Why You Need Selenite in Your Life Right Now

By Amanda Lauren

On November 27, 2018

In Spirit

Why You Need Selenite in Your Life Right Now

While clear quartz has been called the “Universal Crystal,” we feel compelled to offer a very close, second place distinction to selenite. And while we don’t hear about this clear crystal often enough, its uses are truly universal and life changing.

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With so much stress and negativity in the world right now, we could all use a little more selenite to help cleanse those energies. But the power of this crystal is that it doesn’t just clear the energy around us, it can also help us remove the negative and stagnant energy within ourselves, to help elevate us to a higher state. Here are five ways to harness the powers of selenite.

Help Improve Your Sleep

Who doesn’t need a deeper, more restful night sleep? Skip the pills and start reaching for selenite and luckily, using it is easy. Choose a pillowcase with a zipper and place a small stick under your pillow. This keeps the crystal safe within the pillowcase. FYI: A silk pillowcase is most ideal because it stays cool and is better for your skin and hair. If a pillowcase is not available, another option is to keep a wand on your nightstand.

Cleanse Negative Energy

Blogger Jess Kimbrough likes to combine a selenite wand with her smudge stick, to act as a booster. She says, “The selenite wand acts as an eraser and the smudge stick brings in the blessings depending on the herbs used.” Vie Healing offers a pre-made Clean Energy Bundle, which has sustainably sourced sage, palo santo and selenite.

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You can also use selenite to cleanse a physical space or your aura whenever you feel it is necessary. However, this crystal is particularly useful before you move into a new home, when guests enter or exit your living space or when you come back home from being around a large group of people whose energy you may have absorbed.

Improve Your Meditation Practice

Trying to establish or maintain a meditation practice is a challenge for most people. Selenite can help make that easier by helping to open the crown chakra which connects us to our highest, most positive and inspired selves. You will reach a new level of consciousness, tap into your own intuition and even improve your creativity.

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There’s no wrong right or wrong way to use crystals when you meditate. Anything goes! But before you close your eyes and take your first breath, try to connect with your crystal and set your intentions. You can also hold the crystal as you breathe, keep in it your pocket or simply have it nearby. If you meditate on a chair (as opposed to a cushion), try putting your bare feet on a wand to clear your energy as you practice. Think of this as spiritual multi-tasking.

Cleanse And Charge Your Other Crystals

Like a smartphone for your soul—you need to charge most of your crystals except selenite. It is a very rare property and does not need to be charged, and rather it can cleanse and charges other crystals. Invest in a selenite charging plate to ensure all of your crystals stay at their highest vibration. This is particularly useful in the dark winter months where you may not be able to charge your crystals in direct sunlight.

Wear It As A Spiritual Fashion Accessory

Selenite is incredibly beautiful and wearing it makes it easy to access its energy throughout the day. Designer Heather Wells of LOVEThirteen has combined selenite with other crystals including clear quartz, kyanite and white moonstone. Choose your bracelet and crystal based not on style but on which crystals you need to use the most. Or simply choose your bracelet based on the stone you find yourself most drawn to on a spiritual level. —Amanda Lauren

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Photo: Himalayan Salt Factory

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