10 Things You Should (and SHOULDN’T!) Do During a Full Moon

By Shereen Campbell

On August 24, 2018

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10 Things You Should (and SHOULDN’T!) Do During a Full Moon

Each month the universe invites us to take a pause and access what we are manifesting into our lives. Since so much of what we pull to ourselves is unconscious, it might catch us a little bit by surprise. Most often these culminations tend to come up during each month’s full moon. 

This occurs when the moon is at its brightest and most full phase which happens every 28-30 days. In astrological terms, the full moon is when the sun and the moon are in opposite signs at the same degree in the heavens. It’s also the end of a the lunar cycle, and most importantly, a time when the seeds of intention you planted (unconsciously or not) are starting to bloom! It’s almost as if the universe tells us to stop, or at least slow down, for a few days to learn more about the path we are on and course correct, if necessary. 

What exciting new developments will unfold over the next 12 months?

Interestingly enough, most people are unconsciously aligned with this energy, tending to evaluate, assess, cleanse and charge around the monthly full moon. But, why not consciously start taking that energy to the next level? Well, you are in luck, because we have the top seven things you must do during the full moon each month and three things you should try to avoid.

7 Things to Do During a Full Moon

  1. Cleanse Your Space. A full moon is the optimal time to cleanse your space, body and mind. The full moon tends to mark a big build up of energy — light and dark. This is why you will notice people acting a little out of sorts sometimes. By cleansing your space, and even your body, you are helping to remove or let go of that built up energy.  You can do a simple full moon ritual of smudging your home, getting every corner and crevice. You can use sage, cedar, or even lavender. Add in a mantra like, “let everything that doesn’t belong to me go,” while you cleanse, which boosts this action. Also, you can sage yourself or even take a salt bath to pull away any energy you have built up. You will definitely feel a million times lighter once you’re finished.
  2. Charge Your Crystals. The light from the full moon is perfect for charging and cleansing your crystals. Many believe that by leaving their crystals under a full moon, they’ll release any lingering energy so that the next time you use them, they’ll be all clear. If you think about it, it makes complete sense. The full moon is all about bringing our intentions, emotions, and opportunities for healing to the forefront, all so they can be healed and let go. Crystals are just about form a matter so the moon light can have the same affect on them.
  3. Check Your To Do List. Remember that to do list you made during the new moon? Well now is the time to check on your progress. Are you getting closer to your goals? Did you complete the tasks that would help you to get closer.  Take a progress check before the universe does it for you. It’s way more proactive and fun to not make the universe kick us in the butt when we aren’t pushing ourselves as hard as we should. And don’t worry if some things are no longer relevant, just cross them off or modify them. When the next new moon comes along you can make your additions.
  4. Chill Out. Energy is flying high during a full moon so another excellent way to celebrate it is to sit your butt down!  Relax! Cleanse your space and body and kick back. The full moon is all about observing what comes up, situations, circumstances, people, and emotions. Sometimes we really just need to chill out to really see and understand what the universe is trying to tell us. Trust the process and know you are on the path to exactly where you need to be.
  5. Dance. If you’re really feeling too pent up, how about dancing? You can get dressed up and go out or just dance in your PJs. The point is to get in your body for a bit and just enjoy letting it loose, allowing all the energy you feel to just go.
  6. Let Go. Speaking of letting things go, the full moon is the perfect time for simply letting go of anything that is not in alignment with your higher self. Sometimes we don’t realize what’s not working for us until it is taken from us or a situation comes along that forces us to look at it differently. It’s those realizations during a full moon that show us what’s worth really fighting for and what’s not. If an issue comes up that doesn’t sit right with your heart, just let it go and let it be.
  7. Meditate. Finally, get your meditation on! The full moon is a massive amount of energy that gives us access to have some really inspiring moments of self reflection. What better way to grow in peace with this than in meditation. In astrology, the moon allows us to connect with the more intuitive and unconscious parts of ourselves if we want. You might find your meditations are deeper and more fulfilling around the time the moon is at its fullness.

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3 Things to Avoid During a Full Moon

  1. Starting Something New. With so much energy pulsing from the moon on a full moon and often some pertinent information we didn’t have before, we might be tempted to immediately start something new. The thing is we are at our most emotional at this point in the moon phase so starting something new might not be the right thing immediately. Take some time to brainstorm, plot, and plan. Wait until the new moon to start.
  2. Overreact. Speaking of our emotions on 100, the full moon is definitely not the time for overreactions. That will only make whatever you’re experiencing that much more intense and might accidentally spark something you didn’t intend with another person. Sometimes people tend to go a little bonkers just because they don’t understand the nature of the moon and her messages. So since you know, go sit in a corner until you calm down and then approach whatever you need to deal with calmly.
  3. Make Rash Decisions. Overreacting’s cousin, rash-decision-making, wants you to beware too. While you’re in the corner calming down, try not to fixate or get overly attached with any overly emotional decisions. Give the full moon a few days to fully express itself before making major decisions. Especially ones you can’t take back.

Shereen Campbell is an astrologer, ecommerce manager, and the founder of My Little Magic Shop. She loves sailing, southern Italian food, and all things magical.

Photo: @sunrise9702 via Twenty20

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