Your August 2017 Horoscope: How Will the Solar Eclipse Affect You?


On August 1, 2017

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Your August 2017 Horoscope: How Will the Solar Eclipse Affect You?

This month, a lunar and solar eclipse promise to shake things up across the zodiac. Even signs that can sometimes be resistant to change (looking at you, Taurus and Virgo!) will find that these eclipses have the power to brush away stale energy, infuse optimism into future plans, and generally pave the way for a very satisfying fall. In order to maximize the power of the planets, all signs are encouraged to trust in their intuition and be as honest as possible with themselves and others. What you say becomes your destiny, so pay attention to your words, your actions, and who you spend time with. This month has the power to manifest lasting change—make it count!

Aries August Horoscope
Always a natural leader, all eyes are you on in the week leading up to the August 7 full moon and lunar eclipse. People will do your bidding—just be careful not to ask too much and risk taking advantage of them. On August 12, when the moon trines Mars and Mercury goes retrograde, it’s a good time to recalibrate, lay low, and rest up for the rest of the summer. Be careful when accepting newish dates or meetings—rescheduling them for September could help you avoid some major headaches. On August 21, the new moon and solar eclipse infuse you with potent energy—use it for good and come up with a way to be of service to the world.

Standout Days: 19, 20, 26
Challenging Days: 14, 28


Taurus August Horoscope
Career concerns have been on your mind this past few months, and they’re even more intense around the August 7 full moon and lunar eclipse. A new job opportunity may appear these next few weeks, but before you pounce, make sure it’s what you want. A Venus/Neptune trine on August 11 cranks up your passion—be honest with yourself and the object of your affection to make the day a positive one—otherwise, tears, misunderstandings, and tantrums may ensue. The new moon and solar eclipse on August 21 shines on your family and home sector—time to do some mental and physical cleaning up, including having that conversation you’ve been pushing aside. You want a fresh page—big things are about to happen, and you’re ready, Bulls!

Standout Days: 9, 10, 19
Challenging Days: 1, 16

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Gemini August Horoscope   
You’ve been feeling restless and dissatisfied, and those ugh feelings intensify in the week leading up to the August 7 full moon and lunar eclipse. Instead of trying to do everything, focus and commit to one or two projects. Even a low-key challenge, like a situp challenge, or committing to reading for 15 minutes a day, will get you out of your rut. (Want some inspiration? Read the best workouts for your Zodiac sign!) Also do some pre-prep before Mercury turns retrograde on August 12. Getting as much as you can crossed off your to-do list will allow you to focus on friends and fun in the middle of the month. As the August 21 new moon and solar eclipse approaches, consider rekindling a relationship (friendship or romance); the planets say you may need each other more than you once thought.

Standout Days: 4, 11, 26
Challenging Days: 28, 30


Cancer August Horoscope
As the full moon and lunar eclipse of August 7 approache, you’re feeling some tensions swirl around you. Take a deep breath and focus on you and what you can control. Chances are, you’re being held to an unfair standard, which is not your fault and may be something you have to let ride out. By focusing on your own projects and making sure you do everything to the best of your ability, you’re protecting your back. As the moon conjoins Venus in Cancer on August 18, things start to feel more normal. Enjoy the reset. Then, as the new moon and total solar eclipse light up your world of money and material possessions on August 21, big things may happen with your bank account. Be smart with your newfound cashflow and think about the best way to use it for the future (but if you want to buy something fun and meaningful now, go for it!)

Standout Days: 9, 11, 25
Challenging Days: 4, 13

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Leo August Horoscope
Love swirls all around you, but the full moon and lunar eclipse on August 7 make it tough to cut through the noise and figure out next steps in romance. The person in your life may not be telling you the full truth, not because they want to lie, but because they don’t want to disappoint you. Sincerity and honesty pave the way to what you need. The Moon/Mars trine on August 12 gives you an energy boost. Use it to jumpstart a pet project. Mercury turns retrograde later that day, which may curb your enthusiasm. On August 21, the new moon and total solar eclipse give you an opportunity to evolve into an even better version of yourself. Let things unfold without trying to control the narrative.

Standout Days: 10, 13, 21
Challenging Days: 5, 20


Virgo August Horoscope
You’ve been focusing on everyone but yourself this summer, and it’s leaving you frazzled. That all stops this month, when the full moon and lunar eclipse on August 7 entreat you to put yourself first. Turn down invites, add one inspiring thing a day to your to-do list, and revel in checking it off. Other signs may experience confusion during Mercury in retrograde on August 12, but because that unruly planet is in your sign, Virgo, you thrive. Manifest that energy and go after what you want in love, in your career, and in life! The new moon and total solar eclipse on August 21 strengthen your resolve. Now’s the time to live life in a big, bold way and trust that a karmic breakthrough will reveal itself.

Standout Days: 4, 11, 31
Challenging Days: 5, 28

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Libra August Horoscope
On August 7, the full moon and lunar eclipse are asking you to use your intelligence. Read a book, engage in a debate with a friend, or take an online class. Right now, you’re focused on yourself, and the best way to enjoy the month is to follow your gut, even if that leads you to a Friday night snuggled under the covers with a book. As the new moon and total solar eclipse accent your social sector on August 21, it’s time to ask yourself what you want out of life, and who you want surrounding you. On August 25, when Venus enters Leo, you may find an unexpected (but not unwelcome) end to the month. Whether it’s a spontaneous trip or a unique job opportunity, you’re in the perfect position to say yes, yes, yes.

Standout Days: 11, 24, 27
Challenging Days: 15, 17


Scorpio August Horoscope
On August 7, the full Moon and lunar eclipse light up your home sector—just as work and other pressures get intense. Don’t get overemotional, and prioritize what’s best for you. Remember: No is a full sentence. During the leadup to the new moon and solar eclipse on August 21, you’re thrust into a leadership position at work. This will have long-lasting repercussions, so make a strategic plan. Take responsibility where needed, but make sure to notice and talk up other colleagues as well. The Moon/Mars trine on August 30 helps you along, so go for what you want!

Standout Days: 12, 20, 22
Challenging Days: 4, 28


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Sagittarius August Horoscope
A far-flung adventure may present itself in the days leading up to the full moon and lunar eclipse on August 7. Before you say yes, make sure your finances are in order and everything is shored up at work. Travel and adventure is in your sector in the days leading up to the new moon and solar eclipse on August 21, keep an open mind and engage in conversation with strangers—dots will be connected if you do some legwork. As the moon conjoins Jupiter on August 25, when Saturn turns direct in Sagittarius, luck is on your side. Take a chance—you’ll be very happy with how things turn out.

Standout Days: 3, 13, 25
Challenging Days: 9, 18

Capricorn August Horoscope
On August 7, the full moon and lunar eclipse energize your finances—finally. Now’s the time to make some smart longterm decisions. Enjoy the extra infusion of cash, but thinking investments and five-year-plans is smart, since the groundwork you lay this month will have longterm repercussions. On August 12, before Mercury turns retrograde, the moon squares Pluto—a great time to act fast to get what you want. On August 21, the new moon and total solar eclipse will highlight an issue that’s been plaguing you for awhile. Now’s the time to actually take action. You can do it.

Standout Days: 3, 5, 27
Challenging Days: 12, 20

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Aquarius August Horoscope 
On the August 7 full moon and lunar eclipse, it’s fireworks. Emotions and tensions both run high, and being honest is key. If you do realize you’re in a rocky patch, pause and listen before you speak. As the new moon rises on August 21, love is on your mind—follow and speak your heart. On August 30, the Moon/Uranus trine amplifies your inner voice. Listen to it—you may be surprised at where it leads.

Standout Days: 2, 8, 19
Challenging Days: 6, 30


Pisces August Horoscope
Emotions are running extra high near the full moon and lunar eclipse on August 7, making you feel even more sensitive than usual. Taking some time to give yourself TLC at the beginning of the month is your best strategy to avoid feeling overwhelmed. On August 11, a Venus/Neptune trine brings a message from the Universe. It’s coming from a friend, and it may not be what you want to hear. Listen and don’t react—everything will make itself clear by the end of the month.

Standout Days: 4, 9, 18
Challenging Days: 2, 24


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