This Is the Most Fulfilling Career for You, Says Your Zodiac Sign

By Katie Robinson

On May 13, 2021

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This Is the Most Fulfilling Career for You, Says Your Zodiac Sign

Looking for some career inspo? Instead of taking a random online career test, try tapping into your zodiac sign first. Whether you’re just graduating school or you’re looking to switch up careers, using your zodiac sign’s natural characteristics is the perfect way to lead you to a career that naturally fits your personality.

Each sign, from feisty Aries to empathetic Pisces, has their own unique traits that lend to plenty of career paths. Take a look at some possible options below for you! (Or, if you want to go even more in depth, get a career tarot card reading!)


Aries are insatiably enthusiastic signs that love to compete (anything can become a game, and they always want to be first!). For that reason, they’d do well in athletics as an athletepersonal trainer, or coach. More than this, their spirited attitude can also be funneled into service jobs that require them to take immediate action like a surgeon or firefighter.

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As a lover of all things pleasurable, Taurus would do well in any career that establishes a sense of luxury or deals with food (or both!). For instance, a job as a beauty bloggerflorist, or perfumer would suit their creative and stylish side. A career as a sommelier or chef would cover their foodie side. And finally, as a way to spend tons of money (without spending yours), they could try a position as a buyer.

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Desk job? No thank you. As the energizer bunny of the zodiac, Geminis need constant intellectual and social stimulation. For that reason, careers that allow for frequent trips outside the office such as a journalist or detective would do well for them. It’s no secret Geminis need space, and remote internships could be the easiest way for this busy sign to kickstart their careers. Their ruling planet Mercury (planet of communication), makes this sign great with people; it also makes them notorious talkers! That’s why this sign would do well as a translator, teacher, or talk show host.

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This soft-spoken and homey sign are naturally adaptable, which makes their career possibilities endless. Generally, Cancer signs are very sentimental so anything that has to do with the past is a go (think: antiquarian or history professor). Being a water sign, engaging in careers that involve water, like a marine biologist or dolphin trainer, would be great for them. Lastly, bringing comfort to any space is their specialty so a profession as a baker or interior designer would be perfect.

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Being the star of the zodiac, it’s almost a cop out to suggest a career in acting or directing for a Leo—but it’s a must (they’d be great at it!). But what makes this sign such stars? They’re very charming. That’s why they’d make a great spokespersonmotivational speaker, or PR rep.

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Particular, organized, and detail-oriented, Virgos run a tip top ship. Any career where they can use their orderly prowess such as a professional housekeeper, a statistician, or analyst would fit for this sign. That ship doesn’t just involve the things around them, though—their body is a temple just as important. For that reason, Virgos also make great nutritionists or masseuses.

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With their diplomatic, cooperative nature, Libra signs work best with careers that focus on bringing harmony to the lives of others. Ruled by Venus (planet of love), Libra is also very concerned with relationships, so a lawyer or guidance counselor also works. Known for their love of aesthetics and pleasure, a job in the arts such as an art dealer, stylist, or interior decorator is also perfect for this sign.

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Fiery Scorpio works best when they’re able to prove their skills and receive high praise for the work they do. Because of this, this sign loves careers with work that are just as intense as they are. Some career options like this include: chemist or researcher. And since this sign is ruled by Pluto (planet of the Underworld), any profession that allows them to dive deep into the human psyche, like a psychiatrist or hypnotist, is a win. (Don’t forget Scorpio’s hot side; this sexy sign would also do well as a sex therapist!)

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Way less wild than sexy Scorpio, Capricorn channels their intensity in their organization and steadfast determination to finish any job. Being one of the most patient signs in the zodiac, Capricorn would do well as a teacher or principal. Tapping into their more material side, Caps would love any career that has to do with property, such as a real estate agent, house flipper, or architect.

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Crazy, unique Aquarius needs a career that allows for freedom, creativity, and individualism. In that realm, they’d do well as an artist of any kind. More than that though, Aquarians are stubborn in their opinions and love to establish social justice; careers like a judge, social worker, or environmental engineer would satiate this craving.

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As the empath of the zodiac clan, this water sign thrives in an open and unstructured environment where they can feel free to be creative and help others. They’d do well as pastorspsychics, or reiki masters. When they tap into their creative side, Pisces people would also do well as music teachers, cocktail bartenders, or animators.

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