Weekly Horoscope: September 12–18, 2022

By Mary Bergner

On September 11, 2022

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Weekly Horoscope: September 12–18, 2022

Monday and Tuesday have some very chill energy, with not a lot going on in the cosmos, which can lull you into a false sense of security. And then, bam — a shakeup comes in the form of a nail-biting conjunction between the moon (the cosmic force ruling our emotions) and Uranus (the rebellious planet) in stubborn Taurus that makes you wonder if you ever had anything figured out to begin with (especially regarding love and money). It’s time to go back to the drawing board and come up with some new strategies to deal with the unsettling developments that this aspect reveals.

Thursday’s Grand Trine in stabilizing earth signs involves the moon, sun (who pumps up our ego), and Pluto (the dark and mysterious dwarf planet) and does its part to put you back on solid ground. Personal pursuits and professional endeavors get help from this practical energy by making you appear trustworthy and reliable. (And a moon-Neptune (the planetary dream weaver) sextile today stirs your imagination, adding a creative component to your resume.)

Not so bad, right?! But then things start to go downhill fast during Friday’s tense square between Venus (our cosmic promoter of high standards) and Mars (the rude AF planet), putting you under the microscope and making you feel like you’re being judged and criticized for every little thing.

Sunday’s upbeat Venus-Pluto trine does its best to boost confidence and put you back on track toward achieving your goals, but a lot of damage has already been done. Maybe you really can accomplish anything you put your mind to, despite some of the knocks your ego has taken this week, but it’s going to take a lot of faith to believe in yourself again.

Your Zodiac Sign’s Weekly Horoscope


You’re pretty good at ignoring the cosmic static and just powering through your goals, but this week’s bumpy energy has you questioning yourself at times. However, Aries, while some things can slow you down, you never truly stop. Keeping that momentum going is what sets you apart from your peers and competitors. While everyone else has pulled over to the side of the road, you keep limping along toward the finish line undeterred. You’re unstoppable, Aries!

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Earth signs like you tend to want to avoid most emotional roller coaster rides, but when the universe puts you on against your will this week, you’re more than equipped to deal with the ups and downs that have a lot of your peers panicking and holding on for dear life. Your ability to keep a stoic, stable perspective despite the chaos this week really puts you ahead of the crowd, Taurus. Because your leader Venus is involved with a lot of the planetary matchups, you feel them more than most but aren’t as rattled by them. Are you part robot?!

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You’re down with the chill days early in the week, but when the turbulence starts on Wednesday, you’re definitely not ready! Preparing for emergencies isn’t really your thing, so when you’re hit with one, your overactive mind tends to jump to some seriously catastrophic thinking. Don’t worry, Gemini. Although your imagination comes up with some very negative potential consequences for this week’s disasters, things rarely end up as bad as you think. Use that impressive mental capacity to find solutions rather than dwell on worst-case scenarios.

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You’re the first to admit that you’re a worrier, and yes, the universe does give you some legitimate reasons to be concerned this week. However, there are also some bright spots that you can focus on instead of automatically zeroing in on the bad stuff. The first strike of the week involves your comic and deeply emotional leader, the moon, Cancer, so it kind of sets a negative vibe, but you can overcome it by keeping yourself distracted. Things like baking cookies with your kids or ordering some new furniture for your house are activities that immediately take you to your happy place.  

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A lot of things will try to take away from your fabulousness this week, Leo, which definitely isn’t cool. How are you expected to maintain your “Center of the Universe” title when so many bad things are going down around you, trying to steal your thunder!? Think of it this way — even though it seems like the universe is out to get you, it’s really not. Everyone is experiencing some pretty rough times right now, so even though it feels like it at times, you aren’t being singled out. Try to shine despite the cosmic mud being flung at you.

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There are few things you despise more than ruined plans or a schedule going off track, so the unpredictability of this week’s planetary energy is enough to really push you over the edge. Luckily, your calm demeanor and ability to stay focused on the details help you keep your feet planted firmly on the ground even though so many things are going wrong. So, although you might not have as much control as you’d like, you remain in control of your reactions to the chaos. And that is enough for now, Virgo.

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Your sign is all about peace and harmony, so the unsteadiness of this week’s fluctuations makes you a bit uneasy. However, Libra, you’re also an absolute boss at keeping things balanced so you’re able to find a way to make sure things at least appear to be less chaotic than they actually are. And that’s definitely a win because keeping up appearances is extremely important to you and your beauty-loving Venus-ruled counterparts. Is everything OK? No, to be honest. But if no one else can tell you’re bothered by it, you’re happy. 

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You’re all about control, so when you aren’t able to maintain your grip on life this week, you’re one unhappy Scorpion. This is when your stinger inevitably comes out, and you tend to lash out at the people closest to you. See what’s happening here, Scorpio? Just when you need your loved ones the most is when you start to push them away. Sound familiar? It isn’t too late to adjust your behavior and accept help if you need it, but that will involve forgiveness, swallowing your pride, setting your ego aside, etc., which are all things that are really hard for you. How bad do you want to change?  

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You like to live on the edge, so you don’t necessarily have to have everything wrapped up in a neat little bow or even all figured out ahead of time. However, the loops the universe throws you for this week are a little much for even an adventurous fire sign like yourself to handle. Luckily you get a couple of days at the beginning of the week to relax and prepare for what’s to come. Haha — who are we kidding, right, Sag? You don’t need any time off to get ready for a potential disaster or to recover from an actual one. Bring it on, universe – this Archer is ready to take on whatever you have to offer.

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You thrive on victories, both personal and professional, so you’re not very happy when you find out the planets are aligning in a way that might interfere with your success this week, Capricorn — and you’re ready to do something about it. Some people feel like the best offense is a good defense, but you prefer to get out ahead of potential issues and stop them before they become too big to handle (or worse yet, stop your goals from becoming a reality). Knowing who to ask for help is the key to thwarting the universe now. Call in those favors. 

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As an air sign, you’ll take the easy breezy, carefree way every time, but this week the universe aims to take some air out of your sails. Navigating obstacles might not always be easy. But as an innovative, experimental pioneer of the zodiac, Aquarius, you welcome opportunities to change things up and perhaps make them even better than they were before. And if it takes a little adversity to get you headed down a new path, so be it. So, while you might be one of the few people actually embracing the week’s annoyances, you have no problem being the odd person out. In fact, you thrive on it.

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You’re usually an expert at keeping unpleasantness at bay, but there might be too much of it going on this week to completely block it out. And while you struggle to keep reality in the hazy distance, details and complications keep cropping up to make it seem like happiness is getting further and further away. It’s time to put on your big pants and address some of these things directly, Pisces. There are plenty of reasons to hide under the covers this week, but retreating into a dream world won’t make your problems disappear.    

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