October Scorpio vs. November Scorpio: The Difference

By Chelsea Jackson

On June 28, 2022

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October Scorpio vs. November Scorpio: The Difference

Scorpios are the hardest zodiac sign to read by far, and the differences between an October Scorpio and a November Scorpio don’t make them any easier to understand. While they have some major qualities in common, the month that a Scorpio is born can affect their behavior pretty drastically. 

Difference & Dates

If you’re a Scorpio, you were born between October 23 and November 22. While the sun might have remained in this sign for the entirety of this season, there are still some pretty major differences between Scorpios born in October and Scorpios born in November.

If you’re a Scorpio who was born in October, you likely have some Libra placements in your birth chart because Libra season took place just before your birthday. If you’re a November Scorpio, you were born closer to Sagittarius season, meaning that it’s more likely that you have some planets in this sign in your birth chart.

Additionally, each of the twelve zodiac signs are divided into decans, which are three ten-degree sectors that offer insight into a sign, based on the degree of that planet. For example, if your Scorpio sun is at 8 degrees of Scorpio, you’re going to express yourself slightly different than an individual with a Scorpio sun at 26 degrees.

Scorpio Types

First Decan Scorpio

If you have planets within 1–9 degrees of Scorpio, they belong to the first decan. The first decan of Scorpio is ruled by Mars, which also happens to be the traditional ruler of Scorpio. Because decans are considered to be co-rulers of a sign, Mars ruling this decan causes Scorpio placements to intensify, lending them more Mars energy than usual. This heightens the natural Scorpio qualities you have, making this sign a very loud one in your birth chart.

Second Decan Scorpio

Scorpio placements within the second decan of this sign (10–19) are influenced by the sun, which offers a vibrant, energetic quality to the planets. This brings a sense of confidence and creativity to these placements and makes this water sign—that’s normally pretty withdrawn—a bit more open and expressive. Scorpio placements tend to prioritize their privacy, but, in the sun’s decan, they’re far more comfortable being seen and acknowledged by others.

Third Decan Scorpio

If you have Scorpio placements within the third and final decan of Scorpio (20–29), these planets are ruled by the Venus decan. In astrology Venus is considered to be the exact opposite energy of Mars, Scorpio’s ruler, bringing a very unique quality out of these placements. Being ruled by Venus, planets in this division of Scorpio’s decan are more connection-oriented, creative, and pleasure focused. While Scorpio typically is a sign that’s not always comfortable with vulnerability, Venus’ influence softens this quality, and allows planets here to be more receptive and open to unity and love. 

October Scorpios

October Scorpios tend to be far more friendly and social, as they likely have a planet or two in Libra. These Scorpios are more interested in forming connections with others, and tend to prioritize relationships. As an air sign, Libra energy offers more of a communicative, light-hearted energy to October Scorpios, allowing them to come off a little less intense than usual. 

November Scorpios

Scorpios born in November are born closer to Sagittarius season, meaning that they likely have a planet or two in this sign. Because of this, these Scorpios are more freedom-oriented and less likely to be stubborn—despite Scorpio being a fixed, water sign. This allows November Scorpios to be far more open-minded and optimistic, keeping them from becoming too weighed down by their emotions. 


Are Scorpios nice?

Scorpios are kind people, but, because they are incredibly private, they tend to come off a bit cold at first. Scorpios like to keep their cards close to their chest, and it’s likely you won’t see their vulnerable side until you’ve known them for a while. Trust is everything for a Scorpio. So as long as you show them that you’re trustworthy, they’re on your side for life.

Am I a Scorpio?

If you were born roughly between October 23 and November 22: yes. 

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