“A” Celebrity Zodiac Signs

 Here’s your guide to all celebrity zodiac signs! You may know your favorite celebrity birthday, but do you know their zodiac sign? Learn more about various celebrities’ zodiac signs!

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Ashton Kutcher

February 07 | aquarius
This actor is certainly a rebellious Aqua—moving from teenage stardom with That 70’s Show, to prank show Punk’d, to marrying much older actress Demi Moore. Now a father with Mila Kunis, Kutcher spends much of his time on various business ventures and investments. Photo: JD Lasica via Flickr 

Avril Lavigne

September 27 | libra
You might not guess Avril Lavigne is a Libra at first glance—and that might be due to her Scorpio moon. This rocker is another Libra who connects work with personal identity: punk in her music and punk in her life.  Photo: Glenn Francis