially sexually.

Love Lesson: Listen to your heart.

Passion Prediction   
Capricorn Weekend Love Horoscope 
Pluto squares Mars, and Saturn squares Chiron. You’re still learning how to express your true self sexually. Sex triggers an old wound that you are meant to heal. This wound may be even older than your memory. You may be carrying it from a past life or from your ancestors, but you are ultimately the one who’s being tasked to resolve it. Sexual expression is nothing to be ashamed of. It is a beautiful, powerful expression of your creative self, but this has become twisted. You are likely engaging in sexual activity that ultimately makes you feel terrible, or if you’re in a loving relationship, you may find yourself withholding sex. This is because you fear allowing sex to deeply connect with a partner. But you just have to open yourself up to sex being an outgrowth of love, and if it’s too much to explore this with your partner, then start by exploring it on your own.

Love Lesson: Orgasm connects you to your highest self.

Passion Prediction:     
Aquarius Weekend Love Horoscope 
An Aquarius moon squares Jupiter and then Venus. You’re holding yourself back. Love wants to grow all around you, but you’re keeping it at bay. If you’re in a relationship, what’s keeping you from fully opening your heart? If you’re single, what’s keeping you from fully opening your heart? The question is the same. You may think you’re being practical. You’re thinking things through and wary of fully committing yourself when your independence is at stake, but this really has nothing to do with your thoughts. Your thoughts are putting on a nice performance to distract you from your feelings, and what you largely feel is fear. Fear that you’ll lose yourself in partnership, that you’ll make sacrifices you don’t want to make, and that you’ll fall in love only to not be loved in return.

Love Lesson: Courage means to move forward from your heart even though you’re scared.

Passion Prediction:          
Pisces  Weekend Love Horoscope 
Neptune squares the Sagittarius sun, and on Sunday, the moon moves into Pisces, amplifying Neptune’s effects. The key thing to watch for here is deception. How are you deceiving yourself? How is someone deceiving you? Stay alert and be honest with yourself. Sagittarius energy wants you to actively explore. You can’t easily stay in whatever comfort zone you’ve created for yourself. The impulse to get things moving is confusing, especially in love. You may feel drawn to leaving your lover and exploring new partners. If you’re in a committed relationship, this can be very disorienting, but ultimately, romance is healing this weekend. Maybe secret truths need to come out in order to make way for greater love. And the secret may be something you simply have to tell yourself.

Love Lesson: Secrets breed distrust.

Passion Prediction:   

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Virginia is a Brooklyn-based Reiki Master and psychic healer dedicated to expanding people’s understanding of what’s possible. She offers private readings, coaching, healing, and more through her company, Fleeting Connections.

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