The Difference Between a July Leo and an August Leo

By Jessica Estrada

On June 14, 2022

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The Difference Between a July Leo and an August Leo

Although those born during Leo season (July 23 through August 22) are technically Leo babies, not all Leos are the same. Some of the main characteristics associated with the sun-ruled fire sign are universal among Leos (natural-born leaders, dramatic, bold AF, etc. ). However, there are some differences between a Leo born in July and one born in August. Ahead, astrologer Noush Joon from Girl and Her Moon details the difference between a July vs. August Leos. 

The Difference: July vs. August Leos

According to Joon, one of the biggest differences between July and August Leos is that July Leos are more stereotypical Leos because they are born under the rulership of the sign’s ruling planet, the sun.

“The Leo traits can be heightened, making this person more flamboyant, entertaining, loud in their style, creative expression, or artistic talents, more so than the August-born Leo,” she says. “An August-born Leo will still embody a strong creative flair, [but] they can also have more of a philosophical edge with a little extra spark in their flame that shows up as stronger tendencies towards leadership, expressing their opinions, intellectual pursuits, and a desire for freedom and adventure.”

Types of Leo

Types of Leos can also be broken down by decan sun sign astrology, which divides each sun sign season into first, second, and third decan based on your birth date. Here’s what that means: 

First Decan Leo

Born between July 23 and August 1, first decan Leos are ruled solely by the sun.

“This strong presence of the sun’s energy in their sign makes self-expression, passion, and artistic talents extra prominent in their personality,” Joon says. “They are the ones that enjoy the limelight the most and live for the theatrics of life.”

Second Decan Leo

If you’re born between August 2 and August 12, that makes you a second decan Leo ruled by the sun and sub ruled by Jupiter.

“This Leo can still embody all the typical characteristics of the sign,” Joon says. “However, they now have an additional layer of maturity which can call them to higher pursuits, with a desire to expand their reach and their minds through intellectual means.”

Third Decan Leo

Lastly, the third decan Leos came earthside between August 13 and August 22. They’re ruled by the sun and sub ruled by Mars.

“This Leo can be an excellent leader of the pack, taking their courage and confidence to a new level to initiate creative projects, take the lead where necessary, and make decisions without hesitation,” Joon says. “There is a strong will-power and self-belief in these Leos as Mars brings a desire and willingness to seek out and face challenges.” 

July Leos

Joon notes that some of July Leo’s top traits include creative flair, artistic inclinations, and a love for over-the-top things.

“They can be extravagant and enjoy the production and drama of the everyday,” she says, adding that July Leos are also very loyal, have big hearts, and enjoy sharing affection with others.

August Leos

August Leos tend to be more competitive and confident.

“The personality of an August Leo can be assertive, courageous in the face of a challenge, a bold leader, and they can have a self-confidence that inspires the people around them,” Joon says. “The August Leo can be more spontaneous, playful with their words, and be a bit more engaged by mental pursuits, the quest for knowledge, and enjoy a healthy debate.” 


Are Leos mean?

Leos aren’t necessarily mean, but Joon points out that Leos are a fixed sign, so they can be a bit stubborn with their opinions and are known to stand up for what they believe in.

“If you can show them your loyalty, they will always have your back and be your biggest cheerleader,” she says. 

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