Weekly Horoscope: April 3–9, 2023

Weekly Horoscope: April 3–9, 2023

If past issues have been getting in the way of your progress lately, Monday’s bold planetary action helps you stop focusing on all that BS in the rearview mirror. An intense square between smart Mercury (the resourceful planet partnering with Taurus starting today) and regenerative Pluto in forward-thinker Aquarius puts you in a futuristic frame of mind. Setting goals to improve your long-term financial investments, savings plan, or budgeting should be at the top of your priority list.

On Wednesday, a full moon (the cosmic comfort queen) in graceful, fair-minded Libra arrives, making it much easier to compromise and negotiate deals that everyone involved benefits from. Seeking better overall life balance is the major vibe of this gentle lunation, and you should come out of it feeling pretty darn good about your choices.

Friday brings two sextiles. The first one, between loving Venus (the planet of partnerships) and head-in-the-clouds Neptune (the intuitive planet), puts you in a dreamy frame of mind and encourages you to go after romantic opportunities that come your way. A second sextile, this time between curious Mercury and fierce Mars (the “just do it” planet), is a lot more intense and pushes you to work harder to pursue your desires. Both of these aspects show you what life could be like when you really go for what you want, but it’s up to you how hard you want to push to make it happen.

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You aren’t always the “go easy” type, but this week, you get lots of chances to use restraint and patience to get what you want. Contrary to popular opinion, you don’t always have to put your horns down and charge at the competition to put yourself in a winning position. Try being a little subtler and more tactful, Aries, especially early in the week. The results will surprise you.

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This is your time to prove that patience really pays off. You hate to be rushed, Taurus, so you appreciate the planetary energy that supports your preferred slow and steady pace this week. Of course, you still need to be ready and willing to stand up for what you want, but there isn’t an urgency for that — at least not early on. As long as you know where you’re headed, it isn’t all that important to broadcast your plans to anyone else.

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Your home planet Mercury is pretty active this week, Gemini, encouraging you to engage on a very mental level. Your quick-moving thoughts slow down a bit now, and it makes sense to take your time when making major decisions. This is a good time to work on shutting out distractions and eliminating things/people causing drama in your life. It’s much easier to focus on what’s important when you cut down on tech time (even putting down your phone for an hour helps).

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This week, you’re especially nurtured by your ruler, the moon, Cancer. Since she’s full in your fourth house of roots and home life, you’re ready to work on issues with family that go way back. Reaching out to a relative you haven’t talked to in a while isn’t easy, but this is an extremely understanding lunation that promotes compromise and peace. There’s no better time to make or accept an apology that will heal old wounds for good.

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You won’t get the romantic drama you crave until late in the week, Leo. Until then, why not work on making some solid financial investments? If you know what you’re doing, make those bold money moves yourself. However, if you could use some help, the start of the week is perfect for hiring a financial professional who can talk you through your best options. Save the weekend for someone who excites you on a personal level. You won’t need anyone’s help getting the job done now!

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Details are important to you, but this week is more about the big picture. Whatever areas of your life you want to work on — family life, career, finances, etc. — can benefit from an overall plan. Being willing to compromise some of what you want so that other people around you can also be happy is necessary for things to run smoothly now, so don’t be selfish. The future is much brighter when you have everyone’s best interest at heart, Virgo.

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This week’s energy centers around the full moon in your effective first house, Libra! Your best qualities (like being nonjudgmental and charming) are in the spotlight now, attracting people who need advice about a whole range of things. You’re a relationship mediator, a style guru, and a sympathetic bestie who’s available 24/7 for anyone who needs a shoulder to cry on. Your role can be exhausting, but it’s so rewarding at the same time. You really deserve an award for your selflessness.

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As a fixed sign, changes aren’t really your thang, but you do see the value in switching things up at times. And this week is one of those times, Scorpio, especially where your money is concerned. If it’s been a while since you reviewed your budget or looked at your long-term investments, this is a good time to do all that good stuff. Or, if you don’t have any financial plans in place, why not get started? Getting some professional advice is a good start.

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You’re a forward mover and thinker, so you’re more than happy to forget about the past and keep your eyes straight ahead this week, Sag. You get a lot of planetary help, mostly in the form of a full moon in your future hopes and dreams zone that makes you aware of what you want and the best ways to go about getting it. It’s time to set some serious intentions and start manifesting!

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You can definitely appreciate the prudent partnership between Mercury and like-minded earth sign Taurus this week, and you’re one of the few signs that won’t be fighting this “slow and steady win the race” energy. You have goals and dreams just like everyone else, but yours might be loftier than most. Use the midweek power of the full moon in your expansion zone to branch out into new areas. You’re an amazing example of what you can accomplish when you set your mind to it, Capricorn.  

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You love to ponder the future, so this week’s definitely your cup of tea. You never can figure out why people spend so much time living in the past when there’s so much to look forward to! This isn’t to say you don’t have regrets from days gone by, but you just prefer not to wallow in things you can’t change. This week is for dreams, fantasies, and visions of what could be, not thoughts of what never was.

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This week is a prime example of you putting on your adulting hat and taking care of business! If you know there’s something important that you absolutely have to accomplish this week, Pisces, do it as early as possible. Getting it out of the way helps you breathe a big sigh of relief and allows you to retreat into the dream world you love so much. Your weekend is full of peace, love, and acceptance. Embrace it fully.

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