Weekly Horoscope: June 10–16, 2024

Weekly Horoscope: June 10–16, 2024

Mercury’s not retrograde, so what gives? Why are you feeling so blah? There are several cosmic complications to blame, but hang in there because the weekend looks a little more promising, giving you something to look forward to after a rough week! 

Tuesday’s salty square between Mars (the planet of war) and Pluto (that moody b*tch!) can put you in the middle of some difficult or even dangerous situations if you aren’t careful. The urge to rebel is strong, but do you even know who you’re fighting or what you’re fighting for? Not everyone is against you; you just feel like they are. 

On Friday, there’s an anxious conjunction between the bold sun (the leader of the universe) and fast-paced Mercury (the planetary processor of information) in restless Gemini that can really put you on edge. Your brain is in hyperdrive, but you miss out on a lot of important details when you move too quickly.  

Luckily, the negativity clears away by Sunday when Venus (our planetary love goddess) enters sensitive, artistic Cancer and instantly energizes your romance zone. Your emotions run deeper now, and you’re a creative partner and lover. If you have someone special in your life, lucky them. If you’re still looking, stay optimistic. Summer is coming, and your love life’s about to heat up!

Your Zodiac Sign’s Weekly Horoscope


You don’t have anything to prove, Aries. It might feel like you need to yell and scream and throw some stuff and create a lot of drama, but you actually don’t. What you need to do now is control yourself. When you treat everything like a battle, nobody wins.

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You’re known as the strong silent type, Taurus, but even you have a hard time staying patient during a week like this. Hang in there. Meditate. Do some yoga. Breathe in. Breathe out. Then repeat as many times as you need to to be the calming presence that everyone needs you to be right now.

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When things get stressful, you love a good distraction, Gemini, but resist the urge to avoid what’s going on this week. Yes, you need some time to decompress after going through these tough times, but ignoring the fact that there are problems to deal with doesn’t make them go away. It only prolongs the inevitable.

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You can make it, Cancer. Keep doing what you have to do to get to the weekend when you can breathe a sigh of relief and feel a little more in your element. You’re definitely much more of a lover than a fighter!

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Leo, your fiery personality can get you into a lot of trouble this week if you don’t take steps to keep yourself calm. Yes, it’s fun for you to be in the middle of the drama most of the time, but what will that really accomplish now? Try being part of the solution instead of part of the problem. 

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Keep doing what you do, Virgo. Level-headed earth signs like you can get through the week relatively unscathed as long as you stick to your routine and believe everything will be ok. Avoid being critical of people who are freaking out around you, though. They’re doing their best.

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You’re going to be going through it like everybody else this week, Libra, but if you’re lucky, you can use it as a valuable learning experience. No one’s better than you at taking lemons and turning them into lemonade!

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Scorpio, one of your ruling planets, is on a rampage, and it can get you pretty spun up. It takes a lot to get you going, but once you do, people will see a side of you that they probably never knew was there. Luckily, you’re usually able to stop yourself before it gets to that point. If there was ever a time for self-discipline, it’s now.

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Sag, sometimes your impulsiveness, sense of adventure, and enthusiasm are fun, but this week, they’re actually working against you. Not thinking about what you’re going to do before you actually do it has some lowkey disturbing/dangerous consequences now. Use your head!

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Your calm demeanor and common sense really pay off this week, Capricorn. You’re the one who everyone comes to when they can’t get their own sh*t together! Don’t get overwhelmed, though. Do what you can to help, but take care of yourself first. 

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You can be quite the rebel, so you’re feeling this week’s spicy energy. However, Aquarius, you’re also logical, so you need to tap into that side of yourself to get through the week unscathed. It might be boring compared to some of the anarchist ideas you have, but at least you won’t wind up in jail!

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Pisces. Oh, Pisces. This could be a tough one for you. As one of the most sensitive signs, you’ll struggle with the chaos that’s going on around you. Did you do something wrong? Why is this happening to you? Should you apologize? Just hang in there a little longer until you can breathe a little easier. This won’t last forever. 

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