Weekly Horoscope: August 8–14, 2022

By Mary Bergner

On August 7, 2022

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Weekly Horoscope: August 8–14, 2022

The universe is awe-inspiring and amazing but sometimes it can be hard to navigate, so here are some pointers on how to stay upright during some of the week’s tricky planetary turbulence.

Like Monday’s uncertain square between the moon (our emotional ruler) and Neptune (ruler of our subconscious) in gullible Pisces. It would be so easy to get sucked into someone else’s pity party now but trust us – not everything is as it seems during this hazy lunar interaction. Watch out for people who seem nice but actually have some very bad intentions.

Tuesday’s opposition between Venus (the universe’s ruler of relationships) and Pluto (the planet voted “most suspicious”) also causes its share of confusion and being the target of gossip now can be epically devastating. As your suspicions rise and close relationships are tested, having trusted sources you can rely on to help you see things clearly should be priority number one.

Thursday’s full moon in conspiracy theory-friendly Aquarius forms a T-square to Uranus (the rebellious planet) and drags serious Saturn (ruler of hard work) and “don’t mess with me” Mars into its orbit, too, producing some seriously f’ed up vibes. So, resist the urge to stay in bed by making it a “get up and fake-it-‘til-you-make-it” kinda day.

It takes all week, but we finally reach a gentle, dreamy moon-Neptune conjunction on Saturday that has you viewing the world from a much more idealistic perspective. This is your sign from the universe to let down your guard a little and get lost in a pretty daydream of how you wish things could be.

Your Zodiac Sign’s Weekly Horoscope


You prefer not to get bogged down in life’s little annoyances, Aries, but there are too many this week for even you to ignore. Your intuition spikes early on, so don’t ignore those little gut feelings. Trusting yourself in the middle of the week’s storms might be the best way for you to keep your head above water. Conspiracy theories are everywhere but you can usually talk yourself into believing that everything will be OK.

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The emotions that are swirling around early in the week cause a lot more problems than you want to acknowledge or admit, Taurus, and those confusing or negative feelings follow you closely no matter how hard you try to shake them. Take a deep breath and remember that logic is your best friend. Does what you’re thinking about really make sense, or are you overacting? As an earth sign, you’re somewhat of an expert at talking yourself down from the ledge. Tap into that.

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You love words, networking, connecting with other people, etc., and you’re the sign that’s most likely to be on social media late at night and then again first thing in the morning. This is why it seems like such a betrayal when you see malicious gossip about yourself, a friend or a loved one plastered all over various platforms this week. Are you going to just sit back and take it, Gemini? No, but watch out when going into defensive mode. Sometimes the more you try to clean up spilled tea, the more you actually spread it around. 

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Although you’d love emotional support from your squad this week, they’re probably gonna be a little too busy battling their own demons to help you out that much. But that’s OK, Cancer—you have the ability to pull up your pants and fight your own battles when necessary. Your lovely leader Luna is full late in the week, but her involvement in a trying T-square sends out some confusing messages. If you have to choose one voice to listen to, your inner one should be it. Your intuition is still coming in crystal clear despite the week’s planetary noise pollution.

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Your confidence takes a hit this week, Leo, but your pride is still intact. Shrug off those little mistakes and failures that are trying to get in your head and mess with you. Deep down you know that there’s more to life than what other people think of you, right? When ugly gossip or criticism gets you down, hold your head up high, straighten your crown and remember that you’re royalty. If the universe thinks it can mess with you without you fighting back, it’s got another thing coming.

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You work hard to be the voice of reason, Virgo, but this week throws you for an emotional loop. Usually, you can talk yourself out of feeling some type of way, but there might be too much going on for you to get that logical grip you’re used to hanging onto. When you feel like you can’t handle another minute of what’s going on, look for one friendly face in the crowd who can keep you steady. You can usually handle things on your own, but this week it’s important to get support wherever and whenever you can.

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The balance you love so much might be tough to find this week, Libra. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to find the coveted equilibrium you crave, but frustration can set in quickly when you do all the things you usually do and they end in failure. The full moon in your house of pleasure late in the week puts even more pressure on you to have fun despite the heavy weight of other things like work and family responsibilities. Do what you have to do to carve out some quiet time for yourself over the weekend. Your sanity depends on it.

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You’ll do just about anything for anyone, but you do expect to be acknowledged – so good luck to anyone who thinks they can take advantage of you early in the week. You notice every little detail, and you never forget when someone takes your good deeds for granted. Your mood changes for the better over the weekend, which makes everyone around you happy. You might not know this about yourself,  Scorpio, but when you’re in a bad mood, it’s hard for anyone else to have a good time! 

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As usual, you’re in a hurry to get the party started, but there are a lot of obstacles getting in the way of your good time this week. Getting bogged down in someone else’s drama certainly isn’t your idea of fun, but there are a couple of different planetary positions that point to this being an unavoidable possibility. Deal with little annoyances and irritations quickly, Sagittarius, so they don’t become more of a buzzkill than they already are. Luckily you can get out of your head over the weekend by planning ahead for some soothing, relaxing activities. Hosting or going to a pool party helps wash away the icks from early in the week!

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Are you the only one here who’s trying to be responsible? Here’s the sitch this week: It’s like you’re the zookeeper and all of the animals have escaped their cages and you’re trying to get them all to go back where they’re supposed to be. Total chaos? Yes, And one of your worst nightmares. The good news is that the tasks you’re up against aren’t impossible, Capricorn, but they will take your full dedication and a lot of hard work. So, are you in?  The universe is practically begging you to step up and take the job.

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As an aloof air sign you usually don’t take things too personally, but it kind of seems like the universe is out to get you this week, doesn’t it?! The full moon is in your quirky sign, daring you to be your complete and totally unique self—but then when you are, you get laughed at for it. Like, what kind of cosmic sh*t is that?! You’re definitely not cool with being the universal joke of the week. But resist the urge to pass on negativity to someone else, Aquarius; laughing with someone over your shared misery is much better than throwing shade at them just to get it off of you.

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You’re already feeling vulnerable, so this week’s suspicious energy can send you down the rabbit hole pretty quickly. Do you have someone you can trust completely, Pisces? Because you’re definitely going to need their input. You aren’t totally sure what you can and can’t believe, and your intuition isn’t as reliable as usual, so yeah. This isn’t a pleasant place to visit but try to remember that you’re just passing through. If you can just hold on until the weekend, your daydreams will be there to soothe you and transport you back to your happy place of denial!

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