Weekly Horoscope October 31 to November 5, 2022

By Mary Bergner

On October 30, 2022

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Weekly Horoscope October 31 to November 5, 2022

There’s a sweet cosmic blend of tricks and treats this Monday as we celebrate the highlight of spooky season — Halloween! Whether you’re getting all costumed up and going to a party or staying home and watching scary movies, the dark and dramatic conjunction between the glowing moon (our emotional guide) and mysterious Pluto (the planet of veiled meanings) sets the right mood to embrace this shadowy holiday.  

A few challenging lunar interactions — including tense squares with the sun (representing our ego), Venus (the Universal queen of hearts) and Uranus (the planet promoting change) — show up on Tuesday and send your emotions spiraling out of control. If one more person asks you what’s wrong, you’re gonna lose it!

More upbeat energy returns on Thursday, thanks to lunar trines with Mars (the boss planet), Mercury (the talkative one), the sun, and Venus which increase emotional awareness and encourage you to remain hopeful about the direction of your life. 

But mood swings are predicted to return again over the weekend as Venus and Uranus clash in an epic opposition, leading to confusion and emotional upset, especially regarding love. Don’t let anyone get the best of you; you can’t control everything but at least you’re in charge of your own actions and reactions.

Your Zodiac Sign’s Weekly Horoscope


You’re not an overly emotional person (or at least you don’t like to think you are), but this week’s turbulence can leave you feeling vulnerable and confused, two things you really hate to be. One thing for you to keep in mind at all times, Aries, is: “I am in control of my own destiny.” Life is hectic but taking little moments here and there to center yourself will help you stay in control of your emotions as much as possible.

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There are times — like this week — that can try the patience of even a steady sign like yourself. It takes a lot to rattle you, Taurus, but a person or situation has the ability to get under your skin and really put you on edge now. The good news is that you don’t have to let them. It might take everything you’ve got, but you can defeat the demons that are trying to scare up a reaction from you. They don’t have to know that behind your calm exterior is a raging Bull!

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As a sign who loves socializing and partying, your week gets off to a great start, but nothing lasts forever, right? Tuesday hits hard, especially if you have a hangover or oversleep due to excess celebrating the night before. You can work your butt off playing catch-up all week, but you might never fully recover. If you have a big presentation, test, or meeting, maybe you can reschedule it for a time when you’re 100 percent on your game, Gemini.

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The moon is your cosmic leader, so you experience the week’s lunar highs and lows with a lot more intensity than any other sign, Cancer. The challenges that hit you on Tuesday aren’t easy to overcome, and you might need to take some time to yourself to figure things out. Luna energizes you on Thursday with her enthusiastic “let’s all work together to accomplish things” rally attempt, but you might already be too defeated to change course. Things will get better, but not right away.

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Halloween is one of your favorite holidays, Leo, because you can be as outrageous as you want to be! You love dressing up and getting the attention you crave, but your spooky antics might come at a high price. The cost of getting bonkers on Monday will likely follow you throughout the rest of your week, with the planetary energy around you doing little to help you out. You can rely on the moon’s positive interactions on Thursday to give you a little boost. Otherwise, you might be dragging!

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When you get the chance to play a different character than the one you play every day, Virgo, will you take it? Getting out of your usual rut and doing something different to celebrate Halloween could be just what you need to shake yourself out of your dull routine and have some fun! Your partying mood is easily overshadowed by the reality that hits you on Tuesday, but hopefully, the fun memories will serve as a good reminder to loosen up once in a while.

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You can totally be someone else during the Halloween festivities on Monday — or you can just be your beautiful self, Libra. You somehow manage to wow whether you’re wearing an elaborate costume or not, which is just part of your charm. Unfortunately, your mood can be dragged down pretty easily the rest of the week, ending in a low point over the weekend. As your leader, Venus, gets into it with unpredictable Uranus, doubt sets in. When all else fails, rely on your diplomacy to see you through.  

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You love the mystery of Halloween, Scorpio, and your dark co-leader Pluto’s interaction with the emotional moon sets the perfect stage for all kinds of mischievous behavior. And although Monday’s shadowy energy won’t last all week long, you can still get away with some trickery long after the day (and night) is over. Capture the moon’s upbeat energy from her trines on Thursday; you’ll need it over the weekend!

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You love a good thrill, which is exactly what Halloween usually delivers for you! If you haven’t had enough visits to haunted houses and pranking unsuspecting trick-or-treaters, Monday is your last chance of the season to cash on in that adrenaline-pumping excitement. Later in the week, your emotions get the best of you, putting you in a vulnerable position. Try not to feel sorry for yourself, Sag; you have lots of things going for you despite this little run of bad luck. 

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Putting on a costume, handing out candy, or going to a party might not be your number one priority on Halloween, Capricorn, but it may be your last chance to let loose and have some fun. Some heavy cosmic interactions have you tied in emotional knots for a good part of the rest of the week, so enjoy the spooky festivities while they last. The weekend can be especially uncomfortable if you’re in a relationship (with a lover or a bestie) that’s been on the rocks lately. Spending some time apart will help. 

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You love to think of the quirkiest Halloween costume you can come up with and then watch people scratch their heads and try to guess what or who you’re supposed to be! So have fun creating chaos and confusion during Monday’s shenanigans, Aquarius, because the universe is going to turn the tables and have you confused and guessing about lots of things for the rest of the week. It’s not that you can’t eventually find the answers to life’s conundrums, but it might take you a while after being caught this far off guard.

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You’re not known as one of the biggest partiers of the zodiac, but Halloween tends to be an exception. As introverts, most Pisces welcome the chance to cover up their true identity and walk in the world as a ghostly figure who no one recognizes. Does this describe you? Even if it doesn’t, you will want to take full advantage of the anonymity that Halloween brings because hiding from life for the rest of the week will be virtually impossible. You can try to outrun the things that scare you the most, but they have a way of catching up to you, unfortunately.

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