What Does a Full Moon Mean Sexually?

By Katie Robinson

On February 16, 2022

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What Does a Full Moon Mean Sexually?

The full moon is an ideal time to explore sexual desires. Learn more about how the full moon and moon cycles affect sex, libido, and seduction.

We spoke with astrologer Julia Mihas on how the moon affects our sexual nature. She explains that, in general, the moon enhances emotions quite a bit. It’s no wonder that full moons can bring either heightened sex drives or heightened feels.

Full Moon and Sex

When looking at a full moon for sex, the element the moon is in can determine the kind of ~bedroom vibe~ you’ll experience. “If it’s a fire moon, then emotions can get more feisty; if it’s a water moon, then they may be more sensitive,” she explains. “An earth moon [sees that] emotions are more stable and sensual; and if it’s air, then emotions may be more detached and lighthearted.”

So, for example, if the moon is stationed in independent Aquarius, lovers are more interested in starting with the mind and leaving things unattached. There could be more of a fun energy under the sheets.

The zodiac sign the moon is in can also be influential. “When the moon is in the sexual sign of Scorpio, even if it’s in a phase other than full,” Mihas says, “it can affect our desire to knock boots!”

Full Moon and Libido

So, is it true that the moon’s phase really pumps up sex drive? According to Mihas, it is!

“The moon is actually a rather sexual planet,” she says. While we might consider Mars and Pluto to be the sexual powers of the cosmos (which they are), the moon has everything to do with nurturing … and fertility.

“The moon represents fertility, pregnancy, and babies,” says Mihas. “You can’t have any of those without sex.” 

In fact, one way to find out if you’re a naturally sexual person is to check out your birth chart. Many people with contacts between their moon sign and Mars or Pluto signs can be intimately driven people. 

Moon Phases and Seduction

Even so, the moon’s phase does make a difference in the way we experience sex. If you’re looking to seduce someone, here’s a guide on what kind of experience that would be during these four moon cycles. 

Full Moon

“Full moons would be best for seduction with emotional overtones and promises of commitment,” Mihas says. This brings seduction and commitment together to create a meaningful bond between the sheets.

New Moon

If you’re looking for something a little unattached, Mihas suggests the new moon. “A new moon can also be excellent for seduction that is purely for its own sake—meaning no strings attached.”

Waxing Moon

A waxing moon brings potential for the long-term. Having sex under this moon phase fosters excitement and the feeling of falling in love. 

Waning Moon

A waning moon brings more demure and sad tones to sex. It can happen during breakup sex, one-night-stands, or summer flings that are coming to a close. 

Tips for Sex on a Full Moon

Prepare to be emotional. Mihas warns that while this is a good thing for couples in a good place, it can be trickier for couples going through something complex. 

Embrace “period sex.” The full moon can influence menstrual cycles, so, if you’re on your period, try to give in to the potentially “messy” experience. It’s a beautiful thing to occur all at once: the peak of the women’s body + the peak of the moon’s phases.

Have sex under the stars. If you’re really hoping to connect with that full moon, why not have sex where you can actually see it? Even if you can’t make it outside (or it’s, ahem, winter), doing it by a window would be good enough.

Masturbate. Don’t have anyone to worship you? Worship yourself under the full moon. 

Let loose. The full moon makes it easier to tap into our carnal sides. Embrace that, and have fun! 


How often does a full moon happen?

There is a full moon every 29.5 days. This means full moons occur about once a month. 

What does the full moon mean romantically?

During a full moon is the best time to unleash feelings and romantic gestures! Why? Because the moon is the planet of emotions—when it’s strong (i.e. full), our emotions are expanded. Mihas says that because of this, “full moons can be excellent times for romance because there’s a cosmic groundswell of emotions.” 

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