A Shadow Work Ritual for October's New Moon in Scorpio

By Laura Bolt

On October 23, 2019

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A Shadow Work Ritual for October's New Moon in Scorpio

Just in time for Halloween, on October 27, a new moon in Scorpio is here to help us get in touch with our spooky sides.

It’s no accident that Scorpio season is the time we celebrate All Hallows Eve, as this season is about connecting with the dead as well as recognizing our dark sides in order to heal, grow, and appreciate the full spectrum of the human condition.

We have a natural fear of death, but at its core, death is simply transformation. Sometimes, letting things pass away so new opportunities and truths can be born is the most important work that can be done. And that’s the kind of inner work we turn to in Scorpio season.

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How October’s New Moon Will Be Different

Scorpio has been influential across the sky this month, influencing both Mercury (planet of communication) and Venus (planet of love). You may have found yourself confused by your own feelings, demanding something different of a romantic partner, or experiencing bouts of jealousy. This new moon is a good opportunity to get back in touch with yourself.

On this night, Mars (in Libra) will square Saturn (in Capricorn), fueling a sense of tension between desire and responsibility. This is an aggressive energy to be mindful of, especially with the influence of passionate Scorpio. Take time to sit, breathe, and release before your act out. Redirecting negative energy into creative outlets that help you understand and control it is always worthwhile.

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As a water sign, Scorpios tend to relate to their feelings more than their sense of logic. Lean into the mystery and don’t force yourself to come up with concrete answers; this isn’t the moon for coming up with a detailed, step-by-step plan. Getting in touch with your dark side may have some surprising insights for you, but that is what the work is about. This could be a kind of “dark night of the soul” new moon, enveloping you in darkness and uncertainty that you use to fuel your inspiration for finding the light again.

New Moon in Scorpio Shadow Work Ritual

girl in moon

Courtesy of @rachday_

When emotions are running deep, it’s important to maintain a sense of safety and support. This is especially true when doing shadow work, which should only be done with compassion and self-respect.

This ritual includes a black candle. Black candles are great for protection and opening blocks, both things you’ll need when working with your “dark side.”



Sit still and take deep breaths. After a minute, imagine yourself surrounded by a ring of pure, white light. Try and feel the warmth it creates around you.

Light a black candle.

Now, close your eyes and invoke your shadow, asking it to make itself known. You may only feel a hint of something, or you may be overwhelmed. Try to embrace the feeling without judgement. Allow thoughts to come into your mind, noticing if particular memories, phrases, or people come up. You can visualize your shadow self and ask it questions, letting answers flow into the silence.

Negative emotions, like anger, grief, or jealousy might come up. Respect their presence without letting them control you. When you feel finished, thank your shadow self for helping you on your journey.

After your shadow meditation, try to practice some automatic writing: writing without monitoring the words that come up.

If anything comes, try and symbolize it with an object or talisman and place it on your altar. Honoring what brings us grief can be more effective than banishing it immediately for long term growth. Over the next month, you can work with this meditation as much as you like, inviting the shadow in a little more deeply each time.

End the night with a soothing ritual bath, honoring the element of water.

Affirmation for the new moon in Scorpio:

The darkness doesn’t hide answers from me. I am one with my whole self. Diving deeper gives me the tools to swim the entire ocean.

Lead photo courtesy of @rachday_ 

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