September Libra vs. October Libra: The Difference

By Katie Robinson

On June 30, 2022

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September Libra vs. October Libra: The Difference

Bet you thought all Libras were the same, huh? Well, thanks to decans in the birth chart, there are actually three different types of Libra!

We know—this can seem overwhelming. That’s why we asked astrologer Julia Mihas to help explain how this is and identify the differences between September Libras and October Libras. 

Decans Definition

First of all though, what are decans?

Decans are very important to the question of Libra “types” because they dictate the division of three within the sign. “Decans are subdivisions of a sign that run for 10º each, so there are therefore three decans in every sign,” says Mihas. 

The way these subsections differ is that they are all ruled by a sub-planet. The three decans of Libra, according to Mihas, are ruled by the moon (0º to 9º), Saturn (10º to 19º), and Jupiter (20º to 29º). 

Types of Libra

1st Decan Libra

This Libra decan is ruled by the moon, which gives this Libra more lunar or maternal qualities. “Maybe they would be more domestic,” explains Mihas. They may also have a maternal energy that makes people feel comfortable right away.

2nd Decan Libra

This decan of Libra is ruled by Saturn, the planet of rules and structure, which might make this person much more serious. This kind of Libra would make a great politician or lawyer. 

3rd Decan Libra

And finally, the third decan of Libra is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of abundance. “They would be more optimistic,” says Mihas. This particular Libra has a keen eye for all things flashy and fun. They are wonderful socialites. They are also very much interested in learning new things.

September Libras

Libra season begins at the start of the Fall Equinox—the moment when daytime and nighttime are equally split, explains Mihas. And we all know that Libra, the sign of partnership and equality, truly enjoys balance. So, it’s no wonder why September Libras are much more attuned to balance than the others.



Ruled by the moon, September Libras tend to be giving, caring, and very welcoming. They have a warm-and-fuzzy kind of vibe that everyone enjoys being around. 

In general, this kind of personality is what many think of when they think of Libra. This sign has the ultimate ability to blend into any crowd because they can make even the most outlier person feel included. Libra—especially a September Libra—has the potential to make others feel safe. It’s for this reason this kind of Libra makes a wonderful therapist … people feel comfortable letting their guard down with them.

October Libras

“There is a lot of complexity  in October Librans because this month covers a tiny bit of the first decan, as well as the second and third,” says Mihas. “If they are born between the 4th and 14th of October, then they are in the second decan […] If they are born between 14th and 23rd of October, then they are in the third decan.”



So, October Libras can either be ruled by Saturn (second decan) or Jupiter (third decan). In the case that they are born in the second decan, Mihas says they would be more serious, hardworking, disciplined, and responsible. If born in the third decan, Mihas says, “They may be more jovial, uplifting, adventurous, and maybe scholarly.” 

In essence, October Libras are much more complex than September Libras—given that they have two different rulerships. 

Mihas adds that a special date could add even more complexity to your generic Libra. “If a Libra is born on the 17th and 18th of October, then their sun could be on either Benefic fixed star Spica and Arcturus,” she says. “This would add some luck to the Libran’s life!”


Libras are born when?

Libras are born between September 22 and October 23. 

What is Libra known for?

“There’s an old saying in astrology: ‘a Libra is just an Aries who has been to finishing school,’” says Mihas. Why? Well, according to Mihas, Libras are a cardinal sign—meaning they have no issue taking initiative. However, unlike Aries, Libras are poised, smooth, and diplomatic. This gives them a special touch that not even the smoothest Aries could master.

More than that, Libras are also known for their charm and beauty. “Many Libras have pronounced aesthetic sensibilities because they are ruled by Venus, the planet of attraction,” says Mihas. 

Lastly, Libras are exceptional at shifting perspectives. In fact, according to Mihas they can so masterfully change perspectives that they can end up losing track of their own at times. While this can make them prone to losing themselves, it also allows them to become great diplomats, debaters, or therapists. 

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