Scorpio 2024 Horoscope

You’re a mysterious, intense water sign who likes to play up your secretive allure, Scorpio, but as serious Saturn transits your fifth house of drama and the quest for attention in 2024, you’ll be in the spotlight more than ever. There is also more ambitious emphasis on the things you do for fun, like sports and hobbies, so get that competitive vibe of yours ready to start flowing. Because if you’re going to commit your time to something, you might as well try to be the best at it you can be, right?!

Your passionate, aggressive co-leader Mars has an intense effect on you again this year, starting with a fiery partnership with sassy Sagittarius in the very first week. Even though you’re an introvert at heart, this spontaneous energy can expose you to new possibilities and help you welcome more adventure into your life right away. When you begin the year saying yes to invites and opportunities, it tells the Universe that you’re open to happiness and success, and more good things will start to come your way!

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Pluto, your other co-leader, has incredible transformational energy, and as it joins experimental, innovative air sign Aquarius from late January to early September, change is on the horizon. You’re typically a fixed sign who likes to hold on to everything, but this transit teaches you that giving yourself permission to let go of the things that aren’t working in your life can be extremely freeing. In 2024, it’s time to figure out which areas of your life could use a refresh and then get out there and hit that reset button!

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