On the Next Full Moon, Do This for a Magical Month

By Anna Davies

On April 18, 2019

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On the Next Full Moon, Do This for a Magical Month

You likely already have your full moon rituals on lock. You may perform a full moon spell, use the full moon’s power to set an intention for the rest of the month, or view the full moon as a time when the magical feels extra close at hand. But what if you could bottle up that feeling and live it all month long? Turns out, it’s possible. Moon water—water infused with the light of a full moon—can be a great tool for you to use when you want to shine a little brighter, a little better, and a little more like your biggest, boldest self. Here, how to prepare your own moon water and use it all month long.

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How to Make Moon Water

You’ll need:

On the night of a full moon, set the water outside. Yes, it is that simple, but as with everything, intention is everything. If you have a full-moon ritual, think of a way to incorporate the water. You can also think of the water as a symbolic way to “wash” off past actions and regrets to pave way for the new.

Use Your Moon Water for…

By the next morning, the jar of water may seem interchangeable with the H20 jug in the fridge, but it can be used for magical, intention-enhancing purposes such as:

Crystal cleaning

Yes, crystals can get dirty. Full moon water can help clean non-porous crystals from bad energy, someone else using it, or just help make the crystal feel more like your own, ready for you to work with for a specific intention. Rinse in a small bowl of moon water or just run the moon water over your crystals to freshen them up.

Spell setting

If you’re doing any spells, moon water can be a great ingredient to add to your spell. Moon water is great for opening up possibilities, connecting with your intuition, and connecting with your subconscious. If a spell calls for salt water, moon water is the ideal water to mix with salt for these reasons.

What exciting new developments will unfold over the next 12 months?


Why not supercharge your regular old H20 with some lunar powers? If the water is in a food-safe container, it’s fine to drink a swig or two if you need an extra boost of bravery. Some people also like putting moon water in a misting container to spray their face, their pillow, or their stuff prior to using it.

As an altar item

If you have a magical altar somewhere in your home, having a jar of full moon water can be a great addition. The power harnessed in the water may be helpful to keep nearby as you cast spells, do a tarot chart, flex your intuition muscles, or do other activities that may require a little digging deep into your intuition.

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However you wish to use it!

If you have a jar of full moon water, you know that it’s not how you use it, but the intention behind it. Use it in a way that speaks to you, excites you, and makes you feel in touch with your inner, innate power.

Of course, moon water is only as effective as you make it. But in our modern lives, it can be hard to truly capture the beauty, power, and vastness of a full moon. After all, there’s e-mails to answer, bad weather to deal with, lack of outdoor space, and a billion things that can just make it hard to tune into the natural world. Capturing a jar of moon water can remind you of the wild beauty and unknown surrounding us, and can help you tune into the wild beauty and unknown within you.

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