Weekly Horoscope: September 7 – 13, 2020

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On September 6, 2020

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Weekly Horoscope: September 7 – 13, 2020

The week starts with a disruption to our relationships and energy levels as Mars (planet of aggression) goes into retrograde on Wednesday.

The planet of passion and drive only goes into retrograde once every two years, but when it does—watch out! Mars is retrograde in Aries, the sign it rules, bringing extra challenges. For the next two months, sex drive, ambition, and productivity will be affected. We may feel more aggressive, too.

Thankfully, the sun (planet of ego and self) trines Jupiter (planet of luck) on the same day, bringing some good luck and creativity that day, so we won’t feel the effects of Mars retrograde right away.

Pay extra attention to your health (especially the immune system), when the sun opposes Neptune (planet of illusion) on Friday. The sun is in health-conscious Virgo, and the fog of Neptune may dim vitality.

Fortunately, Jupiter saves the week when it goes back into direct in work-focused Capricorn on Saturday. Expect some lucky breaks when it comes to career.

How Your Zodiac Sign Will be Affected This Week


Mars retrograde hits this week could cause your fiery Aries energy to drain. This transit, being in your first house, could spark your temper easily—so watch your words. When the sun opposes Neptune on Friday, take some time to yourself and practice self-care.

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Thankfully, Mars retrograde is going down in your privacy sector, Taurus. This might make you a bit more reclusive. But mostly, it’s important to remember it’s not time to do anything impulsive (which is just your style anyway!).

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Your friendships might be a little up in the air right now, given the fact that Mars turns retrograde in your social zone this week. You’re always a sharp one, Gemini. Unfortunately, your words could cut a little deeper than expected while Mars is here. Stay low.

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Mars retrograde occurs in your career sector, Cancer. At work, plans could be delayed. Though, in the first part of the week when the sun trines Jupiter, you could see a sweet surprise. Over the weekend, Jupiter turns direct—making it the best time to go on a date.

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Mars retrograde is about to bring drama to your friendships and network, Leo. Try not to lean into Mars’ fighting instinct. Things should get a little smoother over the week. Though, when the sun opposes Neptune on Friday, money issues can arise.

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Plenty of aspects this week are bringing you some good business opportunities. But on Friday, when Neptune opposes the sun, it’ll be best not to hop into anything that sounds too good to be true. It’s best not to work on anything serious and, instead, take care of your body.

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Mars is in your relationship zone, and boy, does Mars retrograde have a surprise for you. Get ready for turbulence in love. Things are moving quickly and disharmony could be rampant. Luckily, as the weekend hits, Jupiter brings some nice opportunities, Libra.

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Self-care is being put to the test as Mars goes retrograde this week. You’ll need to rework how you approach your daily routines if you want to use this energy wisely. In fact, self-care is best for you on Friday Scorpio, as Neptune and the sun oppose one another.

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Sagittarius, Jupiter is your ruling planet. And this week, Jupiter is making a huge splash—bringing plenty of fun opportunities for you—particularly in finances! Jupiter also goes direct this weekend. So, if you’ve been feeling off for a while, you’ll finally get back on your feet soon!

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Jupiter is in your sign. And because Jupiter is having a very prominent week, you’ll likely receive the most good fortune of all the zodiac signs. Get ready for a magical week!

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Mars retrograde is happening in a zone that creates mental fog around what you’re doing in life. This is especially true when, on top of Mars retrograde, the sun opposes Neptune in Pisces on Friday—creating even more of a mental block than normal. This weekend, Aquarius, it’s best to put on the brakes.

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This week, you’ll feel a bit more insecure, Pisces. Don’t worry, this is only because Mars retrograde is hitting your stress receptors and causing you to acct out. On Friday, try to look at your goals from a realistic perspective—as Neptune opposing the sun could cloud your vision.

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