How to Manifest Love (or a Fling!) this Summer

By Alexandra Roxo

On June 29, 2017

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How to Manifest Love (or a Fling!) this Summer

Summer is upon us! Solstice happened, and the days are still long and bright. Bring on the spaghetti straps. Beach kisses. Clingy dresses. Tanks. Dewy skin. Big sunnies. Rainstorms. Picnics. Barbeques. Boat trips. Watermelon juice dripping off your chin. Sweaty make out sessions… ahhh summer.

Can you tell it’s my favorite season? It’s also the perfect time of year to burst through hangups, celebrate your body, and get yourself some steamy summer lovin’. To me, summertime is like full moon time, when things are at their juiciest. Your confidence is ripe, and there’s no better time to celebrate your sexuality.

You might be thinking: How the heck do I do that? It’s 100 degrees outside, my AC is blasting, and I have season two of Master of None to watch. Plus, it’s my friend’s baby shower next week, and then a family reunion, and my hair is frizzing because of the humidity!

Heck, nah, let’s change that!

Here’s how to manifest your sexiest summer ever:

Step 1: Pick Your Summer Theme

Your summer theme can be a song, movie, or mantra that will drive your mindset and the choices you make this summer. It’s important, trust me on this. Maybe it’s “Summer Lovin” from the Grease soundtrack, or “Cherry Bomb” by the Runaways. Your summer theme is something you can come back to whenever you need to remind yourself to loosen up and enjoy. I once had a George Michael “Freedom” summer, and it really was my most uninhibited one yet.

Or maybe it’s a classic movie, like Stealing Beauty—dripping with sensuality, bare legs, seductive stares. and a Tuscan villa at sunset. Super sensual! If I were to choose that as my “anthem” film this summer, I would be my crafting choices for the season—outfits, scents, activities—with the mindset of a 19-year-old gal gone to Italy to lose her virgintity.

Or let’s take it to this season’s summer movies. Feeling the Wonder Woman craze? Then be an Amazon Goddess until August, with martial arts, strength training, volunteer work, hair volumizer … you get the point. The idea is to have fun, play around, and find major inspo for the summer you!

Step 2: Write down Your Summer Sex Intentions

Create some sexy summer goals, plural. Some can be kinky AF, some can tap into your inner Diana —the sensual, sexy creature that’s burning inside you. Maybe you see yourself dancing more, smiling at more cuties. Maybe it’s something bolder, like wearing lingerie to work, going pantyless all summer, or making love on a beach. Whatever sexy things you’re dreaming of, write them down!

Once you’ve got the list, make it happen. How do you start? Get super familiar with your goals. I do this by writing a poem (#Pisces). But do what works for you: Make a dream board. Get your Pinterest on. (Check out ours for inspiration!) Have a dinner party and shout summer toasts and goals with your friends. Buy one hot as hell item that inspires you to shake things up. The more you start believing and living the vibe you want to become, the more it will occur. You’ve heard “fake it til you make it” right? Well, in the land of magic and manifesting what you want, the more you believe something, get close to it, and imagine how it will feel, the quicker it will come to be.

Step 3: Jump off that Cliff (aka Take a Risk!)

Finally, take it off paper and into real life. To make sure it happens, get a practice buddy and stay accountable! Did you say you would smile at one hottie a day? Are you doing it? Text a friend your goals, and keep on top of her. (Wait, not literally. I mean, unless that’s one of your summer goals, then go for it!)

Step 4: Be Aware of Self-Sabotage

Chances are that as you put your sexy intentions out there more and more, your old comfort zones and patterns and resistances will periodically pop back up and try to sabotage you. You may find yourself not going to a pool party because you don’t wanna put on a bikini. No, no, no. This is the summer that you are bigger than your doubts and insecurities. You can and will rise above them. Do it! But how? When my fear tries to sabotage me, I stamp it out by acknowledging it, then letting go of it.

Seriously, write down the three reasons why you are truly afraid to sashay right into that pool. Just write the first three things that pop into your head. Done? Now burn that piece of paper over your kitchen sink. Go on! And finally, pick an affirmation that slays those insecurities, something like, “I love my curvy body,” and just start saying it to yourself throughout the day—especially when you see yourself in the mirror. You are reprogramming! This will take a while, but it will work if you stick with it.

Your body wants to be looked at, touched, and celebrated this summer. Do not deprive of it of pleasures like sleeping naked, dancing til midnight, and swimming in salty water! The more fun you have, the more sparkly you’ll be, and the more you’ll attract that new lover or make your old one go crazy for you again. It all starts with you. If you spend most of your life staring at your computer screen, take this opportunity to get out, get back in your body and in touch with your senses. Remind yourself to live a life that’s rich and beautiful. It doesn’t matter your age, shape, or size—everyone can have the sexiest summer they want. It just takes some intention, some crafting, and some magical faith.

Feature photo by Everton Vila.

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