Weekly Horoscope: June 5–11, 2022

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On June 5, 2022

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Weekly Horoscope: June 5–11, 2022

We’re about halfway through Gemini season, boys and girls. What have we learned? Friday released us from the clutches of Mercury (planet of communication) retrograde. However, with Saturn (planet of restrictions) having begun its own retrograde motion this past Saturday, the vibes may still feel a bit off. Fortunately, there are a few shiny transits later this week to cut through the collective’s retrograde gloom.

On Saturday, Mercury in Taurus sextiles Pluto (planet of transformation) in Capricorn, so your words are apt to be particularly powerful that day. Still, keep in mind that the Mercury retrograde shadow period is up us for the next week and a half. Make sure that these powerful conversations build instead of destroy.

Finally, Sunday sees Venus (planet of love) in Taurus conjoining Uranus (planet of sudden change) in the same sign. Because both planets are in Taurus, a sweet surprise may be on the horizon for all the lovers out there. Whatever the case may be, expect the unexpected!

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You’ve got your mind on your money and your money on your mind, Aries. A duo of planets in Taurus — that is, Venus and Mercury — fall into your finance sector. While you can probably expect a bit of extra cash this season, this is not the week of that huge windfall. Mercury is still cooling off from that retrograde energy, implying more gradual processes where money is concerned. But fear not! If you’ve been putting the work it, it’s sure to pay off!

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We continue our stroll (speed run?) through Gemini season, Taurus, but you’re doing fine, aren’t you? As the sun is idling in your finance zone, you are definitely starting to see your cash flow. Keeping this in mind, take care not to spend carelessly, especially given the fun-loving nature of Gemini. Watch your expenditures, but be sure to have a good time as you do so!

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The sun continues to slide through your sign, Gemini. How does it feel to be the life of the party? While you relish the shine of your season, do try to take advantage of your ruling planet’s, Mercury’s, sextile to Pluto on Saturday. Generally, you and Pluto aren’t the friendliest, but the easy-going nature of the sextile is giving you the opportunity to indulge in the spoils of your hard work this week and last week — granted you’ve done some. 

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The relative chaos of Gemini season may be a little uncomfortable for you, Cancer. I know that you’re one for stability and simplicity, but the present season is asking you to really look within. With the sun in Gemini falling into your unconscious sector, you’re sure to be in a ruminating headspace. What’s been blocking your joy? The sign of the Twins is all about enjoyment, but you won’t be able to share in it unless you’re honest with yourself.

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Being the workaholic of the zodiac is usually Capricorn’s lane, but you’ve been angling for that position over the last few weeks, Leo. Venus and Mercury continue their dance through your career zone, and your coworkers and even boss are responding to this energy. Perhaps you’re finally being listened to or getting some shine for your efforts. However, it’d behoove you to watch what you say this week, given the lingering retrograde energy. Still, you’re a star right now, Leo.

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In a strange turn of events, your head may be a little more in the clouds than usual. With Venus and Mercury in Taurus and your philosophical zone, you’re focused on your life’s greater philosophy. Are you happy with where you’re at? Your beliefs and educational pursuits? As the student of the zodiac, Gemini season is the time for learning. A new world awaits you, Virgo. You need only open the door.

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Adventure typically isn’t associated with the Libra personality — unless, of course, it involves a trip to the grocery store to procure your favorite foods. However, as the sun in Gemini continuing its stay in your exploratory zone, it may be time to consider living a little. Take a walk on the wild side! Gemini encourages more fun and variety, so maybe even take an Indiana Jones-esque escapade. Or simply aim to do one or two things that you haven’t before.

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Trouble in paradise, Scorpio? Venus and Uranus collide in your relationship sector  this week. So, those of you in relationships may find unexpected situations or spats popping up in your romantic lives, but don’t let it sweat you! ‘Tis simply the astro-weather stirring up trouble. Next week will find you and your boo in a sweeter (and calmer) place.

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I’m sure you’ve been taking full advantage of the last of the fiery vibes, Sagittarius. With the Mars in Aries and your pleasure zone, the rest of the season is only up from here. But before your completely lose yourself in some Bacchanal exploits, Saturn retrograde asks that you chill a moment before getting lost in the sauce of the Aries and Gemini energies season. There’s half a month’s worth of fun to be had. No need to rush!

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Have you been taking care of your health, Capricorn? The wealth of Gemini energy this month has been loitering in your sector of health and routine sector, inspiring some drastic changes in your day-to-day. Your body is a temple, and it’s high time that you start treating it that way! Fortunately, Mercury’s return to direct motion may have you taking these issues more seriously. 

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The Aquarian lifestyle is generally an focused one, but when is the last time that you truly let your hair down, Aquarius? It’s true that Gemini can be a little reckless. And with the sun dipping into your pleasure and creativity zone, it may really pushing you to recalibrate your work-life balance. When is the last time that you guiltlessly had a good time? If it took you more than a moment to answer, you’re definitely in need of some fun.

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You’re generally one of the more patient signs, Pisces. However, you may find your nerves a little more frayed than usual this week, especially with the Venus-Uranus conjunction in Taurus and your communication zone later in the week. While people may test your patience, it’s important that you not take the bait, as your words may come out a little — or a lot — harsher than intended, so cool it. Your loved ones will appreciate your temperance.

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