Weekly Horoscope: October 25-31, 2021

By Brianna Navarre

On October 24, 2021

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Weekly Horoscope: October 25-31, 2021

Happy Halloweek, fellow creatures of the night! Scorpio season is off to a spooky start. With the Gemini moon opening the week, you may be choosing “trick” over “treat” and indulging in a bit of good-natured fun and mischief. But it’s no sweat. ‘Tis the season after all! 

On Thursday, Venus (planet of love) in Sagittarius goes into a sextile Jupiter (planet of expansion) in Aquarius, encouraging you to find a “boo” for the weekend if you haven’t already done so. You’ll want someone special with whom to brave the thrills and chills of this weekend’s party scene. 

Mars (planet of action) finally follows the sun into Scorpio on Saturday, assuring a particularly chilling Halloween. If you’ve been toying with the idea of visiting a haunted house, prepare for the fright of your life! Since Mars in Scorpio is a longer transit, the collective can expect an increase in drive and power where passions are concerned for the next month and a half. 

Your Zodiac Sign’s Weekly Horoscope


This week is really giving “trick,” Aries! Despite the sun’s shift into Scorpio, the moon, Mercury, and, until Saturday, Mars remain in the airy signs of Gemini and Libra. With these planets roving in your other-oriented sectors of communication and one-on-one relations, you’re definitely eager for those Halloweekend parties. But stay vigilant! Mars slides into Scorpio and your transformation sector on Saturday, so things may get real when you least expect it!

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Scorpio season isn’t the easiest for a Venusian such as yourself, Taurus. Mars slips into your sister sign and relationship sector on Saturday, heating things up in the romance department over the next few weeks. Mars in such a Venus-oriented sector is never easy, so try to consider your partner’s point of view before you dig your heels in the ground. Emotional impulsivity could land you in the dog house.

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With Venus in Sagittarius in your romance sector, you’ve had love on your mind for the past few weeks, Gemini. But watch out for trouble in paradise on Thursday! Venus squares Neptune in Pisces, prompting a bit of disillusion in your love life. Whether you have a partner or just a crush, ask yourself if you’ve been seeing them clearly. If you have, expect only a little bump in the road. If not, well, your rose-colored glasses had to come off at some point.

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While others in the zodiac are up to some spooky tricks, you’re hyper-focused on treats this week, Cancer. Since last week, the sun in Scorpio has been lighting up your pleasure and creativity sector. Fortunately for you, Mars joins the sun, upping your lust for life. If you’ve been stressing, now is the time to devote yourself completely to pleasure. You’re so accustomed to taking care of others, but it’s time to let loose!

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You’ve never been much for domesticity, but it may be time to start considering things on the home front, Leo. Since last week, the sun in Scorpio has been shining a light on your home and family sector. Given Scorpio’s naturally intense nature, it undoubtedly hasn’t been the easiest. To make matters worse, Mars will be joining the party on Saturday. Over the next few weeks, it may be better to try a little tenderness where your family is concerned.

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The temperature is dropping, and All Hallows Eve approaches, but your mind is elsewhere, Virgo. With the sun and soon Mars in your communication sector, thoughts of productivity swirl in your mind. But before you can get to work, you’ll have to deal with the Venus’ square to Neptune in your family and relationship sectors, respectively. Things may be tense at home, but if anyone can weather a storm, it’s you.

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Creatures creep and crawl in search of blood this week. But you’re more worried about your bottom line, Libra. Solar and — starting on Saturday — Martian energies are zeroing in on your finance and values sector. You might’ve been a little unruly in your spending during your season. (It was your season, after all!) Now, you’re beginning to tighten the belt, and Mars is really putting the pressure on you to save!

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The tense Scorpionic energy has the rest of the zodiac running scared, but you’re right at home. Aren’t you, Scorpio? Since last week, you’ve been luxuriating with the sun in your sign and appearance sector. How has the extra attention been treating you? While you soak up the additional appreciation, keep in mind that Mars will be joining the sun on Saturday and upping the intensity. I’d say beware, but a little extra heat has never bothered you anyway.

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While everyone else shivers in fear at the thrills and chills of season, you’re a little more concerned with the more internal frights, Sagittarius. With the sun and Mars (starting Saturday) in your sector of secrets, the spookiest happenings are those brewing in your subconscious. Prepare yourself for some less-than-comfortable emotions over the next few weeks as Mars lingers there. We know that you’re not one for the heavier side of existence, but remember, there’s always a little rain before the rainbow.

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Look out, Capricorn! There’s communication trouble afoot that “thrill you more than any ghoul could ever dare try.” On Tuesday, Venus in Sagittarius goes into a square with Neptune in Pisces in your secret and communication sectors, possibly prompting the spilling of some sensitive information. Given the additional solar focus on your network sector, this could involve some of your nearest and dearest. Even if things get rough, remember that your loved ones are here to help.

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Is all this focus on your career frightening you, Aquarius? Since last week, the sun in Scorpio has been homing in on your career sector. Perhaps you’ve gotten that bonus or even a new position. If not, with Mars joining the sun on Saturday, you’re gearing up to go into career overdrive over the next month and a half. Success approaches. Prepare yourself!

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Things are going bump in the night and your career sector, Pisces. For the last few weeks, Venus in Sagittarius has been sitting there and sweetening up your workplace. However, the planet of love goes into a square with Neptune in your sign on Tuesday, making your professional path seem a little more nebulous. Fortunately, you’re not unfamiliar with confusion, so you’re sure to muddle successfully through the fog by the end of the week.

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