Scorpio Career, Money & Success Traits

Scorpio Zodiac Sign

Scorpio Career, Money & Success

Scorpio's Career Mantra: "Perfection is power."

Scorpio's greatest career strength: Intensity. Scorpio is much happier leading the pack or providing an authentic opinion than being a team player. When Scorpio goes in, they go all in.

Scorpio's greatest career challenge: Politics. Scorpio has no interest in playing the game, they're interested in playing to win, and don't care whose toes they step on to do so.

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Scorpio's Work Style

Scorpio is all about burning the candle at both ends—when they're passionate about a project. It can take a few false starts for Scorpio to find their footing, and when Scorpio doesn't like the team they're on at work, watch out. Scorpio would much rather do the work solo than attempt to work with people they feel don't bring anything to the table.

Scorpio are fiercely intelligent and amazing multi taskers, so they thrive at being entrepreneurs. Scorpio is committed, and can see a project through to a final vision. Scorpio needs independence and trust to pull off a project, and hates having someone else look over their shoulder.

Scorpio can be a demanding boss, but can also be one that employees love. They are fair, exacting, and want their employees to be the best they can be. They're great at spotting and nurturing talent, and inspire people to work their hardest.

Scorpio's Dream Careers

Tech entrepreneur: Scorpio loves technology, and has a big-picture vision and technical skills to match. Scorpio isn't afraid of long hours and also loves the big reward that may come with working in tech.

Film director: Perfectionist Scorpio loves having their hands in all aspects of a production, and usually has an artistic vision they can manifest through film.

Restaurateur: Scorpio is a foodie, and loves everything that goes into a restaurant, including the ambiance, the wine list, and of course, the menu. Scorpio also loves schmoozing, and being in a see-and-be-seen restaurant is a Scorpio dream.

Agent: Whether it's sports or film, Scorpio is good at speaking up and asking for the best deal. They're also great at reading through contracts, negotiating, and enjoying the limelight. Scorpio much prefers to be behind the scenes and is happy to think big picture when it comes to a client's career, especially since they know that they're the ones who are really pulling all the strings and holding all the power.

Spy: Secretive, intelligent, and willing to play their cards close to their chest, Scorpio makes an excellent spy. Scorpio loves the intrigue, but also isn't afraid to push up their sleeves and get to work.

Scorpio and Money

Scorpio has a complicated relationship with money. Their intelligence and street smarts means they make money easily, but their love of luxury means that it's also easily spent. Scorpio can get frustrated because they know what they "should" be doing with their cash, but sometimes have a hard time having enough discipline to follow through. Scorpio can get jealous when others have more than they have, especially if they perceive the person who has it isn't as intelligent or hardworking as them. The more Scorpio takes charge of their money, including proactively investing, the better they'll feel.

If You Work for a Scorpio Boss

Repeat after us: It's not personal. A Scorpio boss might make you cry or feel like sh*t. They aren't doing it because they're out to get you. A Scorpio boss looks at work product much more than personality, and doesn't put a lot of stock in personal connections. IF you work hard, a Scorpio boss likes you. No politics here. Here's more about what they're like:

Street Smart. The Scorpio boss doesn't get involved in work politics, but seems to know everything going on. That's because they listen and observe, but don't gossip. Take a hint from them!

On their own timeline. Scorpio gets things done, but don't take a lot of stock in a nine to five schedule. Get it done, and your time is yours.

Intense. Scorpio doesn't believe raised voices or tears should be verboten at the office. They're a sign of passion. But once you have an outburst, Scorpio expects you to get back to work—they don't like grudges.

Idealistic. Scorpio believes in a more perfect world (and more perfect product) and pushes their employees to demand the same.

Nitpicky. A misplaced comma may seem like NBD, but to a Scorpio, it's a sign that you don't respect the job.

What Success Means to a Scorpio

Scorpio thrives on perfection, and for a Scorpio, a job well done isn't well done until they think it is. Scorpio has a lot of grand plans, and gets frustrated when thwarted by a higher up. Success for a Scorpio is living a life and having a career on their own terms. A Scorpio could be making a lot of money and in a position of power, but if they don't feel they have control, or feel they have a boss or a board breathing down their neck, they won't be happy. Scorpio also needs creativity and time to breathe in their day—if all Scorpio is doing is pushing papers or crunching numbers, they won't be happy. Scorpio needs some outlet to do things "their" way to feel personally fulfilled.

Awakening the Inner Scorpio Phoenix

People think of Scorpio and think scorpion. But one of Scorpio's powerful animal totems is the phoenix—the bird who emerges from the ashes of destruction and toward a new and more perfect world. Here, how to awaken the inner Scorpio phoenix.

Feel the fear and do it anyway: Going into a situation that's scary—even a roller-coaster—and emerging from it is all about showing Scorpio's resiliency. Afraid of heights? Time to sign up for skydiving lessons.

Wear red: Incorporate red into your wardrobe and wear it on the days when you feel most vulnerable.

Cry: Scorpio tries to hide their vulnerability, even though they're quite sensitive. Learning to cry and show emotions in front of people is a key Scorpio talent that can only make you stronger.

Go back and forgive. Had a terrible breakup? Have a face to face convo with the person who broke your heart. For Scorpio, these scary encounters only make them feel stronger and more resilient.

All of the above are especially powerful in a month that manifests a full moon in Scorpio!