How to Use Your Zodiac Sign to Be More Magical

By Virginia Mason

On October 18, 2018

In Astrology

How to Use Your Zodiac Sign to Be More Magical

For every sign, there are certain magical practices that come easily. Practices that work with your strengths and help you connect with magic even when you’re doubting whether it exists. Don’t get me wrong, no sign is limited to just one kind of magic!

What color is your aura? Learn about your personal chakras…

But certain magic is more accessible. So if you’re curious about where to begin or you’re feeling like you’ve lost your magical flow and you want to reconnect, then check out the list below. Read the ideal magic for your sun sign and rising sign. And if you know of any other dominant sign in your birth chart, then read the magic for that sign too! The magic associated with your dominant zodiac signs act as portals to all of the magic you have inside. Which, by the way, is a lot!

Aries :: Candle Magic

Aries is the most fiery of the fire signs, so it’s no wonder that Aries babes are amazing at working with literal fire! Fire creates heat. Heat is movement. Movement is change. And change helps you connect with the past, present, and future. It helps you manifest and make things happen. As an Aries, you are able to create and destroy things quickly! And when you’re being mindful, this is a total blessing! To get started working the simplest form of candle magic, light a candle, make a wish over it (always remembering to ask that the wish do no harm), and blow it out! There’s no need to repeat this. Just trust. Alternatively, there are so many wonderful witchy candlemakers out there! Buy yourself a spell candle, light it, and let it burn.

Taurus :: Meditation

You’re a pro at staying in one spot and experiencing beauty in stillness. Sitting meditation is your magic portal! What happens when you sit still, legs crossed, spine long and straight, chin parallel to the earth, eyes softly gazing at a spot on the ground about two feet in front of you? Where does your mind go? From this places of stillness, you can watch all the movement inside you and all the movement of the energy around you. In time, within that movement, you will witness magic. You will witness it because it is there.

Gemini :: Breathwork

Gemini rules the third house of communication. Your throat is ready to go, and your symbol, The Twins, speaks to your dualistic nature, which connects you to your two lungs. For some people, breathing can be a challenge, but for you, this energy flows almost effortlessly. From this flowing energy, you can experience all sorts of magic. Connect to your breath in yoga through pranayama practices like lion’s breath or kapalabhati. Or go to a breathwork circle where a breathwork expert guides you through a powerful practice of inhaling sharply into your stomach and chest before exhaling. Give it a try! Feel what happens!

Cancer :: Yin Yoga

Unlike vinyasa yoga, yin yoga asks you to majorly slow down and hold poses for an extended period of time. This practice helps you release stored energy, lingering trauma, and strengthen your energy body so that your powerful intuition can flow smoothly and safely. Yin yoga lets you do big transformational work slowly and gently. There’s no intense push on your system or massive energetic rush. You’re able to take your sweet time. Breathe to find stillness in a pose. Breathe through any discomfort that arises, and stay safe in your crab shell while you let your body do the hard work of facing your shadows.

Leo :: Tarot

You are a performer! And there’s something about beautifully illustrated cards magically flipping out of a deck that gets your magic going. And your fixed fire energy is all about understanding movement in the moment. You are able to tune into all of the subtle shifts happening right now. Because of this, you can easily see the missing pieces of the story between the cards. You can see how one card moves into another card. You can put the story together. Without having to rely on the visions and auditory information experienced more often by the water signs, your Leo energy alone helps you move the cards, see the story they’re telling, and happily share it with everyone who wants a reading!

Virgo :: Herbalism

As the sign of mutable earth, you have a unique connection to plants and their cycles. You can easily speak to them, understand their wisdom, and bottle and share it with others. From teas to tinctures to flower essences, plant medicine is your jam. If you want to get your magic going, find an incredible herb shop near you. Go inside and see which plants you are naturally drawn to. Take a class on herbalism. Learn how to make plant medicine. Visit a farm. Grow your own herb garden. Or simply bring your plant medicine to your garden and kitchen. Cook with the herbs you grow. Let the plants create energy shifts in your mind and body. Share your delicious plant work with those you love.

Libra :: Color Magic

As a Libra, you are drawn to beauty and harmony and constantly seeking balance. Your attention to all of this means that you naturally understand how different colors do different things and work differently together. Color holds energy. That energy creates reactions in your environment. A yellow room feels different than a pink room. A white shirt is different than a black shirt. Think about the colors in your space and on your body. How can you use color to create energetic shifts? Start consciously working with color to alter your mood and help shift relationship dynamics. Whether it’s your relationship to another person or your relationship to the desk where you work. Work your color magic. And if you gaze softly at someone, you just may notice that you can even see colors floating around them in a halo of bright light.

Scorpio :: Spellwork

You are the magician! You can work it all! And probably any kind of magic will excite you. Tarot? Psychic channeling? Energy work? Check! You can do all that. But spellwork is the magical practice that you, Scorpio, really shine far above all the other signs. Spellwork involves creating a ritual or ceremony to make things happen. You can do this through mantra magic, candle magic, or sex magic, and you are particularly great at the latter! But you can also turn any action into a spell by bringing intention to what you’re doing. Sometimes your spell may be praying over a candle. Sometimes it may be creating a vision board. Sometimes it may be channeling all the power of the universe to help heal your friend’s aching back. You’re a manifesting machine. Connect with your inner witch. Let your intuition lead the way. It’ll tell you how to work your magic. All you have to do is listen.

Sagittarius :: Past Life Regression

Past life regression is a form of deep, guided meditation that allows you to explore your past lives! The forever traveler in you will love visiting different time periods and different places. This time – as a completely different person but also still as yourself! With past life regression, you’re going where you’ve already been. It’s simply that you don’t remember, and this practice helps open you up to possibility. It helps you explore whole areas of yourself. And your ability to propel yourself forward makes traveling between lives even easier. Since you’re always up for an adventure and spiritually curious, fear won’t hold you back from looking into the past!

Capricorn :: Crystals

You understand the deepest ocean depths and the highest mountain peaks. The material world makes sense to you, and crystals? These babies all come from the earth! Everytime you hold a crystal, you are holding a piece of the earth in the palm of your hand. And in the same way that you understand the difference between the mountain peak and the ocean floor, you understand the difference between amethyst and tourmaline. You can naturally sense crystals’ different energies, and you can use these energies to help you connect with different physical sensations, different feelings, and different realms. Don’t worry too much about what each crystal is supposed to do. Let your earthly wisdom inform what crystal you use when. Just hold them in your hands. You’ll know which one to use.

Aquarius :: Astrology

We’re all from the stars, but you are really from the stars! As the water bearer, it’s your job to bring wisdom from other places back down to earth. Astrology helps you understand what’s happening out in space and how that’s affecting things down here. And your intellectual mind has no problem comprehending astrology’s analytical, geometric language. You may have to spend a moment studying the symbols and learning how to read the chart, but you’ll quickly learn that it comes easily to you. That’s because it comes from the same place as you – this great cosmic swirl.

Pisces :: The Akashic Records

You intuitively understand how everything is connected. You sense that time isn’t long and straight. You know that you aren’t some super important individual. You know that none of us are, and that, actually, we are all part of a grander story. This awareness coupled with your strong intuition makes you a powerful psychic channel. You are able to commune easily with the universe and tap into its vast wisdom. Through the Akashic Records, you are able to read your soul’s book. You are able to learn about everything that has ever happened and will ever happen to you. In this lifetime and beyond. To get started, find an akashic records teacher near you, shoot me an email, or go purchase How to Access and Read Your Akashic Records by Linda Howe!

Virginia is a New York based spiritual teacher dedicated to helping people remember their magical powers. Sign up for her Monthly Magic Guide for everything you need to keep your magic flowing! She also offers private readings and mentorship through her company, Fleeting Connections. Follow her on Instagram.
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