Your Ultimate Guide to Modern Witchcraft Tools: How to Use Them and More

By Ellen Ricks

On March 4, 2021

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Your Ultimate Guide to Modern Witchcraft Tools: How to Use Them and More

Do Tarot cards, healing crystals, or maybe even the thought of journaling in a magic grimoire thrill you? Whether witchcraft is something you’ve been longing to try, or it’s more recently piqued your interest, you probably have one burning question: Where do I start?

For a beginner, getting into the craft can seem like an overwhelming task. With the occult coming into the mainstream, it seems like everyone is trying to sell you something, making the process even more confusing and stressful. How to cast spells, finding the right tools to use, and learning how those tools even work are all part of the journey into witchery.

Luckily, we’ve come up with a comprehensive guide to modern witchy tools so you can start your journey to magic.

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Healing Crystals


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What they are: While crystals have become more and more popular (thanks, mindbodygreen), witches have been using crystals in their magical practices for years. Witches believe that crystals can conduct their own energy that humans can channel and use. Every crystal has its own particular energy and magical correspondence, from healing to protection—which is why witches have a variety of them.

How to use them: Witches often use crystals to enhance the power of their spells, rituals, and alters. Some try to get the benefits of crystals by using them as decorations or by wearing them as jewelry. However you decide to use them, crystals are an essential (and pretty) addition to your craft.

Where to start: A great place to begin is with these basic stones: clear quartz (versatile, protection, healing clarity), rose quartz (love and romance), amethyst (protection stone, creativity), selenite (clarity and preventing bad dreams), hematite (grounding and protection). If you want a little more guidance, starting with the best crystal for your zodiac sign is always a win.

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Tarot Cards

tarot cards

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What they are: When most people think of “witchcraft,” predicting the future with divination tools comes to mind: pendulum readings, runes, tea readings, etc. But the most common, and most recognizable, is Tarot. Reading Tarot cards (also known as “Taromony”) is divination via cards. A tarot deck as 78-cards, divided into two categories: the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana.

How to use them: Despite popular belief, Tarot does not give you a simple yes or no answer. Because the future is fluid, your fate could be changed at any moment. That’s why Tarot focuses on different spreads that focus on more than a “yes” or “no” outcome (past/present/future, the traditional Celtic Cross, or even a love/mood/career spread). Tarot spreads focus on what influences surrounds a person or an event that may affect the outcome. They can also give you advice on what to do about the future before it happens. Each card in the deck has its own special meaning that can be interpreted in different ways, depending on your life and the question you asked. For example, we know that the High Priestess represents sexuality and mystery, but what does it mean when it shows up in a career spread?

Where to start: This form of divination is popular among witches because they are easily portable and Tarot cards come in many, many different beautiful designs. It can take years to properly read tarot cards, but here’s a helpful “how-to” guide to get you started.

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herbs dried

What they are: When most people think of witchcraft, our minds tend to go to the classic version of a witch: a miserable old woman in front of her cauldron, brewing up potions. While this version is an inaccurate stereotype, most witches do make and use potions in their craft. However, they aren’t pulling eyes from newts for their potions. Today, witches who use herbs (sometimes known as kitchen or garden witches) take the magical properties of herbs and spices and use them in spells and potions.

How to use them: Through most witches today use them in food or drinks to gain the magical benefits. For example, you can add cinnamon in your coffee for success or making rosemary biscuits to ward off nightmares. For some of the best inspiration, following herbalists on Instagram can help you channel your kitchen witch self.

Where to start: You could grow your own herbs or pick them up at the store. A great book to start with is Arin Murphy-Hiscock’s The Green Witch: Your Complete Guide to the Natural Magic of Herbs. In general, some great herbs for beginners are basil (love and protection), oregano (happiness), ginger (energy and success), mint (prosperity), and parsley (power and strength). Please remember to research every herb, plant, or spice before consuming them as some of them could be deadly.



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What they are: Another classic tool for witches are candles. Candles not only give off a witchy aesthetic but are a staple in most spells. They represent fire in elemental spells, can be used for cleansing, and different color candles can be used for color magic. You can also use can them to decorate your alter.

How to use them: You can use them on their own (light, meditate, visualize, manifest). Or you can use them as amplifiers in your spells.

Where to start: While some items in your tool kit can get a little pricey (especially really fancy crystals), candles are relatively inexpensive—you can pick up a bunch at the dollar store. If you are living in a place that doesn’t allow the burning of candles, or afraid of starting an actual fire, try a flameless candle or use a candle app on your phone. Remember to always fire safety.

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Paper and Ink

journal full moon

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What they are: Pen and ink may not sound as cool as crystals and Tarot cards, but they are just as important to have in your witchy toolkit.

How to use them: Used to write down spells, intentions, sigils, and grimoires (a book of magic spells), and create sigils, pens are an ideal way to keep track of all things magical and help manifest what we want. Different color inks can represent different magical properties.

Grimoires are customizable so you can not only how it looks but what goes in it. Use a grimoire to write out your birth chart, the magical correspondence of different plants, crystals, and colors, writing down spells and potion recipes (and how well they worked), and tracking your Tarot results. Think of grimoires as a witchy bullet journal—the possibilities are endless.

Where to start: Any paper or ink will do! If you want to get a little more serious head to your favorite New Age store and purchase a pre-made grimoire like Witchy Shit: Dot Grid Bullet Journal—a journal for spells, record keeping, and more.

Witchcraft Books

crystal herb tarot books

What they are: While most information about witchcraft can be found on the internet, it’s very important for all beginning witches to have a few magic books in their toolkit to get started. Not only will they help understand the finer points of the craft, but will save you from reading potential harmful information found on the internet that is not fact-checked and could lead to deadly results. Remember that witchcraft is just that—a craft, one that must be studied continuously in order to improve.

How to use them: Reading books can help you develop your craft and help you discover what kind of witch you are. They are also great to have on hand when you want to look something up but don’t want to scroll through a massive amount of Google searches. Plus, physical spell books just fit the whole #witchaesthetic.

Where to start: Some great spell books for beginners are The House Witch by Arin Murphy-Hiscock, Modern Tarot by Michelle Tea, A Little Bit of Crystals by Cassandra Eason, and Practical Magic by Nikki Van De Car.

Mason Jars

mason jar herbs

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What they are/Why they make this list: Okay, I know what you’re thinking: “Mason jars? What is this, a Pinterest board?” Hear me out. Mason jars are a very important tool of witchcraft because they’re so versatile, you can do anything with them!

How to use them: Use them as spell jars, storing moon water, portable altars, make a mason jar herb garden to grow your plants if you are living in a small space. The possibilities are endless!

Where to start: Mason jars can be purchased very cheaply at any dollar store; so stock up!

There are many other things a witch could use in their tool kit, but these essentials should help you begin your journal into your craft. Happy casting!


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