Your Weekend Love Horoscope for November 3 to 5: A Full Moon Reveals Your Deepest Desires

By Virginia Mason

On November 3, 2017

In Aspect, Romance, Sex

Your Weekend Love Horoscope for November 3 to 5: A Full Moon Reveals Your Deepest Desires

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It’s a full moon weekend! And this time, it’s in Taurus. Taurus likes to take things slow and steady, but with the sun, Jupiter, and Mercury still in Scorpio, another side of you will be feeling intensely passionate. In short, part of you wants to howl at the moon, and part of you wants to Netflix and chill. While this may seem incompatible, it’s actually an incredible combination. Scorpio and Taurus are opposites that love each other. They’re combined energy is magnetic. This will keep you and any lover focused in the moment as sexual tension builds and disagreements are handled lovingly. But make sure to spend some time alone, this moon wants you to see how well you love yourself.

Aries Weekend Love Horoscope
You’re feeling sexually frustrated Friday and Saturday, but it’s all worth it. Saturn and Pluto are working with the Taurus moon and Mars to help you change and grow. You often want to go-go-go and don’t hesitate to get things moving. Taurus is the exact opposite. It wants to sit on a rock and consider changes for a solid lifetime before ultimately deciding that it’s pretty happy with things the way they are. So if lovers aren’t keeping up with your pace, try to be patient. See how it feels to just hang out on the rock for awhile. See what sexy excitement can be had in slowing down. By Sunday, you’ll know what I’m talking about. The moon trines Mars, giving you some great sex luck.
Love Lesson: The messy parts of love can be sexy.

Passion Prediction:             
Taurus Weekend Love Horoscope
This full moon shines its brightest light on you. You’ll be feeling its message more so than others, and its message is love yourself. But you won’t necessarily be feeling the love right now. In fact, as the moon opposes Venus, you’re far more likely to be feeling down. You can see all the ways you don’t love yourself and how that affects your relationships. Is your lover really the lover? Is this what you want? Is this all you deserve? These questions may cross your mind. You’ll likely want alone time to evaluate. Know that the answer may very well be yes! That’s why the alone time is important. The real lover you’re fighting right now is yourself.

Love Lesson: Give yourself unconditional love so you know what it feels like when a lover gives you the same.

Passion Prediction:            

Gemini Weekend Love Horoscope
Self expression flounders as Mercury inconjuncts Uranus and Sunday’s Gemini moon opposes Mercury. What aren’t you saying? The part of you that holds back is the part of you that doesn’t think you’re worthy of expressing yourself. You have to let that go and let loose to let love in. Put on some music and dance like no one’s watching. Sing your lungs out in the shower. Talk to yourself around the apartment. Work that throat chakra and give yourself space to totally be yourself. Pay special attention to how you edit what you really want to say before you say it. Play with saying things as they come rather than asking yourself whether you should say them. Be fearless in being yourself. The version of you that’s totally authentic is the version of you that will attract your greatest love.

Love Lesson: It’s impossible for someone to love you if you’re pretending to be someone else.

Passion Prediction:               
Cancer Weekend Love Horoscope
You love a Taurus moon. It’s steady and stable and creates the perfect conditions for you to be yourself. Personally, you’ll be feeling great this weekend, but your love life may frustrate you. The moon opposes Venus, causing you to feel especially needy. You’re so comfy, cozy in the Taurean energy that of course you also want your lover to give you everything you need so you can stay in this peaceful bliss. But you can’t ask that of them. Let yourself receive the love that they are able to give you right now, and enjoy everything else that you have. Look to what’s working and what is good. Don’t get hung up on imperfection.

Love Lesson: Perfection can’t teach you anything. Perfection is boring. The best lovers challenge you in the ways you need to be challenged.

Passion Prediction:  
Leo Weekend Love Horoscope
The moon opposes the sun and Venus. You have the nagging sensation that something’s just not right in your love life. But you’ve been enjoying it! You’ve been feeling free and empowered, and you’ve been making any relationship you’re involved in work. Plus, it’s on your terms, so it satisfies your pride. But the nagging sensation just won’t go away. Most likely, whatever situation you’re in is working. It’s not awful, but it’s also not as easily loving and secure as you’d like it to be. You’re with a lover not a partner. Or you and your partner are going through a situation where you’re less connected on your paths than usual. Sexual tension is high right now, and the good sex keeps the nagging sensation at bay. But when all’s said and done, reality is reality.

Love Lesson: There’s nothing wrong with choosing a lover rather than a partner, just choose consciously.

Passion Prediction:       
Virgo Weekend Love Horoscope
Some detours are exactly what you need. Mercury squares the karmic north node and trines Chiron. Your current circumstances veer you away from your long term goals, but they help heal you in the process. They help you learn to express yourself, and on Sunday, Mercury moves into Sagittarius. This opens the door for even more adventure. How is this showing up in your love life? You may have recently decided to take time alone or have met someone who isn’t necessarily a lifelong partner but who is important to your journey. Right now, the adventure is the goal, so keep enjoying and growing. Allow this wild ride to take you to whatever lovers help you feel free.

Love Lesson: Many great loves don’t endure the test of time. 

Passion Prediction:      
Libra Weekend Love Horoscope
Energy is focused on Venus in Libra. That and the Taurus full moon turn your mind to love. If life has yet to satisfy your romantic desires, then you’ll now see why that is the case. Take a good long look at yourself in the mirror – literally. Mirror meditation is a great way to get to know yourself better and fall even more deeply in love with yourself. If you’re happily partnered, this is a time to reflect on your relationship. As lucky as you may feel, there is still space for your love to grow even deeper. Watch your tendency to imagine worst case scenarios and to criticize your desires. Notice how this keeps you from getting everything you want.

Love Lesson: You’ve come a long way, but love can take you even farther.

Passion Prediction:            
Scorpio Weekend Love Horoscope
You’ve been riding the high of Scorpio season – that special time when the outside energy aligns with your internal energy – and you’ve felt truly free. You’ve been floating up in the spirit plane, rejoicing in your emotions, and feeling connected to everything, but the Taurus full moon wants to pull you back down to Earth. It reminds you to take care of your body and material needs as well as your spiritual ones. This is actually a really great thing for you, but the return to Earth can leave you feeling depressed. This sudden shift in emotions may freak out your lover because they’re craving stability and security. But while moods change, you’re still as loyal as you’ve ever been, and Venus moves into Scorpio on Monday to help remind you and any partner of all the amazing things you have to offer.

Love Lesson: Great partners give each other space to feel however they feel.

Passion Prediction:       
Sagittarius Weekend Love Horoscope
This weekend is best spent alone or in quiet companionship with a loving partner. The full moon opposes Jupiter, and Mercury moves into Sagittarius. This gives you a lot to process. You often opt for adventure over security, and you’re realizing now how that holds you back. You’re fantasizing about where you would be if you’d made different choices. You realize that security and commitment aren’t so bad. Don’t beat yourself up over past choices. Instead, allow these realizations to motivate you to make different choices going forward. Mercury’s move into your sign will help you do this and help you fully show up as you are without using your adventurous spirit as a crutch or an escape.

Love Lesson: Don’t mistake ambivalence towards marriage for strength.

Passion Prediction  
Capricorn Weekend Love Horoscope 
While the full moon is kicking pretty much everyone else’s ass, you feel right at home. Taurus energy is just as down-to-earth as you are, but it gives you permission to pause your ambitions. You’re constant striving for success affects your priorities and impacts your romantic relationships. But when you slow down and stop worrying about what’s next, you can see how beautiful your lover is. Love becomes about slow seduction and relaxing into each other. You’re usual striving demands a lot from any partner. You want them to care as much as you care about what you’re working toward. You want them to respect your desire to keep everything just so in order to achieve your goals, but this weekend, demands are softened, and romance flourishes.

Love Lesson: Making time for romance helps you remember what love feels like.

Passion Prediction:         
Aquarius Weekend Love Horoscope 
Make the most of this full moon, it’s what’s finally going to help you solve your romantic conundrum. Do you want to be partnered or alone? You’ve been wrestling with this question for awhile, and the moon moves over Uranus before moving into Taurus. The question suddenly feels incredibly urgent. You’re either releasing a relationship or releasing the part of you that keeps questioning it. Either way, it’s time. Allow yourself quiet time alone to reflect and tune into what you truly want. On Friday, ask the universe to help you make the decision that best serves your highest purpose, and let yourself receive the answer.

Love Lesson: Don’t waste too much time on lovers you aren’t sure about.

Passion Prediction:        
Pisces  Weekend Love Horoscope 
Taurus adds an earthy sweetness to your weekend. The moon sextiles Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, and the more time you spend in nature, the more connected and full of love you will feel.  If you’re single, getting somewhere green is a great way to meet someone, but right now, people are feeling more needy and affections probably won’t last. If you’re partnered, bring them out into nature with you or connect with nature inside. Cook a delicious meal for two. Sit with your indoor plants. Make your own tea blend with herbs. Whatever it is, you’re bound to have smooth sailing through the full moon, but be careful on Sunday. The moon enters Gemini, and you might deceive yourself about something.

Love Lesson: To be heard, speak clearly, honestly, and from the heart.

Passion Prediction: 

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Virginia is a Brooklyn-based Reiki Master and psychic healer dedicated to expanding people’s understanding of what’s possible. She offers private readings, coaching, healing, and more through her company, Fleeting Connections.

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