Weekly Horoscope: December 6-12, 2021

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On December 5, 2021

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Weekly Horoscope: December 6-12, 2021

Sagittarius energy is well known for its twists and turns. This week starts at the summit of the roller coaster so to speak, with Mars (planet of action) in Scorpio sextiling Pluto (planet of transformation) in Capricorn. Both the signs and planets promise intensity and drive, so now is the time to harness the fiery energy of the season to get up and go chase your dreams — but try not to let your mouth get away from you this week!

On Tuesday, Mercury (planet of communication) in Sagittarius squares the newly not-retrograde Neptune (planet of confusion) in Pisces, adding a pinch — or pound, if we’re being honest — of obscurity to communication this week. When naturally verbally careless Sagittarius meets confused Pisces, the Archer’s arrow lands a ways from the truth. So, beware of miscommunication.

The rest of the week will give us no rest either, especially not with the Venus-Pluto conjunction on Saturday. When the planet of love touches the planet of transformations…well, prepare the tissues because nothing will be the same.

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Changes are afoot in your career and drive, Aries. This week finds the Mars-Pluto sextile and Venus-Pluto conjunction shining a light on your sector of career and public persona. Regardless of your age, now is the time to ask yourself who you want to be when you “grow up.” Or better yet, what will your legacy be? With the Plutonian energy at play, professional changes may even come on strongly and unexpectedly. A potentially intense week is incoming, so straighten your tie and get to work!

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You’re a creature of comfort, Taurus. The dual influence of Venus and earth energy means that you have very specific (and exquisite) tastes. However, this week is asking that you take a trip off of the beaten path of your preferences and try something new! The Venusian and Plutonian energy of the week is settling in your adventure zone. So, whether it’s visiting a previously unexplored spot in your area or picking up a book, switching things up is a must!

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Keeping it light and airy is more or less a Gemini commandment. However, the energy of the week — particularly the Venus-Pluto conjunction in your intimacy zone — demands that you wade into deeper waters, Gemini. Take a moment or two to contemplate why you feel the need to flit from interest to interest. Is it only due to your curiosity, or is there something more you’re avoiding? Try to open up this week and feel. You’ll be better for it.

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Whether you’re single or attached, expect a shake up in the romance department, Cancer. Venus and Pluto in Capricorn do a dance in your partnership sector this week. Though the Venus-Pluto conjunction doesn’t officially begin until Saturday, the build-up is sure to be felt throughout the week. Overall, Pluto is a harbinger of change, so prepare yourself for a shift in dynamics.

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While everyone else frets about love and career, you may find yourself a little more focused on the day-to-day this week, Leo. All this fine Capricornian energy has landed in your sector of routine, forcing you to take a critical look at your habits. Have you actually kept up with that exercise regime you began a few months back? What about that new diet? The new year will be here before you know it, and there’s nothing wrong with starting your resolutions a little early.

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Though Pluto has been playing in your pleasure zone for the last few years, its connections to Mars and Venus this week promise wild times this week. Now “fun” isn’t a concept typically associated with the Virgo archetype, but there’s no time like the present to change that! With Pluto in play, I have a feeling that it may be less of an intentional change and more one thrust upon you, Virgo. So, simply buckle up and enjoy the ride!

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You’ll find that this week’s astro-weather is blowing through your sectors of communication and home, Libra. Unfortunately, with Pluto in play, we can expect scattered showers at the very least. Is there a conversation with family that you have been avoiding in order to keep the peace? Or even some other way in which you have been biting your tongue? Rest assured that this will be cleared up by Sunday — for better or worst.

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Fiery Sagittarius may not be the most enjoyable season for a water sign such as yourself, but Mars in your sign has been holding it down for you, Scorpio. Upon his meeting with Pluto in Capricorn on Monday, you may be feeling a little more driven than usual, particularly with Pluto being your ruling planet. Your magnetism will be extra noticeable this week, so try to take advantage of powerful pull. You never know what opportunities are waiting.

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I’m sure that the sweet synergy of your season has been treating you well, Sagittarius. But I must warn you that things may get a little dicey this week, especially with Mercury in your sign squaring Neptune. You consider yourself a pursuant of the truth, but with Neptune in play, your judgement may be a little more muddled than usual. So, as always, please take a beat to think before you speak or make a decision. Everything is not what it seems at the moment.

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You’re accustomed to intensity, Capricorn, but I hope the presence of Pluto in your sector of self hasn’t been too much for you to bear. This week, the planet of transformation faces off with both Mars and later Venus, prompting shifts in both your outlook and inner feelings. Public perception and appearances have always been a subject of contemplation for you. This week may find you finally taking (possibly somewhat drastic) steps to change your presentation. So, if it’s a new hairstyle that you’ve been considering, there’s no time like the present.

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So, you’re generally about as emotionally available as a rock, Aquarius. This is a known fact, and we love you even so. But with Mercury in Sagittarius squaring Pluto in Capricorn via your unconscious and network zones, it may be time to open up a little more to your friends. Mercury is almost certain to force uncomfortable feelings to the surface, and you shouldn’t have to process them alone. Given the Plutonian influence, a good cry sesh with friends could actually end up being very transformational!

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Your dear ruling planet, Neptune, is newly direct, so you’re sure to be feeling your regular mystical self again, Pisces. However, all may not be well in your fantasy world this week, particularly with the aforementioned planet in your sign squaring Mercury in Sagittarius. Given the planet of communication’s presence in your career sector, plans and words at work may end up a little confused. So, be sure to double-check your emails and agreements. You wouldn’t want a major faux pas right before the holidays.

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