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Scorpio Parent & Child

The Best Toys for a Scorpio Child

Dolls and stuffed animals. Scorpio loves imagining and leading a team of plushed adventurers, and find that dolls and stuffed animals are safe "people" to share their emotions with.

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The Best Activities for a Scorpio Child

Scorpio loves a complex world of make-believe, which can sometimes get too intense, especially when other children are involved. Plenty of art projects, crayons, and blank paper sets the stage to allow Scorpio to let their copious creativity loose.

Books Every Scorpio Child Must Read

Fair, rational, and always looking for the "why" behind something, Scorpio kids are drawn to stories that help them understand society, as well as understand natural phenomena in the world. Some examples:

A Hundred Billion Trillion Stars, Seth Fishman. Scorpio kids will marvel at just how large the universe is, and love this whimsical kids book that allows them to believe in the miracle of science.

Not Quite Narwhal, Jesse Sima. A picture book of a unicorn being raised beneath the sea by a family of narwhals, this book speaks to Scorpio kids who sometimes may not fit in with their family.

A Series of Unfortunate Events, Lemony Snicket. Scorpio tweens will love this tongue-in-cheek classic about an orphan's adventure, which doesn't speak down to kids while allowing them full range of their imagination.

The Best Names for a Scorpio Child

Mysterious, emotional, and fiercely intelligent, even the smallest Scorpios have huge personalities and can carry a huge name to match. Choosing a name that speaks to Scorpio's passionate side is key. Nature-inspired names can be a great match for this sign.

Names for Scorpio Boys: Fiery Scorpio deserves a fiery name to match. Blaze is a great option. Or look straight to nature: Thorn, Wolf, Tiger, or Ridge will all match the energy of your little boy.

Names for Scorpio Girls: Tempest and Colt are name options that will match your little Scorpio's can't-be-tamed spirit. Or look to flowers: Magnolia, Daisy, Rose, and Willow are all ways to honor the softer side of a Scorpio girl's wild nature.

How to Parent the Scorpio Child

Sensitive and intense, a Scorpio child can seem high needs from day one, and may need extra cuddles and closeness. A Scorpio child always marches to the beat of their own drummer, and many outsiders may remark how a Scorpio kids seems especially wise or knowing beyond their years.

Scorpio children may have tantrums, but it's very important to realize they're lashing out because they love you and because they feel safe to do so. Many parents of Scorpio kids swear by the book No Bad Kids, by Janet Lansbury to help them navigate their Scorpio's emotional surges.

Scorpio can sometimes need help learning to play and seeing the silly side of life. Surrounding them with projects where there is no right or wrong, like gardening, can be helpful. And Scorpio loves to feel useful, so get them involved in baking, cooking, and laundry folding. Here, more tips for parenting a Scorpio child.

Take deep breaths. Patience is everything when it comes to raising a Scorpio. They will challenge you and break boundaries, and what they need is a calm Mom and Dad who won't yell at them after the smallest infraction.

Give them space. A Scorpio needs plenty of solo time, and playing on the floor by themselves isn't a lonely activity for a Scorpio. They have a rich internal world, and sometimes, your attempts at joining in feel like interrupting.

Arrange playdates. While Scorpio loves doing things solo, it's important for them to learn how to get along with others. For only children Scorpio, being surrounded by a posse of kids who have brother/sister like bonds can be key in teaching tolerance, respect, and learning to get along in a group.

All About the Scorpio Teenager

Yes, Scorpio teens can be moody and intense. But don't fear! A Scorpio teenager can also be deeply intuitive and passionate, and willing to take on adult responsibilities. A Scorpio teenager hates when parents don't treat them like an equal, and can be incredibly responsible and conscientious. The best thing you can do for a Scorpio teenager is get out of their own way and let them forge their own path. Trouble happens when a Scorpio teen bristles under too many rules. Talk consequences and be honest. Do you want them to have a 10pm curfew? Explain reasons, not skirting around the fact more fatalities occur during late night driving. The more to the point you are, the more they'll respect you.

A Scorpio teenager may need an outside adult, including a therapist, to help them sort through their feelings. Emotional health is a sign of strength, so if your Scorpio teen does ask for this, take them seriously. They hate being told they're "dramatic." Their emotions are real to them, and respecting them is key for a mutually respectful connection.

A Scorpio teen likes:

Responsibility: Let them handle something major, and you'll be surprised.

Privacy: Do not read their phone messages or social media. If you must look at it, give them a heads up first.

Philantrophy: A Scorpio teen is deeply philanthropic, and may spend a lot of time working with those less fortunate.

A Scorpio teen dislikes:

Family bonding: They love hanging out with family, but not in a prescribed way. Family fun night? No thanks.

A parent who knows better: Be honest when you don't know something and make it clear you're all figuring it out together.

School spirit: They may like school as an intellectual pursuit, but may not be fond of the trappings of high school, including pep rallies and school spirit days.

Scorpio as Parents

How does a Scorpio's personality mesh (or clash) with their offspring's? Here's how any Scorpio be an amazing parent to any kid in the zodiac:

Scorpio Parent, Aries Child

Adventurous Aries is brave and bold, which Scorpio parents admire. Scorpio parents love exploring the world with their Aries kids and admire Aries intellectual side, too.

Scorpio Parent, Taurus Child

A Scorpio parent can be exasperated with Taurus, especially since Taurus needs cuddles more than Scorpio ever did. Scorpio may wish Taurus could be a bit more independent, but also loves Taurus's unwavering commitment to their beliefs.

Scorpio Parent, Gemini Child

Imaginative and adventurous, Scorpio loves little Gemini, but may find their penchant for drama annoying (which is ironic!) Scorpio may not understand Gemini, but the more they can let Gemini go with the flow, the better.

Scorpio Parent, Cancer Child

Both water signs, Scorpio intuitively understands Cancer in an almost psychic way, but wishes Cancer could be a bit more resilient. Cancer kids can learn a lot from their confident Scorpio parents.

Scorpio Parent, Leo Child

A little Leo's fiery intensity seems like it's a match for Scorpio's passion, but the two signs can lock horns ... er, claws. The more each sign lets the other feel their feelings, no matter how "silly" they may seem to the other, the better for both.

Scorpio Parent, Virgo Child

A Virgo child is observant and careful, while a Scorpio parent may wish their Virgo get out and make their opinions known. The two signs agree on art and love watching movies cuddled on the couch together.

Scorpio Parent, Libra Child

A Scorpio parent may have to tame their intensity at first for little Libra, who only wants everyone to be happy. A Scorpio parent can serve as a great role model to little Libra, but they need to be careful about making sure a Libra isn't doing something just to make their Scorpio parent happy.

Scorpio Parent, Scorpio Child

You understand each other better than anyone, and because of that, can drive each other nuts. A Scorpio parent can successfully parent their Scorpio child when they realize that, even though they may seem similar, their Scorpio child is their own person with their own needs, desires, and passions.

Scorpio Parent, Sagittarius Child

Scorpio parents can make Sagittarius kids care about the world at large, and make them ask the tough questions. These two signs love engaging in the world at large, and aren't afraid to tackle life's tough questions together.

Scorpio Parent, Capricorn Child

Scorpio parents can learn from practical Capricorn kids. Meanwhile, Capricorn kids can get a lot of insight into the power of passion, persuasion, and following your gut from a Scorpio mom or dad.

Scorpio Parent, Aquarius Child

A Scorpio parent should let their social butterfly Aquarius kid take the lead. An Aquarius kid may never tell you exactly what you're thinking, and Scorpio parents can do well to let their Aquarius kids be a little mysterious. An Aquarius doesn't need to share everything to be close to a Scorpio parent.

Scorpio Parent, Pisces Child

Both water signs, a Scorpio parent understands the range of emotions a Pisces kid feels.Both signs can be so wrapped up in how they feel, they may miss a middle ground. Communicating, checking in, and occasionally sacrificing your own feelings for the sake of your little fish is key for parent-child harmony.