21 True AF Gemini Memes That Explain the Most Hated on Sign

By Stephanie N. Campos

On May 20, 2021

In Astrology, Gemini

21 True AF Gemini Memes That Explain the Most Hated on Sign

They most likely won “Class Clown” in your high school. They probably flirted with you (and your best friend) for three consecutive weeks only to hardcore ghost you the second you returned the affection. They change their minds every 45 seconds. They’re always 10-20 minutes late when they meet you for drinks. And, most importantly, our charming and chatty Gemini bring a much-needed zest for life to the zodiac.

Typical Gemini Traits We All Love to Hate (and Hate to Love)

Geminis are complex creatures. They’re an air sign that’s represented by the twins in the zodiac. Their dual personalities, flighty behavior, and overzealous nature make them a constant target for memelords at large. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, which sums up their gift of gab. They’re a very mental sign, always thinking, always shifting from one thought to the next, chock-full of restless energy. They bore easily. They’re also a mutable sign—one of the signs that thrives in a changing environment. They’re the go-with-the-flow-I’d-rather-die-than-make-definitive-plans type. But that also means they’re flexible, resourceful, and adaptable.

They’re charming and adventurous—the type of friend you bring on a last-minute, cross-country road trip. But they have two sides to them, and it can be hard to access their emotional depth—they have a stereotype for being surface-level creatures. They’ll go deep with you, but the feeling is rarely returned. And before you know it, they’re on to the next topic.

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Gemini is responsible for the third house in the zodiac, which rules over our communication and friendship zones. They love to socialize, absorb information, and engage in “friendly” debate. Their talkative nature can often lead them to trouble, as gossip is a favored pastime. When they’re bored is when the mischief starts—the insatiable restlessness that they feel on a day-to-day basis leaves them craving adventure and something new at every turn. They have the reputation of being an unfaithful partner, which can be true, but really depends on an individual’s entire birth chart. As long as your beloved Gem is getting his or her dose of daily adventure, he or she should be good. For now. Their two sides provide them with the ability to process situations in an analytical way and see both sides. Hence, their infamous indecision, constantly changing minds, and hot-and-cold behavior.

The Best Gemini Memes That Really Get the Air Sign

In essence: If you’re going to a house party and only know one person, bring a Gemini. Your Gemini will make 7+ friends before the evening is halfway over. If you’re looking for a dependable and predictable partner, Gemini isn’t it. Ever-endearing and an easy meme target, we’ve rounded up some of the best Gemini memes the internet has to offer.

When you meet one, get ready.


They’re a little self-destructive.


Hard to get, harder to keep.


They’re shit starters for sure.


And that friend who’s always late.


Budget: 1; Gemini: 0


Jokes > vulnerability forevaaa


Wait, change is… good?


They’re chatty AF.


And may be sapiosexuals.


With multiple personalities.


They expect everyone to spill the MF-ing T.


They’re also charming AF.


Too charming.


And maybe a little unavailable anyway.


That’s because they’re always changing.


They can be attention whores.


And a little two-faced.


They’re easily the most hated on of all the zodiac signs.


But they’re nonstop entertainment.


And you’ll never get bored.


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