Weekly Horoscope: August 23-29, 2021

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On August 22, 2021

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Weekly Horoscope: August 23-29, 2021

A lot of transits are happening this week that could bring both inconvenience and mysteries to be solved. However, we start the week on a positive note when Venus (planet of love) in Libra trines Saturn (planet of foundation) in Aquarius on Monday. This is the second time this positive aspect graces our skies. It’s an ideal day for romance, developing bonds, and being social. Have fun and enjoy the flirting! 

However, communication gets muddled when Mercury (planet of communication) in Virgo opposes Neptune (planet of illusion) in Pisces on Tuesday. Try not to make any major decisions right now because you can’t see all the facts clearly. Something important may be hidden from your view. 

Thursday brings tension as communication issues get worse when Mercury trines Pluto (planet of destruction) in Capricorn. While this is a positive day for earth signs, other signs may have to deal with untangling certain mysteries that could be very unpleasant. What you learn today might change your perception of certain issues. Keep one eye open, everyone. 

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It’s time to get lovey-dovey, Aries. The Venus-Saturn trine is happening in your social circle. Now is the best time to develop a deeper bond with a loved one.

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The Venus-Saturn connection is happening in your “career” zone, Taurus. This means it’s an ideal time to get ahead. Overall, the week will be about practicalities. Don’t let your imagination get the best of you. 

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It’ll be so easy to fall in love this week, Gemini. But on Tuesday, some family drama stirs the pot and makes. Things more difficult. Try to be open and honest.

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Thanks to Venus, your funds are about to get a nice boost, Cancer. It’ll be a great week to seek out the comfort of family while you wait for those funds to kick in. 

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Venus and Saturn connect on Monday—bringing your relationships to the forefront of your mind. Express your feelings freely, Leo. Lastly, on Thursday you may see a financial situation improve.

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On Monday, you’ll reconnect with your value. Thanks to that Venus-Saturn trine in your value sector, it will be a moment to reflect on where your boundaries are. Over the weekend, you’ll have a cosmic go-ahead to be creative and all about you.

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Venus and Saturn make a trine in your relationship zone, and it may mean that your partner finally steps up and takes the relationship to the next level. Over the weekend, a family secret might surface, Libra.

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It’s time to cuddle up at home, Scorpio. Thanks to that Venus-Saturn trine, you need a little “me time.” Pamper yourself and bring in some self-care.

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Venus and Saturn connect in your “friends” zone—when heart-to-hearts abound and you develop a true connection with an acquaintance. Your work-life balance gets a kick when Mercury and Neptune connect. Keep things level, Sagittarius.

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Mercury and Neptune connect this week, making it difficult to decipher what’s real and what’s just something you want to be true. You’ll be able to learn from your mistakes though, Capricorn, thanks to Mercury and Pluto connecting. 

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New perspectives abound this week, Aquarius. Perhaps you see the other perspective of your partner in a long-distance relationship. On Tuesday, Mercury and Neptune could make the truth a bit hazy. Read between the lines and you should be okay.

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Venus and Saturn make a strong connection on Monday, Pisces. And this connection will allow your spiritual self to take a leap forward. But don’t let yourself go overboard, as Neptune and Mercury connect on Tuesday—making it hard to see what’s true.

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