Weekly Horoscope: May 22–28, 2023

Weekly Horoscope: May 22–28, 2023

Mega-powerful Mars (the red-hot planet) just made the leap into sizzling Leo last week, which means this week you’ll either be energetic or feeling the burn. Monday’s square between Mars and Jupiter (the typically broad-minded planet) in uncompromising Taurus doesn’t give you a very positive start, unfortunately, as this stubborn aspect can cause tempers to flare and fights to break out. Our best advice? Don’t engage with people who just want to get a reaction out of you.

In better news, both your love and money zones light up on Friday when abundant Venus (the goddess of living the good life) sextiles perceptive Uranus (the smart inventor), also in steady Taurus. It might not be the most exciting time of the week, but those seeking comfort and security in these areas of your life should find it. 

The weekend ends with a lazy vibe, as Sunday’s square off between the indecisive Gemini sun (the center of our universe) and otherwise motivated Saturn (the disciplined planet) in procrastinator Pisces encourages you to do as little as possible! The perfect day is hanging out with your bestie, randomly posting to social media, and just doing a whole lot of nothing!

Your Zodiac Sign’s Weekly Horoscope


You’ve got a lot of excess energy this week, and you don’t know what to do with it – which could equal trouble if you funnel it into the wrong activities. Try to stay productive in a positive or healthy way so you don’t end up doing anything stupid, Aries!

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With your sign involved with some of the positive energy of the week, you’re on top of your game. You’re in good shape as far as your money is concerned, and stuff in your love life should be (back?) on track soon. Just don’t stray away from your long-term plan, Taurus. There’s a very good reason patience is one of your strengths.

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Decide to use your energy for something good this week, Gemini. You have a tough time getting motivated or sticking with one thing without getting distracted, but once you do, you’re hard to stop. Do what you have to do to get that momentum going, and then don’t look back.

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For Crabs looking for extra love and financial security in their life, this is your week! If you don’t have the resources you need to make things happen, reach out to friends and family. Everyone is in your corner now and’ll do whatever they can to help you succeed. Isn’t that a great feeling?!

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You’re one of the signs that can use the energy from Mars in your first house to go out and conquer the world this week, Leo. Think we’re being dramatic? You truly are only limited by your own thoughts. Getting over obstacles isn’t easy, but you’ve got the motivation and skill to jump as high as you need to in order to get over those hurdles. 

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If you’re able to stay calm this week, good for you, Virgo! As a steady earth sign, you try not to let too much get to you, but even you have your limits. Counting to ten before you react is a good technique when you feel yourself starting to lose it.

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You’re obsessed with love and romance and everything having to do with them this week. Flirt with a crush. Commit to long-term love. Express your feelings to an ex. Get engaged. Elope! Do something spontaneous, fun, and passionate. You only get one life. Live it, Libra!

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With all that powerful Mars energy in your career zone this week, Scorpio, you might get a little too full of yourself and step on some toes. It’s great to be confident in what you do, but it’s another thing to be an a-hole about it. Just because you shine like a star doesn’t mean you have to dim someone else’s light.

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If you have an idea, don’t wait to make it happen. There’s exciting energy around you this week that practically screams, “YES! DO IT!” Self-doubt isn’t really a thing, Sagittarius. If you’re having second thoughts, someone else must have put them there.

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Your stubbornness can reach epic proportions this week, which should cause you to ask yourself what you’re really fighting for. Is the cause/potential result really worth the trouble you’re putting yourself (and others) through, Capricorn? We’re guessing the answer is no.

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Have some alternative plans in mind this week in case the original ones don’t work out. When you set the bar too high, Aquarius, disappointment is a real possibility. At least you should be able to count on things involving numbers (money), facts (don’t believe gossip and rumors), and statistics (play the odds) to remain consistent.

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It’s okay to start the week looking forward to the weekend. This might be one of those times when you just have to do enough to get through, and that’s okay. Your minimum effort is going to be good enough most of the time, Pisces. The weekend is your reward for showing up and doing it when you really didn’t feel like it.

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