Your Weekend Love Horoscope for Friday October 27 to Sunday October 29: Be Honest, Be Weird, Be True, Be YOU!

By Virginia Mason

On October 27, 2017

In Element, Love, Sex

Your Weekend Love Horoscope for Friday October 27 to Sunday October 29: Be Honest, Be Weird, Be True, Be YOU!

An Aquarius moon brings out the rebel in you and me and everyone we meet. That extra special something that makes you you is shining, and Venus is paying attention. Lovers want to see you as your most authentic self. The truer you are to your deepest desires, the more likely it is that you’ll find the person who will love and choose you for you. Don’t worry about what other people think. Throw your cares away. Wave your freak flag high. Be the truest, weirdest version of yourself. That’s the ultimate self care, and if you honor it, you just may be rewarded with sex on Friday and a whole lot of love the rest of the weekend.

Aries Weekend Love Horoscope
Adventure awaits. The Aquarius moon amps up the Uranus energy in Aries, highlighting your fiery fierce independence. This will attract lovers, especially on Friday as the moon trines your ruling planet Mars. Mars is in Libra, making you quite the peacekeeper, but you’re not having to sacrifice anything to connect with this softer side of yourself. This is a genuine expression of who you are, making you even more attractive. Sex is bound to feel a lot more like love making, and you may find yourself getting more creative than usual in the bedroom. On the downside, you may also feel like you’re losing yourself to your partner, but this feeling will subside by the end of the weekend. So don’t let it get you down, and enjoy the pleasurable side of things.
Love Lesson: Compromise doesn’t mean sacrificing the things most important to us.

Passion Prediction:
Taurus Weekend Love Horoscope
Love is changing you, but this change doesn’t come naturally. You’re going to have to push through all of your illusions, your stubbornness, and your fear of doing things differently in order to let yourself evolve. Pluto squares your ruler Venus. You need to shed some layers in order to expand, but you’ve been wearing these layers for a long time. You’ve never even considered letting them go. The longer you cling to your old ways, the harder it will be for you to benefit from this aspect. If your love life seems stagnant right now, then you know you’re resisting the change. Your resistance is simply a consequence of your fear. Open your eyes. Look at your lover or lack there of, and let love expose you.

Love Lesson: Love shows you the parts of yourself you fear the most.

Passion Prediction:

Gemini Weekend Love Horoscope
You’re uncovering treasure. Mercury in Scorpio has you digging deep into the troves of your mind. You feel unconditional love for everyone, including yourself. This deepening of self love and universal love is permanently changing you. This is part of your journey, and this newfound abundance of self love will lead you to partner love. But not this weekend. This weekend, you’re seeing all of your weirdness clearly, and this is stage one of fully feeling the love for yourself. But at first glance, you aren’t sure you like what you see. You aren’t sure that it’s loveable, but you have to see it clearly first in order to love it. And once you do, a true partner is headed your way.

Love Lesson: Love yourself first.

Passion Prediction:
Cancer Weekend Love Horoscope
You’re feeling romantic! I know this is pretty often the case for you, but it’s even more true right now. The moon trines Mars and Venus, allowing sex and love to ripple through your life. Expect to be showered with affection and to do some showering yourself. But don’t expect this to happen in the form of traditional romantic tropes. No, this weekend is all about new ways of giving and receiving love. If you have no clue what that could mean, don’t worry about it. There’s no pressure for you or your lover to get creative. This new experience of love will simply happen. Don’t overthink it. That will be the ultimate mood killer and actually circumvent your experience of new, fun romance.

Love Lesson: Feel your way through it.

Passion Prediction:
Leo Weekend Love Horoscope
The sun conjuncts Jupiter in Scorpio, but one thing is threatening your ability to benefit from this incredibly fortunate aspect: your pride. Don’t believe everything you think. Yes, you are special, but you aren’t so special that you have nothing else to learn from other people. You may think you’re just free and doing what suits you best, but don’t let that to stop you from seeing the world from other people’s point of view. Lean into the hard emotions that are actually keeping you from wanting to see the world differently. That’s what Scorpio’s here to teach you. Scorpio wants you to feel everything and let those emotions transform you, so let them.
Love Lesson: Arrogance isolates you from love.

Passion Prediction:
Virgo Weekend Love Horoscope
Your world is expanding in the most beautiful way, but what does this mean for the life you’ve built? Reality is busting at the seams, but it’s just the one you created in your mind. The world looks different now. Mercury in Scorpio trines Neptune and squares the moon. Your perspective is expanding. You’re getting in touch with your spiritual side. It leaves you feeling more connected to the world and to people but also destabilized. You realize that the way you’ve been thinking about things doesn’t align with your path. You’ll have to make some changes to honor this new perspective. And this realization hurts. You may find yourself questioning everything, including your relationships. Look to the special person (or people) in your life to guide you back. They’ve got your back.

Love Lesson: True love grows with you.

Passion Prediction:
Libra Weekend Love Horoscope
Mars opposes Chiron, and sexual insecurities block your ability to let love in. You’re emotionally triggered, and you aren’t thinking straight. You don’t want to face your feelings, so you pull away. You isolate. You rather be alone than risk conflict, but this behavior will confuse any partner. They don’t understand what’s going on because you aren’t sharing it. You aren’t sharing it because you’re scared. Trust them. They can handle it. The moon trines Venus, and lovers are inclined to be exceptionally supportive right now. They may react poorly at the start, but the peacemaking love will come through in the end. This is a deep issue that you need to work through, and any partner is here to help.

Love Lesson: Open up and help your partner understand your behavior.

Passion Prediction:
Scorpio Weekend Love Horoscope
You’re growing into exactly who you’re meant to be. Jupiter conjuncts the sun in Scorpio. It’s an incredible time for getting in touch with the universe, having mindblowing sex, and making financial decisions. It’s also a great time for love because when Jupiter conjuncts the Scorpio sun, all things go your way, but the Aquarius moon makes it harder for you to realize what a good time this is. The growth happening now is scary. It feels a lot like taking a leap off a cliff toward the wilderness and hoping you don’t crash. But if you don’t take the risk, you’ll never know what’s out there. Go for the relationship you want. Don’t allow your fear of being too intense to hold you back.

Love Lesson: You deserve all the love the world has to give.

Passion Prediction:
Sagittarius Weekend Love Horoscope
Saturn sextiles Venus. Jupiter conjuncts the sun. You’re learning something profound this weekend. It’ll leave you feeling both free and expansive but also tight and limited. Romantically, you feel like the world is your oyster, but you also fear there aren’t any pearls to be found. This combination of optimism and pessimism fools you into thinking that you’re just being realistic. You think that there really isn’t a right person out there for you. You fail to notice that this belief is rooted in fear. You’re inclined to settle for so-so romantic situations. But the more you lean into the optimism Jupiter is giving you, the more clearly you’ll see how you’re holding yourself back.

Love Lesson: The right person for you isn’t perfect, but they are perfect for you.

Passion Prediction:
Capricorn Weekend Love Horoscope
Venus is collaborating with Saturn and Pluto to shift your perspective on love. The shift comes when you learn something new, and this new thing is going to change you – if you let it. This could result in major relationship shifts – both in terms of coming closer together or splitting apart – but don’t expect a major a-ha moment. This lesson is subtle and requires you to pay attention. Stay aware of yourself, your partner, and what you want in life. Think about how it all fits together and make sure you aren’t making choices that don’t support each other. This awareness won’t hurt you. Your connection to love is strong right now. Any choices you make are made from there.
Love Lesson: Choose from love.

Passion Prediction:
Aquarius Weekend Love Horoscope
An Aquarius moon trines Mars on Friday and Venus on Saturday. Your love life is soaring. Exciting sexual energy moves through to kick off the weekend and deep feelings of partnership love are present the next morning. You’ve been having a hard time making space for a partner, but this weekend, you’ll feel the true value of having someone special by your side. Spend time with them on Saturday, and take some time for yourself on Sunday. Let yourself bask in the feelings. If you’re single, take some time on Saturday to reflect on the partner you wish to attract. Visualize them. Write down how you want this person to make you feel. Read the words out loud. Sit with them. Keep doing what makes you happy, and let love come to you.

Love Lesson: Move forward with grit.

Passion Prediction:
Pisces Weekend Love Horoscope
Your thoughts and words are clear. This weekend is all about communication as Mercury, Jupiter, and the sun trine Neptune in Pisces. If there’s anything you want to reflect on, reflect on it now. If there’s anything you want to say, say it now. Love may still elude you, but you know who you are and you know what you want. Don’t be afraid to say it out loud. Trust your intuition. It’s highly reliable right now. Ask the universe for signs about how to heal your ongoing struggles in love. You only have a month or so more of these same love issues, so make the most of this time. Know that it is just passing through and that you can trust your powerful connection to the spirit plane to guide you through this.

Love Lesson: To be heard, speak clearly, honestly, and from the heart.

Passion Prediction:

Virginia is a Brooklyn-based Reiki Master and psychic healer dedicated to expanding people’s understanding of what’s possible. She offers private readings, coaching, healing, and more through her company, Fleeting Connections.

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