Your Weekend Love Horoscope for November 17 to November 19: Make a Wish!

By Virginia Mason

On November 17, 2017

In Aspect, Love, Sex

Your Weekend Love Horoscope for November 17 to November 19: Make a Wish!

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It’s a Scorpio new moon while millions of meteors fall through Leo kind of weekend! That’s a lot of stars shooting through the sign that rules romance, fun, and play, so you can expect a lot of that! And Leo’s fireworks coupled with Scorpio’s passion makes this one hell of a romantic weekend. Plus the Scorpio moon passes over Venus and Jupiter! Basically, romance is going to be off the charts. And this powerful love boost is bringing some big transformation with it. Step out as your most authentic self and start fresh from there. That’s the new beginning this moon wants for you, and that’s the energy that will attract all the love. On Friday, gather your lover, a blanket, and bottle of wine and head toward a field. Gaze up at the dark night sky and watch the universe put everything into perspective as stars shoot across.

Aries Weekend Love Horoscope
Scorpio demands that you take a good hard look at yourself. If you resist doing this, then you’re not going to have a lot of fun right now—period. Uranus in Aries opposes Mars and inconjuncts the Scorpio sun and moon. How often do you reject good advice simply because it didn’t come from you? You’re a natural born leader – for sure, but when it comes to love, that’s not your job. I’m sure your lovers have appreciated all of the initiative you take, but love is also the place where you get to relax and not worry about constantly starting things. You love feeling the primal energy of new romance, but you’re often quick to bolt. Why? Take some time on this new moon to reflect on this, then maybe you’ll have some fun!
Love Lesson: Learn your patterns well so you don’t repeat them.

Passion Prediction:                 
Taurus Weekend Love Horoscope
Venus is radiating the same energy as the sun and the moon. And with the dark, new moon passing overhead, this is a time for new love and fresh starts. You’re still crawling through the realizations the full moon gave you, but that cycle is over. Now it’s onto the next. You did the work. You learned your lessons. You can feel how you’re loving yourself more with every breath, and you’re ready to begin again. Maybe it’s not quite time to start a new relationship, but you’re energy is already aligning itself and preparing for the next one to come. If you’re partnered, this is an incredible weekend for spending time with your love. Let yourself get cozy and sappy. There is an abundance of romance. Don’t let any judgements hold you back from expressing it.

Love Lesson:  When you listen, the universe rewards you with the love you truly desire.

Passion Prediction:               

Gemini Weekend Love Horoscope
You feel a bit left out with all the Scorpio energy whirring around. Sure, sex is pretty great – if you’re putting yourself out there – but there’s something about Scorpio’s intensity that just doesn’t suit you. You’re in exploration mode. Mercury’s in Sagittarius, and while Sagittarius thrives on learning, it doesn’t really want to stick around long enough to learn the really deep stuff. You may feel that people are placing intense and unwelcome demands on you. Feel free to hold your boundaries and say no. It may be that you need to be selfish in love right now, and that’s okay! Just make sure you’re being honest about what you want. The moon moves into Sagittarius on Saturday, encouraging deeper connection and helping you embrace this you-time.

Love Lesson: Pretty much anything goes in love, as long as you’re open and honest and do no harm.

Passion Prediction:                 
Cancer Weekend Love Horoscope
You have the love you want or are calling it toward you now, and this weekend, you want two whole days of uninterrupted time for romance. You want to get to know your lover even better and to feel all the passion and all of the wisdom Scorpio sends shooting through your soul. While this feels incredible, you may find yourself noticing that something’s just a little off. The moon squares the karmic north node. What you’re doing now isn’t necessarily aligned with your long term path. On Saturday morning, take a moment to yourself to ask the universe to send you everything you need to live your life according to your highest purpose. Then get back in bed and snuggle into whoever’s next to you. By Sunday, you’ll be in the mood for adventure.

Love Lesson: When in doubt, ask for help.

Passion Prediction:   
Leo Weekend Love Horoscope
Friday night, approximately 50,000 pieces of cosmic star stuff will be soaring through your constellation every hour! This meteor shower lights up your energy and merges it with the Scorpio new moon. Scorpio guides us into the darkness, and you’re a bright light. The courage and playfulness you embody helps to keep us all laughing while we explore the dark Scorpio depths. You remind everyone to not take life so seriously, and this message will be highly welcome right now. So embrace it this weekend. Find a way to laugh while learning something new about your partner or lover. The learning doesn’t have to come through heavy conversation. It can happen while skydiving or cooking your favorite meal or lying on the ground, staring up at shooting stars. And you should most definitely do that last one on Friday night.

Love Lesson: You deserve a lover who knows that you’re one of a kind.

Passion Prediction:        
Virgo Weekend Love Horoscope
You’ve gotten your romance and sex fix, and you may still be enjoying that. But the adventuring is getting old. You want to settle into someone, but thoughts of adventure and travel clutter your mind. These thoughts aren’t particularly compatible with long term partnership. Are you truly ready to settle down? Maybe not for the next month or so, and if you already settled down and are feeling the itch to leave, know that you’re just going through a phase of needing some extra adventure. Don’t let the desire for adventure fool you. You’re still the partnering type. What do you need to adjust in your thinking to make this happen for yourself? That’s what the Scorpio new moon is challenging you to answer.

Love Lesson: Mostly it’s your thoughts that get between you and love.

Passion Prediction:        
Libra Weekend Love Horoscope
It’s time to do things differently. Mars rules Scorpio, and this weekend, on the Scorpio new moon, Mars is in Libra. How have you been expressing yourself? Scorpio wants you to look at this and change something. This isn’t about changing your goals. It’s about changing how you accomplish them. Do you want love? If what you’ve been doing to get it hasn’t gotten you there, then it’s time to reevaluate. Love isn’t just going to come to you. Love is a reward for hard work, and true love initiates even more hard work. You have to be ready. And if you’re in a relationship, it’s time to reevaluate the choices you’re making. Make sure you aren’t sacrificing too much of yourself. Make sure the greatest harmony you’re creating is in your heart.

Love Lesson: While you’re waiting for that big, great love, take comfort in knowing that your love is out there, and they’re waiting for you, too.

Passion Prediction:              
Scorpio Weekend Love Horoscope
The moon, sun, Jupiter, and Venus are lining up in Scorpio to give you one hell of a weekend. Great love? Check. Great sex? Check. Profound emotional understanding that hurts in a way that actually feels kind of great? Check! You are done holding back. You are done taming yourself for other people’s comfort. You are wholeheartedly embracing your life and showing up for all the world to see, and thank goodness! The world is ready for you. The world needs you. And your sensual magnetism is lifting everyone up – including yourself. Don’t shortchange yourself now. You do deserve it all. Keep your mind on the prize and keep going. You have the power to make things happen for you, so go get it all.

Love Lesson: Don’t for a moment doubt that you aren’t meant for great love. That, my friend, is how you don’t get it.

Passion Prediction:          
Sagittarius Weekend Love Horoscope
People are deep in thought while you’re full of ideas and plans and things to do! You want to get going, and you want company. Don’t worry! Mercury sextiles Mars in Libra, and company is coming your way. Just have patience and wait for the moon to shift into Sagittarius on Saturday. After that, this weekend is all yours. You can go do whatever it is you’ve been dreaming about while everyone else has been bogged down in emotion. You don’t have time for that drama. And that’s how you see this emotional work, yes? Dramatic. Well, this is your Scorpio new moon work. You want to run? You want to adventure? Great, but what happens if you actually just let yourself sit and feel. Time to figure that out.

Love Lesson: The only way out is through.

Passion Prediction   
Capricorn Weekend Love Horoscope 
Pluto in Capricorn sextiles Jupiter, Venus, and the Scorpio new moon. This Scorpio season – and this weekend – are bringing some significant change into your life, specifically in terms of understanding how you love. This time last year, you faced some pretty ugly parts of yourself. There was a lot of fear, but look how far you’ve come? Take time to praise yourself for all that you’ve accomplished and all that you’ve learned. Any lover has noticed, and the universe has surely noticed. This weekend kicks off a rewarding cycle as you truly feel your passion. You’d rather rely on your thoughts, but your feelings empower you, and you see that now. By doing this emotional excavation, you will grow, and you will grow closer to your partner – the one you currently have or the one you desire.

Love Lesson: Love is a practice, but love is also a feeling. Honor both.

Passion Prediction:    
Aquarius Weekend Love Horoscope 
You’re not exactly known for being warm and fuzzy. In fact, you can come across as downright cold, but you aren’t. I know that. You simply think through things and can see clear paths forward, but there are things you’re missing as you struggle to feel through things. This new moon connects you to your emotions. Don’t be surprised if this process is uncomfortable. In some ways, feeling all of your feelings makes you feel like you’ve lost your freedom. You don’t want to be a slave to emotion, but emotion will help you see things even more clearly. Now you can think and feel your way forward. And your lover, the one who has been patiently waiting for you to express some emotion and affection, well, they’ll be pleasantly surprised this weekend when you’re finally ready to reveal your feelings.

Love Lesson: Don’t play it cool.???????

Passion Prediction:         
Pisces  Weekend Love Horoscope 
Scorpio season has you feeling super high – almost manic, almost like you can’t touch your toes because you’re not quite sure if you have feet. Well, look down. They’re there. They are standing on this big spherical piece of matter we like to call Earth. Staying high, talking to spirits, and feeling super connected feels great, but it’s also super disorienting. And it can make you behave in ways that are very disorienting to your partner. Take care on this new moon to do some extra grounding work. Walk outside. Take a bath. Throw some rose petals in there and ask your lover to join you. Throw yourself into physical experiences. Get your body moving. And ask this moon to teach you how you can be a bridge between what’s above and what’s below.

Love Lesson: Learn how to communicate your love in a way that can be heard.???????

Passion Prediction: 

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Virginia is a Brooklyn-based Reiki Master and psychic healer dedicated to expanding people’s understanding of what’s possible. She offers private readings, coaching, healing, and more through her company, Fleeting Connections.

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