Weekly Horoscope: October 24–30, 2022

By Mary Bergner

On October 23, 2022

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Weekly Horoscope: October 24–30, 2022

Have you been stressed lately? Luckily Monday’s positive trine between smart Mercury (the universal genius) and no-nonsense Saturn (our cosmic motivator) gives you increased mental power and energy to get up and over any obstacles that are determined to get in your way.

Tuesday’s new motherly moon (putting us in touch with our feelings) and solar eclipse in Scorpio promote forgiveness and encourage you to apologize to or at least reach out to people you’ve hurt in the past. Holding grudges serves no purpose during this lunation. Haven’t recent events taught you that life is too short to be petty?

A free-flowing trine between the emotional moon and dreamy Neptune (the planet that taps our intuition) on Wednesday puts you in the mood to create art and immerse yourself in fantasy. Finding outlets for your artistic endeavors is high on your priority list. It’s time to let out your creativity and find kindred souls to share it with.

Mind-stretching Jupiter (the planetary embodiment of expansion opportunities) retrogrades back into sensitive Pisces on Friday, dragging up old issues you thought were dead and buried. You can either let yourself be haunted by them or let them go for the last time.

If it feels like all your forward momentum got stopped in its tracks at the end of the week, you can blame it on mighty Mars (the active planet that usually won’t let you sit still) heading into a retrograde cycle while partnered with restless Gemini. This hitting of the cosmic brakes is kind of harsh, but it can also be a sign for you to take a break. You don’t have to stop completely, but be on the lookout for delays and challenges that can slow your progress down to a slow roll.

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Hopefully, you’ve got your feet firmly planted on the ground, Aries, because the universal energy could really shake things up for you this week and send you flying into space. There are a couple of retrograde periods to be aware of, but the majority of the cosmic energy you’ll be dealing with comes from the new moon/solar eclipse in your zone of catharsis. Don’t miss the chance to heal a major rift but don’t do it at the expense of your mental health. 

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Whatever else you’ve got going on this week will most likely be interrupted by the new moon/solar eclipse in your house of relationships. Major upheaval can be expected during these cosmic events, and they can leave you feeling like you’re either on the path toward healing or like your whole world’s been torn apart. Hope for the best, Taurus, but brace for potential emotional shock.

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While other planetary interactions affect you here and there, the big ones of the week are most likely the new moon/solar eclipse in your sixth house. Your health and bodily functions are in the spotlight now, as is your general well-being. Don’t shy away from asking yourself the tough questions, Gemini. What do you need to feel good about yourself and to be fulfilled? Those answers can be found during this special astrological time if you are receptive to constructive criticism.  

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The overall energy surrounding you as the new moon/solar eclipse combo hits your fifth house this week is “me first,” Cancer. As a sign who mostly puts other people’s needs in front of your own, this might feel a bit foreign but taking care of yourself is the best move according to this cosmic guidance. Is there something you need to forgive yourself for? Hanging onto guilt that doesn’t belong to you or is way past its expiration date can be soul-crushing. Just let it go.
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Other areas of your life are impacted by all of the planetary happenings this week but look for a family crisis, emergency, or event of some kind to bring you back to your roots during the new moon and solar eclipse in your fourth house. New insight can be shed into matters of home and family now, Leo, emphasizing how you were raised or an important relative from your past. You’ll no doubt find yourself drawn back to your home, either literally or via memories. 

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You don’t like dirt and mess, so you’ll be looking to tie this week’s cosmic debris all up in a neat little bow so you can jettison it out of your life. Oh, silly Virgo, if only it were that simple! With two retrograding planets constantly bringing up old business and the new moon/solar eclipse putting your third house’s dirty laundry in the spotlight, it’s going to be hard to avoid at least a little bit of mental/emotional riffraff.

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There is usually more than one way to handle a problem, but this week your options might not be as wide open as you’d like them to be. Getting creative with your dilemmas certainly helps, Libra, but it doesn’t give you permission to shy away from the actual heart of the matter. With the new moon and solar eclipse hitting you up in your money zone, you might have only two choices – either double down or walk away. Forgiving an old debt despite taking a monetary loss might be the only way to solve a financial issue once and for all. 
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There can be some substantial self-defining moments this week, Scorpio, so get ready to focus on yourself. You don’t always feel comfortable in the spotlight, but with a new moon and solar eclipse in your intense first house, the universe is practically begging you to step up and become the star you are capable of being. And you don’t have to be in front of the camera for your talents to shine; remember, cinematographers and directors get Oscars, too, not just actors!

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If you have physical pain, there are people, medicine, and rehab to help you deal with it — but what do you do when your soul hurts? This is the main theme you’ll be exploring as the new moon and solar eclipse tap into your subconscious zone this week, Sagittarius. Your dreams and intuition are powerful tools and can help you come to terms with all kinds of emotional trauma and issues. Paying close attention to meaningful signs and symbols can lead to significant personal breakthroughs.

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Tired of doing things on your own? You’re in luck because the universe provides you with positive energy during the new moon and solar eclipse on Tuesday that will help you branch out via socializing and networking. When this cosmic force arrives in your eleventh house of groups and organizations, the people around you make a significant difference. If you’ve got beef with someone, squash it immediately. You need everyone on your side now, Capricorn!

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You’re very concerned with your reputation and how things come across during this week’s new moon and solar eclipse, which is so not like you, rebellious Aquarius! But while these two important cosmic events illuminate your house of career and social status, you recognize the need for discretion and keeping your public persona squeaky clean. If you have any professional enemies, this is a good time to extend an olive branch.
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Pisces, are you ready to open your eyes wide and start soaking up the knowledge that’s being offered to you this week? Because with the new moon and solar eclipse drawing attention to your ninth house of higher education and collective thought, it’s hard to ignore the facts. Adventures of the mind come in so many forms now. Read a book, take a class, listen to a podcast or start following an intellectual guru on social media. You’re more than ready to learn something new!

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