Weekly Horoscope: January 15–21, 2024

By Mary Bergner

On January 14, 2024

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Weekly Horoscope: January 15–21, 2024

If you’ve been feeling alone on an island lately, this week’s it-takes-a-village vibe will have you getting back on the emotional/mental mainland and reconnecting with society in no time. This can be seen in a major way with the first big planetary shift of the week as the sun (representing leadership) sextiles Neptune (the receptive planet) on Monday and shows you all the great things that come from working with your chosen community. Your positive attitude makes you an integral part of any and all projects that are starting up now.

Thursday’s smart sextile between Mercury (the planetary master of eloquence) and Saturn (our tough astral motivator) provides you with excellent solutions, and your quick thinking can save your team a lot of time (and possibly money). Don’t be afraid to speak up in meetings and voice your opinion in large groups. Your ideas have real value now, especially when you apply them to reaching goals and getting things done. 

On Saturday, both the sun and Pluto (the planetary replenisher) enter altruistic Aquarius, which has huge worldwide implications. You’re more than ready to embrace new possibilities now, and the re-emergence of the Age of Aquarius puts the focus back on technology, humanitarianism, and a crowd mentality. This is a huge reminder that we are not alone, so get ready to embrace this important transit’s message about the importance of unifying with your fellow humans. 

Your Zodiac Sign’s Weekly Horoscope


You’re guilty of working alone a lot of the time, Aries, mostly because no one can keep up with you! But if you slow down long enough for others to keep pace with you this week, you’ll realize that it isn’t as important to be first as it is to connect with other people and cross the finish line as a team.

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Your patience is rewarded as you get the support you’ve been looking for this week, Taurus. The faith you’ve been putting in other people (coworkers, friends, family, etc.) is finally paying off, and you can see that they care about helping you obtain the level of success you’ve been looking for. It’s nice not to have to do it all alone for a change, right?

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You’re definitely a people person, Gemini, so you don’t mind being part of the crowd this week. Your main challenge is finding a way to communicate your thoughts and ideas amidst all the noise, but you’re clever enough to get it done. There is strength in numbers, but you also find a way to be an important and sought-after individual contributor.

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You like your alone time, Cancer, which might be limited this week, which can cause some anxiousness and anxiety. If you can’t find time to withdraw into your shell, you might not be able to control your temper and other negative behavior. If you’re working with new people, it’s important for you to stress that you need plenty of breaks to steady yourself before you get back to the group project.

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You don’t have any trouble standing out in a crowd, but guess what — this week isn’t all about you! You might have a hard time grasping this at first. But once it sets in that there are things bigger than you and your ego, Leo, you’re happy to pitch in. You no doubt have skills that are valuable to any group you’re part of. Getting applause as part of an ensemble cast is better than not getting any applause at all!

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This week’s energy is made for you, Virgo. You’re a hard worker who pays attention to details, making you a valuable team member. And while other signs are in it for glory, you’re more than happy to keep your head down, do your job, and not take more than your share of the credit. Of course, you will get noticed for your outstanding efforts this week, but that’s not why you’re going above and beyond. It’s just your nature. 

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Playing well with others is something you do best, so it’s easy for you to navigate this week’s universal feeling of togetherness. You naturally end up being the mediator and voice of reason in most group settings, Libra, and your judgment is trusted by all. And your commitment to being fair, along with your willingness to compromise, gets you elected president, captain, etc., almost every time. 

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As an introvert, you don’t always love being around other people, especially big crowds, but you can handle smaller groups this week. It’s time to gather up your closest pals and figure out what you can do to save the planet. If you want to start with something smaller and closer to home, that’s fine. However, when you put your heads together, you should be able to do something really big, Scorpio.

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You were a born leader, Sagittarius, and your big-time rizz gets you nominated and elected for just about every position of power you’re running for this week. You have revolutionary ideas that are simple enough to explain to the general population, which makes you an excellent politician, lawyer, or teacher. Use your powers of persuasion to do something amazing. 

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Your thoughts are nice and tidy in your organized mind, but can you explain them to the rest of the group if you need to? Taking some pressure off yourself should help you relax and say what you want without getting overly anxious. People want to listen to your words of wisdom, Capricorn, so take a deep breath, count to ten, and then show them how brilliant you really are.

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You’re one of the most charitable and humanitarian-minded signs, Aquarius. So, you have zero problems making this week less about you and more about someone who could really use the attention. Start a GoFundMe for someone in a crisis or offer your personal services to a friend or neighbor in need. You aren’t doing anything for the credit now. If there’s a “donate anonymously” box next to the donation amount, you check it every time.

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This week, your main struggle is an internal one between wanting to stay in the shadows and knowing that to help society in the way that you want. You’re going to have to come out from your hiding spot and let the crowd recognize your selfless efforts. Being in the spotlight isn’t what you’d choose, Pisces, but you’ll do it for the right cause. You have an extremely tough time saying no to anyone who needs your help.

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